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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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*Iraq Privatisation On Trial* Naomi Klein to Give Evidence*Protest Picket*

09-11-2004 15:29

Two human rights activists have been accused of 'disrupting a lawful activity' i.e The Iraq Procurement Conference held April 2003 and are now facing trial. The two beg to differ. They are charging that the organisers and participants were in fact engaging in unlawful activity - facilitating acts of pillage..............

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Demonstrate against the attacking of Fallujah. 5.30pm churchill square Brighton.

09-11-2004 09:59

Sussex Action for Peace the Brighton anti-war coalition has called a demonstration today to protest against the illegal bombing of Fallujah.

Please come we meet at 5.30pm to churchill square.

Whos city? Our city!!!..

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Anti-capitalist Action Steyning Update!

08-11-2004 23:37

International Rule Breaking Against Global Capitalism
Protest and Action to Disrupt elitist meeting.

On Friday 5th of November around 60-80 people gathered in a small Sussex town called Steyning. Their intention was to disrupt a conference held at Wilton Park Conference Centre, Wiston House with the title ‘International Rule Breaking in Global Capital Markets’.

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Germany: police threatens 16-year old activist with weapon

08-11-2004 20:47

- protests against the tran with nuclear waste rolling to germany
- after the death of the 23-year old frenchman situation seems to escalate
- in the night streetfights between police and protesters
- today: german police threatens 16-year old girl with weapon

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Letter to send to homophobic Kent Council

08-11-2004 17:39

Letter to send to Kent County Council (and Kent MP's) in support of the campaign
against their retaining a part of the old anti-gay Section 28 in their education policy AND to get them to change their homophobic attitudes.
ONLY 5 of the 40 Tory County Councillors have opposed leader Sir Sandy Bruce-Lockhart's intransigent retaining of S28.

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France warned of long war in Ivory Coast

08-11-2004 13:21

& now, the fight against French imperialism

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Rage and mourning across Germany

08-11-2004 12:31

Rage and sorrow have been manifested across Germany at the death of a 21-year-old Frenchman run over by a nuclear waste train in France.

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Save East Oxford Community Centre - a chance not to be missed

08-11-2004 09:26

East Oxford Community Centre is at risk of closure and could become a social centre if we get involved now. Terrible bureaucracy but what a site !

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Siblings say Milat innocent

08-11-2004 03:51

Instead he was not only denied legal assistance but he was thwarted, isolated, and traumatised, by the government to prevent any form of appeal by him that would be able to reach the High Court. During that time Ivan was alleged to have committed other crimes, suffered hunger strikes, and self-harm just to prove his innocence.

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07-11-2004 18:26

Code Pink lead the march to the Cenotaph
In a clear signal that public patience is wearing thin, protesters today blockaded Whitehall after laying wreaths and flowers at London’s cenotaph.

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Anti Nuclear-Waste activist killed by train.Germany/France

07-11-2004 18:26

-Breaking news-
A 23-year-old man has died in France as he protested against the Castor train taking nuclear waste to Germany. The train cut off both his legs.

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Demo against antigay Kent County Cl-press preview

07-11-2004 14:52

The following has appeared in Kent freepaper Kent on Sunday today (Nov 7th) in advance of
the demonstration against Kent County Council (Leader Sir Sandy Bruce Lockhart) which has retained a part of the old antigay Section 28 in it's policies.
Kent also has some of the most Homophobic MP's in the country. Anne Widdecombe,David Brazier,Roger Gale and indeed Micheal Howard (despite recent comments).

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Issue #23 of Canada's Grassroots National Newspaper

07-11-2004 07:51

The Dominion is a free, not-for-profit newspaper available in print and online.

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Petition by MP's over Indymedia, GATS, Venezuela and Colombia

06-11-2004 18:46

After some dialogue with my labour MP, Harold Best, i recieved a letter including a selection of petitions, covering Indymedia, Venezuela, Colombia and Ghana.

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fcuk mcdonalds

06-11-2004 18:19

fcuk mcdonalds

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Social Workers March

06-11-2004 17:23

Social Workers March through Liverpool City Centre

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Murdered gayman D.Morley-Vigil report

06-11-2004 16:20

Links to Two reports on the Vigil held on 5 Nov in St Anne's Churchyard,Soho,London
at 6.30pm . In memory of Admiral Duncan nailbomb survivor David Morley who was murdered
on London's South Bank (near Royal Festival hall) last Sat night.

There is a memorial to him on the South Bank just to the left of Hungerford Bridge.

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More dirty tricks against animal right protestors

06-11-2004 14:39

On this coming Wednesday, animal rights protestors will be back in the High Court to hear the outcome of the latest ruling on the injunction brought by Oxford University to crush legal protest.

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Child Victims of War - meeting in manchester.

05-11-2004 21:58

On Wednesday 3rd of November, I went to the meeting to hear the childrens charity Child Victims of War, speak at the Cross Street chapel in Manchester.