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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Starbucks thanks

12-07-2006 12:48

A Thank you To All Starbucks Customers
Written by Howard Schultz

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Come to the UK Forum for Non-Violence

12-07-2006 11:43

We are holding a festival of non-violent resistance on the weekend of July 21st in London. Read on for more details!

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Australia installs its man in East Timor: Jose Ramos-Horta

12-07-2006 10:54

150,000 refugees regime change in Dili
Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer greeted Ramos-Horta’s inauguration with the announcement that Canberra could now consider pulling out some of the Australian-led military force of 2,500 soldiers—in other words, mission accomplished. The concern of the Howard government has never been for the welfare of the East Timorese people. Rather the political instability, which has been deliberately fanned by the Australian media and which created 150,000 refugees, was only ever a pretext for masking the real objective: regime change in Dili.

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Make Bono History!

12-07-2006 09:07

Ageing rock star Bono has shown his true colours by backing a video game which depicts an invasion of Venezuela. Multi-millionaire Bono is taking a break from his tireless work to end global poverty by promoting multi-national companies and making a bit of much needed cash for himself.

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South Africa/world cup/prisons

12-07-2006 06:01

'dubbed Africa Calling'
Public utilities, including even our water, have been sold to foreign corporations who have teamed up with the new black elite as required by government "empowerment" policies. Cost reduction‚ measures have destroyed many jobs and the insensitive cost-recovery‚ policies, which advocate for service termination for those too poor to afford increased tariffs, have seen millions go without the most basic of necessities.

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Is this racist against gypsies/travellers?

12-07-2006 00:29

An advert for a mobile phone screen saver with racist content?

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Krauthammer Has It All Wrong: The Constitution is for War and Peace

11-07-2006 17:19

He and the President are trying to justify dictatorship on the cheap by claiming that “everybody does it” during wartime, and then things go back to normal…except there is no war now, and the fake “war’ on terror will never end.

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Strike at the BBC?

11-07-2006 16:46

It was revealed last week that director-general Mark Thompson saw his pay packet rise by £160,000, from £459,000 to £619,000. Adding insult to injury is the executive board's greed in swallowing inflated pay rises of between 10 and 30 per cent. BECTU members will vote for industrial action."

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Leeds PSC: Visit Palestine Film Night 19th July

11-07-2006 14:47

Join us at the Common Place Leeds from 7pm for a presentation from an activist about life in the Tel Rumeida area of Hebron and resistance to the illegal wall from Palestinian villagers. THEN see the amazing film "Visit Palestine".
Light refreshments provided!

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Queens Market campaign is far from over

11-07-2006 13:46

The situation of the campaign following the victory against ASDA

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Venezuela - Making Another World Possible

11-07-2006 13:36

On Monday 17th July, Sheffield Venezuela Information Centre will be holding a public screening of the documentary ' The Revolution will not be Televised' followed by a discussion on building solidarity.

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The Regeneration Game

11-07-2006 13:00

The DVD video that the elitists don't want you to see!

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Mersey Ambulance Strike More Likely

11-07-2006 12:30

An ambulance strike on Merseyside looks more likely this afternoon, after there no deal was agreed in pay talks yesterday. Ambulance Service Union leaders last night agreed to meet their employers one last time within the next 48 hours, after they submitted a list of demands through negotiators Acas.

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Lawyers question juvenile detention centre laws

11-07-2006 03:27

It's a violation of their bodily integrity
"Really if a young person has the capacity to make a decision about medical treatment, then they shouldn't be treated without their consent simply because they're in a juvenile detention centre."

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'Beat crime by targeting poverty'

11-07-2006 00:04

True scale of criminal justice failure
And pursuing a hopeless quest to drive up the conviction rate had sent the Government up a "policy cul-de-sac", it argued. The study concluded: "The Government's flawed analysis has masked the true scale of criminal justice failure."

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Fireworks at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

10-07-2006 22:21

This is a bloody good concise piece of journalism. 600 words. Oh - and it makes me want to spit.
Unapologetically reproduced here from "Prensa Latina", please contact the author before reproducing - I'm assuming copyleft.

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Sheffield Gay Day

10-07-2006 20:48

Picnin in the Park event @ Endcliffe Park, 2pm Saturday 12th August

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City of God Screening @ Everything4Everyone

10-07-2006 17:52

City of God, the moving and brutally real movie depiction of favela life in Brazil, will be showing at 'Everything4Everyone' on Tuesday 11th July.

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10-07-2006 15:52

Can anyone provide any information on the article appearing in the Asian Today newspaper in the Midlands regarding the fraud by British Red Cross in providing assistance in the Pakistan Earthquake of 2005.

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Liar V Liar, War Criminal V War Criminal

10-07-2006 10:29

Because dictators don't stop dictating do they? Not unless someone has to call the undertaker or the humanity police send them off to the Hague for their war crimes.