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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Protesters target ASEM summit in Hamburg

29-05-2007 04:50

Thousands of anti-globalisation demonstrators have marched through the centre of the north German city of Hamburg protesting against a meeting of EU and Asian ministers.

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Urban Movements at the G8 Action Week 2007 in Rostock

29-05-2007 04:05

Squatters, Tenants and Homeless organizing international solidarity against evictions and real estate violence, housing rights violations, forced evictions, "slum" cleansing, gentrification/ghettoization of popular neighbourhoods, SLUMLORDS, squats, informal settlements..

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The Shacks Fight Back! 3 Talks by Richard Pithouse

29-05-2007 00:00


3 talks by Richard Pithouse of the South African shack dwellers movement, Abahlali baseMjondolo

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South Pacific Struggles Film Night, South London

28-05-2007 20:46

Flyer for the evening's event
Camberwell Squatted Centre presents

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Riots at EU/Asia economic meeting

28-05-2007 20:19

We declare war on the leaders of the world...

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Belfast 1907 General Strike Commemoration in Liverpool

28-05-2007 16:17

100th Anniversary Commemoration
Saturday June 2nd 2007, Liverpool

Assemble 12.30pm Combermere Street, off Park Road, Liverpool 8.
March to City Centre. March led by James Larkin RFB.
Afternoon function in the Casa Bar, Hope Street

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Make the G8 Precarious! (FelS G8 Call to Action)

28-05-2007 14:16

Make the G8 Precarious, Flexi-Fight the New World Order
Superfluous and Superheroes of the World: Unite and Take Over!

From 6-8 June, together with thousands of others, as part of the Block G8
campaign, we will cut the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm off from its
infrastructure. The other world – the one we say is possible – will, once
again, be revealed as already here.

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Community Day

28-05-2007 09:18

Fence Painting with the BTCV.
The Trades Union Congress (TUC) and voluntary organisations are calling for a national bank holiday for communities.

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The Iron Wall with Atef Masad

26-05-2007 22:41

Screening of The Iron Wall and a talk/discussion with Atef Masad on his recent trip to Gaza
8pm Thursday June 7th
Gregson Community Centre, Moor Lane, Lancaster

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Bash The Rich - Toffs Out Ladbroke Grove November 3rd

26-05-2007 19:15

March on David Cameron's house: Against luxury apartments and for affordable housing

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Ritzy Cinema staff strike against poverty pay.

26-05-2007 17:26

Despite its trendy reputation as a favourite haunt for Brixton’s liberals the Ritzy Cinema is being far from kind to its staff. If you go to the Ritzy during the Human Rights Film Festival you will get see many worthy productions that rail against the exploitation of workers across the globe. Meanwhile the cinema is paying its staff the minimum wage of £5.35 an hour in the most expensive city to live in the country….

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Tesco truckers' strike: 25% of normal loads going out

26-05-2007 16:17

Only 25 per cent of normal truckloads of groceries and supplies are getting out of the Tesco distribution depot at Livingston near Edinburgh as the strike by drivers takes effect, according to reliable inside information given to the T&G section of Unite - the union.

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Mark Collett dirtys his knickers

25-05-2007 18:23

Watch him squirm!!

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Cultural Centre in Berlin/Germany in Danger

25-05-2007 18:05

One of the last important non-commercial centers in Germany is threatened with eviction. There is a call for solidarity-actions on a global action day:

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Common Ground Squatted Community Garden - The Path So Far...

25-05-2007 18:03

Last Saturday, anti-capitalists in Reading opened the squatted Common Ground Community Garden to the public for the first time, and are receiving support from all corners of the community.

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Uber Warrior

25-05-2007 10:32

New Uber warfare strategies of the 21st century have relegated conventional war and to a lesser extent guerilla war strategies to history. Today’s ubiquitous and highly accessible computer technologies have redefined warfare. Traditional militaries are facing redundancy, irrelevance and heightened vulnerability from skilled digital operators. The keyboard is proving to be the most effective weapon of the modern age! Uber war is asymmetry taken to its final phase. In theory a single individual is now capable of subverting a State! The digital age has resulted in a universal dependence on digital technology. The most powerful military powers are now exposed to (persistent) direct and indirect digital attacks – it is only a matter of time before a skilled digital warrior succeeds in compromising the defence capability of a superpower.

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If you think these Pictures are disturbing, pass them on…

25-05-2007 06:47

It's Great to be a Refugee
It's a startling fact, but one that is often met with indifference because many people living in "first world" countries don't understand what it means to be a refugee. It's happening a million miles away. Why should they care?

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Shack Dwellers Movement in S.Africa Talk and Movie, South London

24-05-2007 22:57

Please print this flyer and circulate
A talk by Richard Pithouse of the South African shack dwellers movement, Abahlali baseMjondolo.

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"Anti-British stickers spark protests"

24-05-2007 22:53

offending muslim sticker anti-british
"Residents in an inner city suburb are calling on local authorities to tear down a rash of anti-British stickers which have appeared round Alum Rock."