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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Peterborough bin workers take wildcat action

30-06-2008 22:59

Dozens of city binmen called a wildcat strike in Peterborough this morning (30 June) and are refusing to work until a pay dispute has been resolved.

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Aldershot ghost town

30-06-2008 15:02

A once viable town centre has been destroyed by the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor.

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Must Read Book - Crack House true story by Harry Keeble @ Stokey and Haringey

30-06-2008 13:39

A book about Stoke Newington aka "Cokey Stokey" and Haringey Drugs Squad has arrived. Having found a flyer on becoming a cop in the bin, Harry Keeble joins Cokey Stokey drugs squad and then Haringey drugs squad. He describes them as "drug dealers" and "naughty lazy coppers". They give him a cardboard desk, a box for a chair, a huge 80's phone, steal his answerphone & give him a decrepit purple car.

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BBC should not lie about Zimbabwe

30-06-2008 02:16

CAN the BBC tell the truth about Zimbabwe when its senior managers are appointed by the United Kingdom government and will they be fired if they step out of line and become realistic about Zimbabwe?
Along with others like the New York Times, Sky News and CNN, the broadcaster is notably egregious, given its reputation that's now decidedly undeserved.
The BBC has muted its criticism of Zimbabwe and framed it in the continuing “cycle of violence and impunity that has plagued the Southern African country for so many years.”
However, the agenda of the BBC, New York Times and ‘their friends’ is clear: ignore realpolitik, press for Mugabe’s exit, and in the process, disenchant members and supporters of his Zanu PF party.

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Colombia accompaniment training weekend: July 19-20

30-06-2008 00:12

On 19th and 20th July Espacio Bristol-Colombia are holding our second training weekend for people interested in accompanying social organizations as a volunteer in Colombia.
Solidarity accompaniment involves both providing an international presence to deter the army or paramilitaries from interfering with social activists and working with Colombian organisations building solidarity links.

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'Salute to Israel' march in London and counter-demonstrations

29-06-2008 20:18

UK, London. 'Salute to Israel' march.
Images of the Zionist march through London - the first 'Salute to Israel'.
Also included are images of the Palestinian / Student counter demonstrations.

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Disruptions at Salute Israel Event

29-06-2008 20:11

A number of activists disrupted the zionist salute israel parade and rally in London today.

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Feminist Activist Forum on trans and intersex issues, Lambeth, London, 12th July

29-06-2008 17:52

Learning exchange event on trans and intersex issues and their relationship to feminism

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Critical Mass in Remembrance of Marie Vesco

27-06-2008 22:39

Leaving Waterloo
June's Critical mass saw a slightly different route. As always we met at Southbank and managed to lave 7.15pm.
Following the killing of Marie Vesco on the A23 her friends, rampART and Food Not Bombs asked people to ride to Brixton, where she served free food every Sunday afternoon with Brixton Food Not Bombs.

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Picket action in Vancouver for John Graham, indigenous prisoner of war

27-06-2008 22:34

On June 26, 2008, the one year anniversary of indigenous warrior John Graham's imprisonment in Vancouver and the 33 year anniversary of the Incident at Oglala, about 20 people, Native and non-Native, picketed and gave out leaflets in solidarity outside of the Ocean Plaza office tower in downtown Vancouver where, at least until recently, the Cash Minerals uranium mining company had its operations office.

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Nationwide Call-in for Justice in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

27-06-2008 18:45

Uhuru Movement protests the killing by police of 17-year-old Javon Dawson
The Justice for Javon Dawson Committee is calling on all honest and freedom-loving people to support the demands for justice and reparations in the St. Petersburg police murder of this 17-year-old African who was attending a high school graduation party and unarmed when he was shot twice in the back and killed. (read full story:

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Cameron and David Davis come out in support of strike breaking

27-06-2008 16:46

On June 23, the Sun newspaper ran a column by Associate Editor Trevor Kavanagh, “Tories must break strikes or strikes will break them.”

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July 16th - Protest at the BT AGM, Barbican Centre, London

27-06-2008 12:45

Directions to the Barbican
On July 16th 2008 there will be a protest rally at The Barbican Centre (The Barbican Theatre) in London. The purpose of the event is to protest against plans by BT Group PLC, Virgin Media and Car Phone Warehouse to deploy intrusive technology across their broadband networks for the purpose of profiling the behaviour of their customers which is then sold to Phorm Inc. (formerly 121Media) and used for their Open Internet Exchange (OIX) service.

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Zimbabwe at War

27-06-2008 03:16

This is a war between revolutionaries and counter-revolutionaries; between nationalists and quislings; between Zimbabwean patriots and the US and Britain.

Should an election be carried out when a country is under sanctions and it is has been made clear to the electorate that the sanctions will be lifted only if the opposition party is elected? Should a political party which is the creation of, and is funded by, hostile foreign forces, and whose program is to unlatch the door from within to provide free entry to foreign powers to establish a neo-colonial rule, be allowed to freely operate? Should the leaders of an opposition movement that takes money from hostile foreign powers and who have made plain their intention to unseat the government by any means available, be charged with treason? These are the questions that now face (have long faced) the embattled government of Zimbabwe, and which it has answered in its own way, and which other governments, at other times, and have answered in theirs.

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'the battle of tolmers square' (the movie) and The Future Of Bowl Court

26-06-2008 16:51


8PM @ Bowl Court
[[ 'the battle of tolmers square' and discussion ]]

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Aldershot Westgate Scandal

26-06-2008 14:51

artist's impression of proposed Westgate development
In Washington it was Watergate that did for them, in Aldershot it's Westgate.

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[IT] New law grants amnesty for police violence at the 2001 G8 Summit

26-06-2008 14:25

Press Release June 25th 2008

- “Race against time”: Court rule against the police in July is now in question
- Protests in Italy and Berlin

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British Government should not recognize Burmese military Regime

26-06-2008 13:50

Burma Democratic Concern today called for the British government not to recognize Burmese military regime

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4th - 10th July Call to Action

26-06-2008 11:01

In the context of the coming campaign 4th - 10th July
Haltemprice and Howden, Yorkshire, England

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MDC-M youths attack MTC-T rally

26-06-2008 02:47

Just to show you the sort of people (MDC-T the west is supporting...Notice too: no police repression