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Disruptions at Salute Israel Event

antizionist | 29.06.2008 20:11 | Anti-racism | Palestine | Social Struggles | London

A number of activists disrupted the zionist salute israel parade and rally in London today.

A large zionist propoganda machine, Salute Israel, came to London for the first time today. It is an import from the US where tens of thousands of people come together yearly to 'celebrate' the zionist project, the genocide of the Palestinian people.

I know that:

- 4 activists held a Palestinian flag on the balcony of the National Gallery overlooking the march. Samba joined them below on the pavement and were subsequently attacked by salute israel attendees.

-An activist scaled one of the large screens and disabled it.

-The fountains in Trafalgar square were (half) dyed red to represent the blood of the thousands of Palestinians killed during the 60 years of occupation

- Some people joined the march with a megaphone, attempted to chant and were pounced upon. Two others walked around the square covered in red paint and were arrested.

Thus far I think that there were at least 6 arrests made - they are all being held at Charing Cross station.




30.06.2008 00:15

The Samba band we're repeatedly abused, physically and verbally until the police formed a human shield around them.

Free Palestine

Photos of screen climber

30.06.2008 18:16

This guy was up there for three hours vocally protesting 60 years of ethnic cleansing. They kept the screen off during that whole period, probably for health and safety reasons.