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'the battle of tolmers square' (the movie) and The Future Of Bowl Court

battle | 26.06.2008 16:51 | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles | London | World


8PM @ Bowl Court
[[ 'the battle of tolmers square' and discussion ]]

We will be screening the 30 minute documentary 'the battle of tolmers
square' (see below for details) from 8pm onwards and then discussing how to
defend spaces in light of the current situation at Bowl Court. How should
the media be used within such situations and what is the best way to gain
local support? If you would like to come and get involved in the space then
this is the prime opportunity. We have already begun a media campaign, with
the Victorian Society issuing a press release last week ( and the Hackney Gazette visiting the
space for an article in this weeks paper. However, the aim of this meeting
is to form a plan of action for what to do next.

"For seventeen years, Tolmers Square in north London was the focus of a
conflict involving tenant's groups, community associations, students,
squatters, intellectuals, political parties at both national and local
level, and property developers. The dramatic story of that conflict is told
by Nick Wates, who describes how Tolmers Square became a national symbol of
the fight against property speculation and the need for community
involvement in planning." (taken from