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13-02-2007 14:43

El inicio de las actividades de la Página Venezuela Indymedia, de la red internacional de Indymedia, será un avance en la Comunicación Alternativa venezolana y permitirá conocer noticias y opiniones acerca del proceso venezolano.

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Public meeting on affordable housing crisis announced

13-02-2007 13:15

A public meeting on the affordable housing crisis in Leeds has been organised by academics and campaigners on Friday 23 February at the University, featuring MPs, council officers and tenants.

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PRD goes "right" in Mexico

13-02-2007 12:58

Translation El Kilombo Intergaláctico

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Video-chronicle: Demonstration against racism and foreigners law

13-02-2007 12:24

500 people took part in the demonstration against racism in Alcorcon and in the whole Madrid region.
The immigrant people and the antifascist youth marched around the streets of the multicultural neighbourhood of Lavapies shouting: “native or foreigner, it is the same working class”.
Video and music produced by La Plataforma

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EXCLUSIVE: Imprisoned Journalist Josh Wolf Speaks Out From Jail

13-02-2007 03:03

Josh Wolf
EXCLUSIVE: Imprisoned Journalist Josh Wolf Speaks Out From Jail After Over 170 Days Behind Bars Josh Wolf, 24, has spent almost six months in jail. More time than any journalist in US history for protecting his sources. He was jailed on August 1st of last year when he refused to turn over video that he had shot of an anti-G8 demonstration in San Francisco to a federal grand jury

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Leeds 'Right to Rent' conference report

12-02-2007 20:50

In recent years, Leeds Tenants Federation has not been known for a militant anti-privatisation approach. However, on Saturday 3 February, it held an impressive conference on the 'Future of Social Housing' that appears to indicate a radicalising of its position amid a growing campaign mobilisation.

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Brize Norton - Anti forced removals demonstration

12-02-2007 13:44

60 Demonstators assembled on the gates of Brize Norton Royal Air Force (RAF) this morning Monday 12th February, to protest against the base being used to deport refused Kurdish asylum seekers to Kurdistan.

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Politicians watch out: young peo;ple can ask tricky questions, too.

12-02-2007 12:07

Danielle Wynn and Mike Hall, MP
Young people are often dismissed as inarticulate thugs. But most are caring individuals, who think deeply about the issues facing their communities and the wider world. sadly, in most cases, their ideas are ignored. But a media training course in Halton is giving them a chance to be heard by the people in power.

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Brize Norton - Anti forced removals demonstration

12-02-2007 11:49

60 people assembled on the gates of Brize Norton airbase this morning Monday 12th February to protest against a charter flight that was to leave the base with 50/60 refused Kurdistan asylum seekers.

[The photos below are from the No Borders demo at Harmondsworth on Saturday]

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Former BNP Candidate On Explosives Charge

12-02-2007 10:02

BNP candidate in bomb plot trial starting today

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They shall not pass - demo @ kalyx/Colnbrook 10th February 2007

11-02-2007 15:59

200 + demonstrators from all over the UK supported the demo outside Kalyx/Colnbrook called by the 'No Borders Network'

Police bottle it
For over an hour no traffic passed in or out of the complex as the police gave up trying to clear a path through the assembled protestors.

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Families Against Corporate Killers in Liverpool

11-02-2007 08:22

A group of about twenty people attended a meeting about the Families Against Corporate Killers (FACK) campaign on Thursday, 8th February, at the Liverpool John Moores University building on Clarence Street.

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Torchlit March for NHS 22 February Liverpool

11-02-2007 00:54

Help us fight for our Health Service
Thursday 22nd February
Assemble 5:30 pm Royal Liverpool University Hospital
Torchlit march to St. George's Plateau

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More from Harmondsworth 10/2

11-02-2007 00:26

Around 250 people assembled outside Harmondsworth today, a mix of refugees, asylum seekers and their supporters. Some had travelled by coach from as far away as Manchester, Leeds and Bradford. Some played Samba. Some wanted to give long speeches and pump their ego's for the Labour leadership race.

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Embroidery in Bethlehem

10-02-2007 20:51

Embroidery in Bethlehem - an account of a circus touring palestine.

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Photos from Harmondsworth and Colnbrook demo

10-02-2007 20:15

Entrance to Colnbrook and Harmondsworth blocked
Today about 250 people went to Colnbrook and Harmondsworth detention centres to protest against the locking up, and deportation of migrants and asylum seekers.

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Oaxacan Teachers Support the APPO and the Ninth Megamarch

09-02-2007 23:18

New March Proves Movement is Alive; State Government Blocks Access to Public Spaces with Razor Wire and Dogs

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Recycling in the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor goes from bad to worse

09-02-2007 16:21

The Rotten Borough of Rushmoor is one of the worst performing councils in the country on recycling. And it goes from bad to worse. Council officials have now been forced to admit they have failed to meet their own targets on green waste recycling.