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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Canons fired at refugees, a buffer zone around Europe?

21-06-2003 16:50

As European leaders gather at the European Union summit in Thessaloniki to devise restrictions on immigration, people will be demonstrating for the rights of migrants and refugees on the streets of the city.

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Thessaloniki: audio interviews with activists of the anti-racist movement

21-06-2003 16:39

links to audio interviews with imigrants in Thessaloniki.

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Thessaloniki Legal Team Press Release 20.6.2003

21-06-2003 13:56

Today Friday 20.06.2003, members of the Legal Team, were present along in actions by demonstrators at N.Marmara Xalkidikis, as well as at the Greek-FYROM borders.

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audio report, Thessaloniki: anarcha feminists talk about their situations

21-06-2003 13:07

two anarcha feminists talk about their situations in Turkey-Ankara and Eugene-USA a talk recorded in the squatted university of Thessaloniki.

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No-border akction at the greek-macedonian border about the refugee camp

21-06-2003 12:50

personal report from macedonian- greek border

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transcribed and translated audio report from Thessaloniki live stream

20-06-2003 23:16

Basis of the personal account is a transcribed and translated audio report from the Thessaloniki IMC Radio Live Stream, about the day of action on Friday, 20th of june.

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Al Manar TV website's comment on news from Iraq

20-06-2003 17:21

Al Manar TV, a Lebanese TV station close to Hezbollah, comments on the latest fighting in Iraq, noting that US soldiers have murdered civilians and are starting to show signs of mental disturbance.

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Pictures of Geneva, anti-g8, 1.6.2003

20-06-2003 14:32

shops were covered with wood and peace flags to protect the windows and displays
here are some more pictures from Geneva, 1st of july, the barricades on the bridge and few from the demo

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Argentina Autonomist Project - Piquetera Tour

20-06-2003 12:28

Over the last two years an incredible wave of social protest and action has engulfed Argentina. And yet, little is heard about this in the United States or in Europe. To correct this, the Argentina Autonomist Project (AAP) was formed. The Piquetera Tour is now touring the UK. It is well worth seeing.

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Two US soldiers wounded in Iraq by RPG

20-06-2003 12:03

Two US soldiers wounded in Falluja Iraq after a rocket-propelled grenade strikes an electric transformer, amid a "spiralling series of attacks".

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Grenade attack on Americans reported in Iraq

20-06-2003 08:58

Americans reportedly attacked with grenades in "restive" Iraqi town of Falluja overnight. The Americans "indiscriminately" fired back. It is not clear whether there were casualties.

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another world is possible

18-06-2003 22:04

`Another World is Possible`..reflections from anti-G8 01.03.03 Lausanne.

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Huwaida Arraf Arrested at Huwara Checkpoint Please Protest

18-06-2003 21:44

From Bad To Worse!

ISM founder Huwaida Arraf was taken into custody at Huwara Checkpoint near Nablus today after she protested the abusive treatment Palestinians were receiving from Israeli forces.

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18-06-2003 11:35

Tenant Community activists in the Kensington New Deal for Communities (NDC) area have expressed concerns about the possible transfer of thousands of housing association (also known as RSL’s) properties within the NDC area over to one social landlord. This decision was made behind closed doors without any consultation with the tenants concerned. These properties will be handed over to one RSL who are known as Community 7 (C7).

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Sheffield Social Forum

17-06-2003 21:35

Establishing a working group to help create a Sheffield Social Forum

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Picket Netanyahu at the Savoy on Thursday

17-06-2003 15:39

Former Israeli PM, right wing extremist and war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu will be at The Strand on Thursday to give a speech to investors in Israeli state bonds. He deserves a warm London welcome....

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UK Social Forum?

17-06-2003 15:28

Social Fora have been springing up around the UK like mushrooms...

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sheffield bus strike 10/06/03

11-06-2003 11:00

Audio sheffield bus strike 10/06/03
pix and audio report from picketline (article 1)

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Fight back against xenophobic injustice! Hitting the Home Office in the Inbox

01-06-2003 06:58

A call for online activism against Home Office injurtice

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For the spread of the riots: Manifesto in favour of violent direct action

30-05-2003 12:08

Report prepared by social activists from Madrid (Spain), Basque Country and Argentina.