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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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16th of June G8 protest pictures

16-06-2005 19:34

Police vans parked near Castle Square
Second day of major demonstrations

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G8 in Oxford events

16-06-2005 19:22

Several MakePovertyHistory (MPH) events are upcoming in Oxford.

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16-06-2005 18:20

A 10-month Scotland Yard study has documented ongoing Christian human child sacrifices in London, and a Christian theologian Dr. Richard Hoskins of Kings College acknowledges that this is true but asks that it be dealt with "sensitively". Contrast this demand for sensitivity with the everyday psychotic mistreatment of Muslims over "issues" like polygamy.

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pic of the 1st ever Canterbury Gay pride event

16-06-2005 16:16

link to set of pics from Canterbury Gay Pride.

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Carnival for Full Enjoyment - Edinburgh 4 July (update)

16-06-2005 15:55

Carnival for Full Enjoyment Street Party
An update about the Carnival for Full Enjoyment on 4 July in central Edinburgh, now including website address, meeting time and location plus flyer.

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Sheffield Anti-G8 June 15 Videos

16-06-2005 15:31

5 videos for the streets of Sheffield on June 15th.

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Eleven Arguments for a Basic Income

16-06-2005 13:53

Social logic is more future-friendly than profit logic. With the end of cheap oil and the dollar crash on the horizon, a basic income would make the future human rather than predatory. Social Darwinism and an overreach economism blind to long-term necessities could become dinosaurs.

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from meadowhell to guantomano bay and beyond

16-06-2005 13:39

a day of getting involved in various actions with the sheffield convergence space

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Dissent! Important Update on anti-G8 events (incl. accommodation)

16-06-2005 11:22

This posting contains important information about anti-G8 Summit activities in Scotland, including arrival and accommodation. Always check for the latest information.The following sections are included:(1) General, (2) Transport to the Summit (3) Arrival in Edinburgh (4) Accommodation in Edinburgh (5) Arrival in Glasgow (6) Accommodation in Glasgow (7) Rural Convergence Space (8) Timetable of actions.

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People Arrested on Demo in court today

16-06-2005 11:04

The people arrested on the anti-G8 demo last night will be in court today

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Protestors outside Parliament will be nicked from August

16-06-2005 10:29

Here's an story from yesterday that didn't seem to get the publicity it warranted:

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Critical Mass Sheffield G8 Wed Eve

16-06-2005 09:38

some late pictures of the Crittical Mass in Sheffield protesting against the G8 Justice Ministers

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Dover Removal Centre Detainees 'Riot'

16-06-2005 09:01

Source: Dover Express 16 June 2005 "Failed refugees clash on Western Heights" allegedly.

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Short stories from yesterday's G8 protests

16-06-2005 08:30

Police lines on Arundel Gate yesterday
Several short stories from yesterdays G8 protests in Sheffield.

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16-06-2005 08:21

from today's morning star...

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Viejo y Nuevo Sindicalismo

16-06-2005 06:56

“Nuestros queridos compañeros de partidos políticos que no nos entienden (...) No queremos que estén encima nuestro (...) Que nos entiendan, queremos un renacer de la clase trabajadora, para eso queremos que nos liberen las manos.”
Jorge, del Cuerpo de Delegados de Subterráneos. Acto en Plaza Lorea, 1/5/05.

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Sheffield G8 Posters

16-06-2005 00:14

Sheffield Against the G8
Some photos of the anti-G8 posters in Sheffield.

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Sheffield G8 Photos 2 of 2

15-06-2005 23:10

Some photos from the action in Sheffield on 15 June.

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Sheffield G8 Photos 1 of 2

15-06-2005 23:07

G8 Protests
Some photos from the action in Sheffield on 15 June.