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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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North Devon Community Squat Local Pub

22-02-2014 16:53

Residence of Forchers housing estate in Barnstaple,
North Devon have occupied their pub The Borough Arms which
is due to be knocked down to make way for flats
as part of a regeneration scheme.

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The True Cost of Extreme Energy in Somerset & Bristol

21-02-2014 09:02

Frack Free Somerset are hosting a talk based around the ‘True Cost of Coal’ Banner, created by The Beehive Collective, from North America, a consensus-based volunteer-run graphics collective. The Banner tells the story of Mountain Top Removal in the Appalachian Mountains, and the contemporary story of energy, resource extraction and American Empire.

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Solidarity with NO TAV Struggle - Info Night in Bristol this Sunday

21-02-2014 08:52

An info night with film to highlight the ongoing struggle against TAV high speed rail in Italy and the State repression that faces those who choose to stop the monster of industry.

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Atos the new saga of Govenrment unemployment spin.

19-02-2014 17:33

Stop Atos from stopping benefits with lies

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Chuffed but Gutted: The Almost Autonomist

18-02-2014 14:50

Owen Jones appeared yesterday on Novara Media. For those readers from outside the UK, Novara Media is a “autonomous media collective” based in London that currently manifests itself as an hour long radio show on weekly at 1pm GMT on Fridays on Resonance FM but that in the near future hopes to expand to internet TV.

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Boycott Workfare Welfare Action Gathering

18-02-2014 11:25

BHF abuses the workless

Boycott Workfare’s welfare action gathering on Saturday was a massive success. 80 people from groups across the country came to participate in the day of workshops based around info and skill sharing on the various welfare issues we face. The programme was packed, with sessions on JSA, ESA, housing, fuel poverty, and more, with people remarking on the difficulty of deciding which workshop to attend when there were clashes. We organised the gathering because supporting claimants to know and enforce their so-called rights, and claimants organising together and shaping the campaign, has always been a major part of what we do. For this to happen effectively local mutual support groups are key (it was from a London Coalition Against Poverty group that Boycott Workfare came out of) – we’ve distributed thousands of ‘How to Avoid Workfare’ leaflets but along with these, we really need a buddy or a group of people when challenging Job Centre Plus. The gathering was called to support the growing number of local groups so that we can build on the impressive work of challenging workfare and sanctions across the country through mutual support and direct action, like the examples shared with us early on in the day of the occupation of the £3 million council house and a blockade of the workfare exploiters Salvation Army.

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Dissident Island Radio - Episode 133 - Subversions of justice...

18-02-2014 00:25

Featuring 3Cosas, Drax29 and so much more...

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Billionaires Profiteering From Slaughterhouse Suffering, Earth Destruction

17-02-2014 21:34

Whether or not you believe that billionaires have a right to wage war, profiteer from war and weapons, pricegouge, exploit the poor, kill animals and mother earth, bribe legislators, eliminate competitors through unethical means to amass fortune, may all who care contact these billionaires to ask that they begin supporting Tesla and other electric cars, mass transit systems, solar energy, vegan products and restaurants, etc.

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Earth First! Winter Moot 7-9 March 2014

16-02-2014 19:30

A weekend gathering for people involved or want to know more about ecological direct action around the UK including fighting opencast coal, fracking, GM, nuclear power, new road building and quarries with discussions and campaign planning - emphasis on the tactics and strategies, community solidarity and sustainable activism.

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Follow the Yellow Brick Footpath

16-02-2014 16:24

On January 4th 2014 it became apparent that, at the Barton Moss protest camp, police removed a footpath sign in a tactic to arrest protesters for highway obstruction.

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Zapatista Support Bases Under Attack: Call for a Week of National and Internatio

14-02-2014 20:17

Call for a Week of National and International Solidarity “If they touch the Zapatistas, they touch all of us”, to be held from February 16 to 23 2014

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David Satter - an NSA shill among the Caucasian insurgents exposed

14-02-2014 15:59

The Double Borderline Attack
It´s 1984 again in Sochi. Here´s the story of an American agent positioned among people in a conflict with Russia. The insurgents have given the enemy of the enemy a benefit of the doubt, and before finally using it against them it uses it against others. The Russians have not been fooled by the Americans and expelled the agent, but accepted the farce for a while presumably in order to humiliate their opponents and train their own spies. The Double Borderline Attack was spotted in its latest statement.

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The Black Rose Syndicat- Operation Mindfuck

14-02-2014 15:22

Courier Mail: Are you really serious or what?
Black Rose Syndicat: Sometimes I take humor seriously. Sometimes I take seriousness humorously. Either way it is irrelevant.

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ZAC Goldsmith can make a small difference if HE is honest!

14-02-2014 14:42

Cameron’s dishonesty over kicking out crooked MPs
has reportedly been condemned by Zac Goldsmith.
According to today’s EVENING STANDARD (linked belwo)
even the Lib Dems want the pledge to be honoured. So
why is Cameron able to dodge it then?

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Support the Blackmail 3: Against Animal Testing & State Repression!

14-02-2014 13:37

The trial of Debbie Vincent, the first of the 'Blackmail 3' defendants, is due to start this Monday 17th at Winchester Crown Court. Please support her and the other defendants!

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Any Helpers at Student co-operation

13-02-2014 08:49

Chopping n Chuckling this weekend with leg-ends Veggies in Birmingham.

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Bosnia Latest!

12-02-2014 12:58

report from the front line!
website has photos

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bristol & bath suv's loose air

07-02-2014 13:15

too many city-slickers playing at being country folk, driving around in status symbols,in a dream where the fuel never runs out, "oh it's such a stress parking the landie when i do the school run" why not get smaller car, ride bikes, bus it, use your legs or even better have a labotomy

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Dear council, a poem, from rent.

06-02-2014 19:27

Just a poem about rent, to councils , inspired by the up and coming MIPIM selling off land around Europe fair in March, in Cannes.
Details of which attached after the poem.

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The so-called indignants protests : Potential, contradictions and perspectives

05-02-2014 15:01

Analysis about ows-like movements all around the world in 2011.
This text was written by the French Collective Lieux communs (lieux communs = commonplaces) in june 2011. It was translated in English in October 2012. If you wish to know who we are, you can read our declaration here: