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Dissident Island Radio - Episode 133 - Subversions of justice...

dissident island radio | 18.02.2014 00:25 | Policing | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | London

Featuring 3Cosas, Drax29 and so much more...

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On episode 133:

- following the ruling at the high court of justice on the drax29 case we have
one defendant's mash-up rant exploring the dark side of uk policing

- live in the studio we have Richard and Kosh from the 3Cosas at University of London, getting arrested while chalking and campaigns that win big

- the second in the series of re-drawing the lines from Kate tonight focused on
convergent vs. divergent creativity.

- the mighty return of squeaky grinder dj selectah with quality dubstep!


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