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Camden Bio Danger Lab NBC suits and gas masks from Camden shops

17-10-2009 17:40

If and when the Camden Danger Lab is here we will need gas masks and NBC suits. They can be got at these shops. : Surplus Plus~3-5 Whitfield Street, London W1T2SA 02076375011 and Laurence Corner 7, East Yard, Camden Lock NW1 8AL 0208-1278249 All people living from and working in f Camden will need these suits and masks. the lab is crazy and must e prevented.

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Town hall occupied against police murder, Athens suburbs!

17-10-2009 13:00

Following today's attempts by anarchists and others to march on the police station in the Athens suburb of Nikaia, where an immigrant was murdered by cops and another tortured, in the first days of last week's presidential elections, the comrades were beaten back.
Therefore the town hall has been occupied!

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Coup-makers are looking forward to South Africa

17-10-2009 03:20

The qualification for the World Cup in South Africa is handy for the coup regime in Honduras

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Statement against Govt of India’s planned military offensive in tribal areas

16-10-2009 12:18

Sanhati (, a collective of activists/academics who have been working in solidarity with peoples’ movements in India by providing information and analysis, took the initiative to bring together voices from around the world against the Government of India’s planned military offensive in Central India. A statement and a background note were drafted in consultation with Indian activists, and duly circulated for endorsement - several eminent intellectuals/acadmics along with hundreds of others from across the world have endorsed. Attached to the statement and signatories, is a background note providing the political perspective of this conflict.

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BP recruitment event taken over by Oxford climate campaigners

16-10-2009 10:09

BP's flagship annual recruitment event at Oxford's Randolph Hotel was disrupted last night when members of the audience jumped on the stage and took over the event. Around 20 campaigners targeted the 6.30pm event in protest at the company's recent decision to extract oil from Canada's Tar Sands.

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Shell work in Mayo pre-empts planning decision

16-10-2009 09:40

This is a link to a longer article from Indymedia Ireland. Shell have once again demonstrated that the only law that applies to them in Erris is their own by begining work on a site Rossport without waiting for the decision from An Bord Pleanála.

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Stop industrial Tuna fishing in Papua New Guinea

16-10-2009 09:07

Action Alert. Over-fishing has come to Madang, Papua New Guinea

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Gordon Brown vists Camden estate as "Police do nothing where women attacked".

15-10-2009 22:43

Gordon Brown made an unannounced visit to a Camden council estate in Gospel Oak. A gran told Gordon how she defended herself and her granddaughter with a baseball bat when 60 male youths chased her, tried to set her on fire, sabotaged her garden and threatened her granddaughter. Gordon visited as people have complained about failed ASBOS and the CNJ reported a lack of faith in police.

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Subvert Festival - Bristol 23 to 25 October

15-10-2009 22:28

festival flyer
Subvert Festival 23 to 25 October, in Bristol

The Bastard Squad Collective swing back into action with their annual Subvert Festival, roping in a number of other local groups to help them along the way. With 3 nights of politics, inspiration, and fun!

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A note from Sean Kirtley

15-10-2009 22:24

Well thanks to Lord Justice Hooper on September 17th at the court of appeal I made it out of the prison system, not without time.

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PUBLIC MEETING -sat 17 october, 6pm, Queen mary university, room 210, Laws build

15-10-2009 22:12

These prison camps must be shut down and all internally displaced persons (IDPs) must be freed immediately.

Speakers include:

peter Taaffe general secretary of the Socialist Party, has campaigned and written about the struggle of workers and the poor in Sri Lanka for many years, and has visited Tamil areas in Sri Lanka.

Janani paramsothy organiser of protests in Parliament Square

Nagarjunan (ramesh Gopalakrishnan) South asia researcher for amnesty international and well-known Tamil writer.

Senan international coordinator for Tamil Solidarity

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Venezuela: Demarcation without land, criminalization and death for indigenous st

15-10-2009 20:43

* The editorial collective of El Libertario denounces the criminal attack that took place on October 13, 2009 against the Yukpa people in the Sierra of Perija in Western Venezuela, resulting in two indigenous persons dead and several wounded. The following article –about the tactic and strategy of “Revolutionary Venezuelan” Ethnocide- describes the events.

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STREET FESTIVAL Against Police attack

15-10-2009 19:57

On Saturday 17th October 2009, we organise a protest festival about the attack of the police

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Minga of Social and Community Resistance in Colombia

15-10-2009 18:31

The Minga hit the headlines last year in Colombia after the Colombian army killed two people and injured many more. This years movilisations have been different, publically lower key, internally much broader and more inclusive of different social sectors, going beyond being an indigenous movement. The work we are doing this week is creating a space where lots of different social organisations can meet, talk and build together towards a new Colombia.

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The "March for Shariah" must be opposed

15-10-2009 12:03

On the 31st October Islam for the UK, an organisation of ultra-conservative Islamists led by Anjem Choudary, is holding a "March for Shariah." With the fascists of the EDL protesting in Leeds, there is no better time to offer an opposition to Islamism grounded in the non-hierarchical, anti-authouritarian, anti-racist perspective of the radical left.

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rampART evicted this morning after over 5 years

15-10-2009 10:21

rampART Social Centre was evicted at 5:30am this morning by 45 police, bailiffs and a priest.

After over 5 years and many eviction scares it has finally happened... 3 people and a dog were inside when police attempted to chanisaw the door. They also had climbers going up to the roof conjuring up memories of the raid during the G20 in April. Police are blocking the entrance to all three roads leading to the social centre with vans and their bodies. They are handing out a piece of paper with a telephone number to call to get belongings out of the building. A meeting will happen at Non Commercial House freeshop at 165 Commercial Street this evening, details to follow soon.

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Campaign Against Air Italy

15-10-2009 10:16

There has been a steady increase in the number of charter flights by UKBA to remove those who have failed to be recognized as refugees from the UK

There does not seem to be a fixed contract with any one air line, each charter flight seems to have a different carrier.

NCADC suspect that this is a deliberate policy by UKBA to try and prevent Anti-Deportation protesters, from targetting airlines.

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ID Card Con Public Meeting: "Don't Be A Guinea Pig!"

14-10-2009 22:48

Don't be a Guinea Pig!
NO2ID are holding a day of action in Manchester to promote the new "Stop the ID Card Con" campaign, on Saturday 17th October.

National NO2ID co-ordinator Phil Booth will speak at a public meeting at the Friends Meeting House at 3:30pm, discussing people's concerns. The campaign intends to burn a giant ID card at 5pm in Albert Square.

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Direct Action; UK & Ireland

14-10-2009 22:15

11th-14th October


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Northumberland Road Eviction

14-10-2009 22:02

The second site of the Sheffield Social Centre on Northumberland Road was evicted today.