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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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14-12-2005 10:02

12 Noon Opposite Downing Street
Aegis Trust, Darfur Union - 200 Darfuri refused asylum seekers + Thousands of Brits (hopefully)

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WTO Protests in Hong Kong - Day One report

14-12-2005 04:20

Protestors gathered last night at the Wan Chai loading bay near the Sports Centre last night, police in riot gear outnumbered demonstrators almost 2-1.

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The Plague Upon Eden

14-12-2005 01:14

strong critique of humanity and our role in the destruction of the environment and the acceleration of global warming

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Broadway Market occupation - two weeks on

14-12-2005 00:47

Café Francesca in Broadway Market, Hackney has been occupied for two weeks by local people to prevent its demolition by property developer Dr Roger Wratten and conversion into luxury flats.

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INCA center, TIMISOARA under eviction threat

13-12-2005 20:46

INCA Foundation(in Timisoara) got a place from the city for a period of 5 years to develop a community center inside a historical part of the city (part of the defense wall of the old fortress of the city). Now after 3 and a half years inspectors came keen on finding stuff that is breaking the contract so that they have a motivation to throw us in the streets. Our strong conviction is that this was a deliberate act, and inspectors which came were not interested to find solutions to fix the problems they discovered, they were not interested in finding out if there is another side of the story and so on. They were sent to find a reason to throw us out.

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Word on the Street: Benefit gig for the homeless

13-12-2005 18:56

From 8pm - late on Friday 23rd December @ The 5 Lamps Pub in Derby WORD ON THE STREETS shall be showcasing an eclectic cast of live music in order to raise money for the homeless. Please come down and show some support as well as having a jolly good festive knees up.

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Brick Lane London E1 Area Community No to a scrutiny of Crossrail-hole Bill

13-12-2005 18:50

The MPs 'select committee', just finalised, to 'scrutinise' the Crossrail hole Bill scheduled to start in january 2006, will fail the people in the East End of London if the process is allowed to be just a formality. Defend the Brick Lane London E1 area against the Crossrail hole Bill. Back the campaign against the hole attack on the Brick Lane area. Force Alistair Darling to tell the truth about how the crass Crossrail hole Bill was conjured up by neglecting the rights of the communities.

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A list of sites with news on the WTO protests. (with links)

13-12-2005 18:44

Its not comprehensive but there is alot there
Sites with reports and actions as well as some background info

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Selling off the Social State

13-12-2005 18:34

Attitudes are the only disability. If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. "Social solidarity with the sick is eroding.. The solidarian security from risks is the prerequisite for personal responsibility.. The social security systems in Germany are overly coupled to paid work.."

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Philipinos protest WTO

13-12-2005 16:57

Whose Trade Organization is it?
" It is not and has never been an institution that had the betterment of the working peoples' welfare as its agenda..." WTO disputed in Philippine Congress. (Dec 6)
Resist! Spokesperson and Bayan Muna Representative Teddy Casino today questioned in Congress the Philippines' continuing membership in the the World Trade Organization (WTO). "The W TO is not by any stretch of the imagination an estbalished or elected government; but from the way it conduct itself, it has become the most powerful pseudo-legislative and judicial body in the world," he said.

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Death of free speech in Blair's Britain

13-12-2005 16:26

Free speech has died in Tony Blair's Britain.

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KONG YEE SAI MAU! - Protest against the WTO!

13-12-2005 14:28

Reports direct from WTO protests.
Globalise Resistance are in Hong Kong and posting

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artist to challenge/defy westminster protest ban

13-12-2005 14:27


This Saturday 17th an extra ordinary art performance artist Mark McGowan is to challenge the government and police�s Westminster protest ban by walking backwards inside the entire exclusion zone wearing a tee shirt saying THIS IS NOT A PROTEST, and whispering the words 'sssh this is not a protest sssh�this not a protest sssh', to passers-by.

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What's happening with Howard Mallet Centre?

13-12-2005 14:00

Cafe Afrika closed down, Star FM moved out and Dawe Media Ltd took advantage of a break clause in their lease. So it is now empty apart from the groups using the gym. Ownership has now reverted to the County Council. The County Council have stated firm intentions to sign a 125 year lease to Citylife on 23rd of December. Citylife want to knock down the building and build a social enterprise incubator.

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13-12-2005 13:53

Local press coverage
Journalists are meant to be passive observers not instigators of violence – yet tonight I was assaulted by staff from Hong Kong’s two major TV news broadcasters, ATV and TVB.

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The State of California Has Executed Tookie Williams

13-12-2005 11:36

Stanley Tookie Williams was pronounced dead at 12:35 am Pacific Time (8:35 am GMT), Tuesday, December 13, 2005.

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Act against inhuman refugee policy

12-12-2005 23:12

Globally, refugees are rarely given an easy time. And national government is stepping up its ongoing campaign against the unfortunate. So for those who think the destitute and homeless should be supported, or that borders themselves should be fought, now may be a good time to take action.

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Gov. Schwarzenneger Refuses Clemency for Tookie Williams

12-12-2005 22:23

Earlier today, I asked the question: Will "The Terminator" Terminate Tookie?

The answer is yes, and it is another sad day for humanity ...

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Music Monday! Aphrodesia

12-12-2005 22:08

Interview with Ezra of Aphrodesia.