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The State of California Has Executed Tookie Williams

Sean M. Madden ( | 13.12.2005 11:36 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles

Stanley Tookie Williams was pronounced dead at 12:35 am Pacific Time (8:35 am GMT), Tuesday, December 13, 2005.

Mr. Williams was killed by the State of California via lethal injection administered by San Quentin prison staff. Even this final cruel and inhuman punishment was dealt with clumsily.

The Contra Costa Times reports: "During the process to inject him with the lethal combination of drugs, Williams appeared frustrated when the prison staff seemed to have difficulty inserting an IV into his left arm."

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California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger refused to meet with Mr. Williams in considering the latter's petition for clemency.

Additional information concerning Stanley Tookie Williams, and his failed bid for clemency, is available via

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