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The State of California Has Executed Tookie Williams

Sean M. Madden ( | 13.12.2005 11:36 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles

Stanley Tookie Williams was pronounced dead at 12:35 am Pacific Time (8:35 am GMT), Tuesday, December 13, 2005.

Mr. Williams was killed by the State of California via lethal injection administered by San Quentin prison staff. Even this final cruel and inhuman punishment was dealt with clumsily.

The Contra Costa Times reports: "During the process to inject him with the lethal combination of drugs, Williams appeared frustrated when the prison staff seemed to have difficulty inserting an IV into his left arm."

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California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger refused to meet with Mr. Williams in considering the latter's petition for clemency.

Additional information concerning Stanley Tookie Williams, and his failed bid for clemency, is available via

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A sad day for all of us

13.12.2005 13:35

Well you have to hand it to America as Harold Pinter said in his nobel prize for literature acceptance speech while they often like to talk about them ; they really know nothing at all about democracy and freedom which for them just means the freedom to kill , murder in the name of their own economic or political interests, while telling your own people and the rest of the world what kind of values we all have to live by.
In this case the political interests of Arnie,possibly the next sorry excuse for an American president,so how may death row prisoners do you need for the presidency these days ?,
you son of a faschist
.....and even yet ... but no.... of course there is clearly no redemption or forgiveness possible in this country run by people only calling themselves 'christians'

Tom MacGowan
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Tookie's Vicitms Couldn't Appeal their Sentences

13.12.2005 22:11

You wouldn't happen to know the names of Tookie's victims would you? They were people of color (three Asian- a family- and one European American)
Too bad they weren't given 21 years to appeal their death sentences
Albert Owens- convenience store worker.- Begged for his life- received 2 shotgun blasts to the back. Tookie laughed about Owens, becuause he girggled wafter being shot.
3 Chinese Americans met Tookie at their motel. Broke down the door to their private office, using a shotgun, our hero slaughtered the family and took $100.

Crips kill Bloods

Death penalty vs life penalty

14.12.2005 15:42

The debate about judicial executions is always framed by the pro-execution side as "he was guilty, so anyone against the death penalty must think he's innocent".

"Justice for the innocent victims!" also gets yelled a lot.

If a person's been found guilty of murder, then they should get a life sentence with no parole. For a young person, spending the rest of their life in jail will be far worse than a quick death.

The US experience proves that the death penalty isn't a deterrent to crime: look at the sky-high murder rate there.

Justice hasn't been better served by killing the guilty man, and all his work against gang violence will now come to an end. The lesson learned by the kids thinking of joining the gangs is that murder is acceptable, if the murderer is powerful enough.

So everybody's the loser, this time. Again.

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