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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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2 shot dead (fasists?), 1 wounded (fasist?) outside Goilden dawn office Athens

01-11-2013 18:24

Media reports gunning with kalshnikov outside fasist Golden dawn offices in Athens. Motorbike riders shot at a group of 10, describes as fasists by some, and killd 2 hurt 1. This is stones throw from big police base in N. Iraklio, athens

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JoNina and Lorenzo Ervin on Dissident Island Radio

01-11-2013 14:55

Episode 128 on 18 October 2013, the night before the annual London Anarchist Bookfair, featured two seasoned activists from the USA.

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Residential occupation in protest of council housing sell-off and Section 144

29-10-2013 15:20

Housing activists occupy residential property in protest of council sell-off
Housing activists have occupied a property owned by Southwark council which was due to be auctioned today at a starting price of £2.3 million.

They have occupied the building to stop the sell-off of yet more public housing stock when the borough faces a severe housing crisis with almost 25,000 people on the housing waiting list and increasing numbers of people forced to sleep rough on London’s streets.

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Is the Zamboanga Uprising more than a Spark in the Darkness?

29-10-2013 12:12

There is no clear definition what it is in its own view, but from the perspective of a distance it appears to be Asia´s fourth subcontinent, or its first one, depending on the direction of counting. The chain of volcanic peninsulas and islands along the tectonic line between East Asia and Australia is increasingly plagued by the same neoliberalist woes as its three subcontinental brethren. In addition to that, or more precisely as the cause of that consequence, it is affected by a sort of oceanic backlash where a weakening of the destructive forces harboured by the Americas on one side is resulting in their increased destructivity on the other, and in a different form also vice versa. In the recent weeks, as rebels on Mindanao began an offensive that could only succeed through crystallising a large amount of external attention in its early stages, this geopolitical focus has appeared as the most remarkable blind spot on the surface of the commercial narrative. In the rule of lies which is reporting about every little incident in West Asia, the MNLF seems to be operating on another planet. Yet at light speed the occurrence of its activity coincided with a major disruption of the imperialist narrative demanding explanation, the so-called "government shutdown."

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UG#668 - Big Oil At Home And Abroad (How The 7 Sisters Took Us For A Ride)

28-10-2013 23:54

This week, a successor show to episode 664, using 3 documentary films to trace a bigger picture carefully avoided by commercially-controlled media. Firstly, "Secrets Of The 7 Sisters" which retells the recent history of the Middle East focusing on its oil reserves. Secondly, we hear "Taken For A Ride", a 1996 documentary on how the logic of capitalism dictated the destruction of cheap mass transit in the US, in favor of a more resource intensive method:- the automobile. We conclude with the end of The Hidden Life of Garbage on the effect of petrochemical waste on the environment.

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Grangemouth: Trade unions must learn lessons from Grangemouth setback

28-10-2013 22:51

'Trade unions must learn lessons from Grangemouth setback',
Socialist Party Scotland, 25 October 2013

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The Grangemouth dispute makes it clear who really runs the country - Owen Jones

28-10-2013 14:39

extracts for the article highlighted: "..And so the workers and Scotland as a whole had a pistol pointed at their head. Capitulate on our terms, said Ineos, or the plant will go. It could have blown away around 10% of the Scottish economy, triggering economic ruin for entire communities." & "..The whole episode raises again an age-old question, not whispered enough, let alone asked loudly: who runs Britain?"

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Solidarity Meeting

27-10-2013 18:11

A number of well intentioned activists have come together to discuss the problems facing our movement, we feel the need and desire to approach areas of difference and conflict in a more constructive way.

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The Future Of Farming

24-10-2013 11:47

Current methods of land trading and farming are not sustainable.

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Shell PR event shut down in Oxford

23-10-2013 11:55

the Shell booth
Yesterday a Shell recruitment/PR booth on Broad St (Oxford), was shut down by the combination of leafletting, disruption and damage.

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UG#667 - Community Successes (Restoring Our Connection To The Land)

23-10-2013 09:29

A cheerier show this week than last week's look at the issue of violence. A range of voices, old and new inform us of successful local initiatives to reconnect with the land and rebuild community in their neighborhood.

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MP Dennis Skinner lambasting ATOS in House of Commons last Wednesday

22-10-2013 18:54

The Labour party backbencher Dennis Skinner MP asked the Prime Minister David Cameron a question in Prime Ministers’ Questions in the House of Commons on Wednesday 16th October 2013 about ATOS - the French multinational IT services corporation who are the Department for Work & Pension's contractor carrying out the benefit system's Work Capability Assessment, raising a tragic case of one of his constituents, to a largely respectful and silent House-of-Commons, as the gravity of Skinner's sad and tragic story about this particular constituent hit home...

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London property market explodes (again): London as world financial hub

22-10-2013 15:23

On the day after it is announced that London House prices have risen an incredible 10% in just 1 month
just thought I'd share this with you - something I wrote in TLIO's name back in 2006/7 (updated):

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Anti Fascist Action for Greece

22-10-2013 13:57

Antifascist Action for Greece mass gathering 27/10/13 St Paul's Cathedral
AAfG call for a mass gathering outside St Paul's Cathedral

Sunday 27 Octomber 2013 at 02:00 p.m
Join AAfG - discuss the rise of fascism in Greece and what actions we should take as a collective.

Meeting point: Behine Queen Anne's statue, towards the shops and roads, and away from the Cathedral steps, to ensure we are not trespassing on Cathedral property.

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Banner on Parkinson Building (Leeds) steps in solidarity with Brazil's protests

22-10-2013 08:56

Today a huge banner appeared on the steps of Parkinson Building (University of Leeds) proclaiming “Freedom for Political Prisoners.” The group “Solidarity and Action Mobilization with Brazil Activists - Leeds” (SAMBA_Leeds) prepared this action in order to bring to the public attention the current violation of human rights occurring in Brazil as well as the group’s support and solidarity with the occurring popular protests. In particular they are calling for the immediate release of the people unjustifiably arrested during the protest on the 15th of October (300 arrested, 12 still in jail on 21st October) and the end of the violent state repression of a genuine and heavily supported popular movement.

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Anniversary of Tower Hamlets Council being changed for the worse

22-10-2013 01:45

Dated 16 October 2010, the London 'satirical fortnightly magazine' 'Private Eye' carried a 'Rotten Boroughs' entry that summed up the problem that the Labour Party in Tower Hamlets, East London, faced.

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Life After Prison Evening at Hydra, Bristol - Sun 27th Oct

21-10-2013 17:56

Bristol ABC have organised a launch evening for our new publication ‘On the Out’ a zine about life after prison. Articles include pieces around license conditions and social control, tagging, the emotional affects of repression, supporting someone leaving prison and more.

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Syria Peace Vigil this Tuesday as foreign ministers meet in London

20-10-2013 08:44

This Tuesday (22 October 2013), 11 foreign ministers and representatives of some Syrian opposition groups will meet in London to discuss the ongoing conflict in Syria and the upcoming Geneva peace talks:

All peace-loving people are warmly invited to join an all day peace vigil (non-partisan) outside the Foreign Office, to put forward the following demands:

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LaDIYfest Sheffield 2013 - Saturday 30th November

19-10-2013 19:37

Sheffield’s anti-capitalist, feminist festival LaDIYfest returns for its third Birthday this November, taking over the city for a day and evening of practical activities, discussion workshops and live music. All funds raised at the event will go to the National Ugly Mugs, a sex worker safety scheme.