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Syria Peace Vigil this Tuesday as foreign ministers meet in London

dv | 20.10.2013 08:44 | Anti-militarism | Social Struggles | Terror War | London | World

This Tuesday (22 October 2013), 11 foreign ministers and representatives of some Syrian opposition groups will meet in London to discuss the ongoing conflict in Syria and the upcoming Geneva peace talks:

All peace-loving people are warmly invited to join an all day peace vigil (non-partisan) outside the Foreign Office, to put forward the following demands:

To all Foreign Ministers:

- Stop fuelling the conflict with supplies of arms and other military equipment;

- We believe that the peace negotiations should be led by the Syrian people themselves rather than foreign elites, who should only play a facilitating role.

To the Syrian government and all armed groups:

- Call an indefinite ceasefire immediately;

- Cease all attacks against civilians - including peaceful protesters - and civilian infrastructure, like medical facilities;

- Immediately allow safe humanitarian access to all areas in need;

- Recognise the detrimental effects of continued violence, especially on children and other civilians, and therefore urgently commit to political negotiations to end the conflict and prevent further destruction and loss of life, injury, psychological damage and displacement of people.

The vigil will start at 10am and may continue until around 6pm (advisable to phone ahead if you plan to arrive later, in case vigil ends early, e.g. due to bad weather - see contact number below).

Location: Foreign and Commonwealth Office, King Charles Street (off Whitehall), London SW1A 2AH

Nearest tube: Westminster
Mobile contact (Dan): 07506 234 091
E-mail: vd2012-syriapeace [at]

In peace,
Some concerned global citizens

- e-mail: vd2012-syriapeace [at]


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