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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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ESF demo in Paris

15-11-2003 23:47

Pictures from today's european social forum march which attracted anywhere between 100-200 00 people depending on who you believe.

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15-11-2003 23:03

The website provides
links on its front page to a white
supremacist website simply because it
provides video footage and still images
of Israeli oppression.

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Murder in Jenin 7/11-2003

15-11-2003 22:22

After three weeks of relative quiet the Israeli Occupation Forces returned to the streets of Jenin on the 7th of November. Violence from Israeli soldiers left at least 6 Palestinians dead and a number wounded in the space of two days, with four of the martyrs under the age of 18.

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Maidstone.Gay Protest.

15-11-2003 20:08

Gay campaigners protest at Kent Councils anti-gay policy.

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Mumbai Resistance 04 - Alternative to WSF

15-11-2003 18:36

The MR-2004 is a four day international event, scheduled for January 17-20, 2004. It is independent of and will run parallel to the World Social Forum (WSF), Mumbai.

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help the Catalans not vote!

15-11-2003 12:47

I do not like thee Doctor Snell...
Tomorrow the elections for the Presidency of the Catalan Generalitat will be held in Spain. The Catalan Generalitat was re-instated in the 1970s under the current statute that binds Spain.
Voters and non voters non resident in Catalonia had till Nov 6th to pass their judgement by postal means. Tomorrow the voters and non voters of Catalonia get to choose.

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Social movements of europe meet in Paris

15-11-2003 12:16

Translation of the german special about the Eurpeen Social Forum taking place in Paris, nov 11th 03.
About 100.000 people from all over europe are expected. Highlights are a mass demonstration on saturday, and the meeting of the social movemennt on sunday. ...

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Update of actions of solidarity with thessaloniki 7

15-11-2003 11:18

This is a summary of actions of solidarity that took place the last days (sorry if I forgot anything)

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Bristol-Stop-The-War News : 15th November 2003

15-11-2003 03:45

Wednesday 19th November. (See Section 3 For Details).

Book The Day Off Work! Book Your Bristol Coach Ticket! (Section 4).

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Health and Safety Executive in High Court Over Chris Pullen Death

14-11-2003 22:42

Christopher Pullen Campaign: HSE finds itself in the dock for the first time ever due to the personal determination of one working class mother from Islington, seeking justice for her tragically killed son ...

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EU Greens demand immediate Release of Thessniki 7

14-11-2003 21:12

Adopted resolution from their luxemburg meeting last week.

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ESF, PARIS. Occupation for Social Centre

14-11-2003 19:13

206 quai de Valmy, Jaures
Hundreds from the esf, left GLAD (fr), and joined local residents in starting to occupy a building to develop it for a social centre.

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Israel's Guantanamo

14-11-2003 17:55

Facility 1391: Israel's Guantanamo
Le Monde diplomatique
November 2003

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Victoria Slumlord Kimpton slammed in media (New Palestine/The Hood/Fernwood)

14-11-2003 16:16

Missing beams, leaking sewer gas, no fire escapes, missing smoke alarms, debris falling from ceiling. Tenants make the landlords rich while
they risk their lives.

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Simon et al: Greek Ambassadors Reception GATECRASHED! & thoughts on more demos

14-11-2003 09:49

The ambassadors receptions are noted for their elegance, for the whiff of stinkbombs too!
Gatecrashers account of attempted action at Ambassadors reception on Tuesday night.
Preceeded by thoughts about Greek cultural events in UK, sponsored by Greek Ministry of Culture. I think that 5000 YEARS OF CULTURE IS MEANINGLESS WHERE THERE IS NO RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS!!!

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police state in Victoria

14-11-2003 03:41

a boy introduction to the justice state in Victoria

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Have 'Faith' in Liverpool Resistance!

13-11-2003 23:15

Liverpool City Council is planning a year of 'Faith in the City' for 2004 as part of the run-up to the 2008 Culture of Capital. According to their website, they want to celebrate "the beliefs, passions, good deeds and contributions made by all the city’s citizens – from the oldest to the youngest – which make Liverpool such a special city".

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@narchist Bikers protest Greek PM over Salonika 7

13-11-2003 12:39

Article from Greek newspaper on @narchist bikers protesting the Salonika 7's treatments, they got to the Prime Minister's house unhindered...

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Flyer for Nov 18th-20th in Cambridge

12-11-2003 18:15

Flyer for November 19th-20th events in Cambridge