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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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The G8 leaders visit oxford

21-02-2004 18:15

The G8 leaders visit oxford with a samba band to celebrate the launch of dissent the activist network.

They hand out truthful money to the toe tapping crowed

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South Korea: Migrant workers struggle continues

21-02-2004 16:55

Since 100 days Migrant workers are in sit-in strike in Seoul.

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Kentish Town Social Centre - Eviction Alert!

21-02-2004 11:48

The Occupied Social Centre eviction date is TUESDAY 24th February first thing in the morning!!

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Sherwood Resistance 2

21-02-2004 03:30

Hidden in the midden. One of several treehouses.
Why the protest? More pics from Sherwood Rise.

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Sherwood Resistance 1

21-02-2004 02:26

Local kids get busy with the agitprop.
Report and pics from Sherwood Rise protest site.

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21-02-2004 02:04

My 1978 market permit pin
When I ask all my street performer friends why they think there are so few career solo women street performers, they all hint to the sexual safety issue. So, as a visible, veteran, solo woman street performer for 27 years, I thought I would tell ya my take on it...

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Repressive squat evictions in Barcelona

20-02-2004 18:14

Increasingly repressive evictions in BCN, leading to 4 arrest yesterday and more evictions to follow from the 23rd

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Greenwash and The NGO-friendly Corporation

20-02-2004 14:42

The following gives an interesting insight into how Corporations view the movement that opposes them and how they hope to gain credibility by co-opting the less radical elements by forming partnerships with them. It's long, but worth a read I think...

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Images from Fairford Court Ruling 19th Feb 04

19-02-2004 23:12

Images from Fairford Court Ruling.

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Indymedia - Liverpool can has an impact offline

19-02-2004 11:23

A reply to my posting on the Picket Venue here has helped to get a reply in letter form, I sent a letter to the 'The Peoples Centre' in December and I've just received a reply in letter form, which surprised me and it seems I've rattled some people which I have record of doing.

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Fair Trade Fortnight event in Bradford

19-02-2004 08:33

6th March: Fair Trade Fortnight event in Bradford

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Palestine Refugee Films - Bristol March 3rd

18-02-2004 23:51

Palestinian Refugees :­ a Night of Films
Wednesday 3rd March 2004 : 7.30pm
The Cube Microplex, Kings Sq, Bristol

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Registered social landlords – the new corporations

18-02-2004 16:23

Housing associations, or Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) as they are now known, are becoming a powerful oppressive force within our communities. You get videos showing how marvellous your house will be, fantastic bathrooms with palm trees on the wall - they’re a delight to the eye. But it isn’t true. Former council tenants, who now regret agreeing to transfer, will tell you the promises weren’t fulfilled, repairs weren’t done, their homes weren’t renovated.

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Farnborough town centre judicial review

18-02-2004 16:21

A local resident in Farnborough has sought and obtained leave for a judicial review of the unlawful planning decision to destroy half of the town centre and build a superstore. Social housing of 28 maisonettes was earmarked to be destroyed for the store's car park.

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South Korea: Migrant Workers Struggle, update

18-02-2004 15:13

Yesterday immigration officers and riot police again attacked protesting migrant workers in the South Korean capital Seoul and captured one migrant.

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Protest planned at Coca-Cola launch, 19-2-04

18-02-2004 12:44

Coca-Cola are planning a stunt to launch Dasani a new bottled water. The Columbian Solidarity Campaign, are planning a protest at 12 noon on Thursday at the Peace Gardens to coincide with the launch on behalf of eight assasinated trade unioun workers and their families. They accuse Coca Cola of impeding the progress of programmes to clean up drinking water forcing millions to drink soft drinks.

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Photo's of York PSC Sainsburys Demo

18-02-2004 00:32

The trolley
These pictures should have accompanied an earlier post on an action which took place at York Central Sainsburys. Posted on 15-Feb-2004.

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Court Martials for Israeli Conscientious Objectors

17-02-2004 20:24

Court Martials for Israeli Conscientious Objectors

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Striking Manchester Electricians Fight On

17-02-2004 19:50

This is a broadband-encoded video clip of one of the striking Manchester elctricians, STeve Acheson, speaking at a meeting jointly sponsored by Greater Manchester Association of Trades Councils and Manchester Social Forum. It took place on 5th February 2004.

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Privatisation of council houses in Waverley

17-02-2004 18:19

As with many councils across the country, Waverley is following the neo-Labour agenda and offering their council house tenants the choice of privatisation of their homes. No other option is available on the neo-Labour agenda.