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14-07-2005 17:31

At 9 am a march called by different organisations departed from Avenue Juarez “El Llano”. The aim of the march was to give the farewell to the caravan that is heading towards Mexico City to demand freedom for political prisoners...

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Legalized drugging ???

14-07-2005 15:27

Scientists predict brave new world of brain pills.

( All the better to control you all my dears....)

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Bristol Dissent meet/debrief

14-07-2005 15:25

Post-G8 Bristol Dissent meet/debrief - Tue 19 July, 7.30pm, at Kebele, 14 Robertson Rd, Easton, BS5.

A chance to reflect on what happened, learn lessons, consider what next, and organise for prisoner & defendant support.

Al those genuinely interested are welcome to attend!

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14-07-2005 15:18

According to corp media, the fourth bomber is ...

Lindsay Germaine (NY TIMES, BBC)
Lindsey Germail (Skynews)

Take your pick and then ask yourself why the corp media would be interested in targeting a prominent antiwar activist for public slander.

To protect the Poodle, that's right!

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Baghdad bomb kills 32 youngsters

14-07-2005 12:47

BAGHDAD — Thirty-two Iraqi youngsters, most of them under age 15, were killed Wednesday when a suicide car bomber blew himself up near US soldiers as they handed out chocolates in a Baghdad neighbourhood.

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Ambassadors express sympathy to all those affected by the blasts in London

14-07-2005 12:31

American Cultural Ambassadors David and Renate Jakupca of the International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA) expresses its deepest sympathy to all those whose lives have been touched, directly or indirectly, by the explosions.

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France 'closes' borders - Minister: UK bombers earlier arrested

14-07-2005 11:27

Dark clouds on EU's horizon: France reintroduces border controls within the European Union after last week's terrorist bomb blasts in London. "Ninety-eight percent of crimes can be tried, but there remain two percent that justice cannot settle. They are called state secrets."

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Moral High Ground

14-07-2005 10:49

No More Brownwash
One of Brighton & Hove WDM's activists reports on their occupation and banner drop on a crane in Edinburgh on 5th July to protest at the UK government's hypocritical claims about alleviating poverty and declare there should be 'NO MORE BROWN-WASH'

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Blockading the G8: personal accounts

13-07-2005 19:15

Account of the various blockades that took place on wednesday 5th, the first day of the G8 conference. It describes the different actions that took place around Scotland and includes analysis of tactics:

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13-07-2005 16:58

Here is the "freedom" for which the antichrist of this age George Bush is fighting at its starkest - SLAVERY IS FREEDOM: "the truth of the situation is that ... they cannot get out and it is entrapment from the front end with deceptive recruitment practices, again at re-enlistment time with the threat of deployment to Iraq under Stop Loss, again when contract ends and they are kept in and deployed via Stop Loss."

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G8 Bike ride reaches Gleneagles: Photos

13-07-2005 15:37

Welcome to the G8
Some how, amongst much police confusion, where road blocks were not about stopping traffic, but 'discouraging it', we managed to get our vehicles up a narrow lane to what looked like the media entrance of Gleneagles hotel. Hidden behind a police pen and crowd of media was the G8 bike ride people.

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Manipulation by Language

13-07-2005 13:16

"Before tyranny becomes visible for everyone, it begins when the word loses its dignity.. Rulers never manage without manipulation and propaganda.. In neuro-linguistic programming, language has the task of diverting people.."

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Lost Film Fest, DJs and Infernal Noise Brigade in Sheffield

13-07-2005 12:38

Infernal Noise Brigade at Matilda's
The space used as a convergence centre during June's G8 ministerial meeting in Sheffield came alive again on Monday night to the sights and sounds of the radical Lost Film Fest, the Infernal Noise Brigade, and DJs Filastine and MC Subzero Permafrost. Hot on the heels of people's return from Gleneagles, the night felt like the perfect finale to weeks of anti-G8 action.

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Legal Support Group Statement on the Policing of the G8 Protests

13-07-2005 11:36

During the protests against the G8 over 700 people were detained or arrested by the police, often overnight, and around 366 people have been arrested and charged.

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Israel Plans To Use Deadly Force Against Anti-Disengagement Protestors

13-07-2005 01:07

In the event of violence on the part of anti-disengagement protestors during the planned Gaza pullout of Israeli settlers, an Israeli team of high-ranking military officers and academics has recommended the use of deadly force against them.

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History of the IRA (Irish Republican Army) - Spanish Version

12-07-2005 22:05

PUBLICACIÓN SEMANAL de EDITORIAL ULTIMO RECURSO: El siguiente texto corresponde a una serie de trabajos escritos en cuanto al conflicto por la liberación del pueblo de Irlanda y un acercamiento a la historización de una de las Organizaciones mas encaminadas a dicho trabajo de liberación. El contenido del archivo es fruto de nuestras investigaciones, recopilaciones, ponernos a urgar en revistas, internet y libros, encuentros con personas, etcéteras. ACCESO LIBRE a literatura, teoría política e investigaciones sobre organizaciones en

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Cynicism and the G8 Deal

12-07-2005 20:59

Are condemndations of the G8 deal on Africa reasonable, or the cynical reaction of those who would never have been satisifed whatever the results of the summit?

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Africa's battle with corruption

12-07-2005 20:54

Not only is much of the west’s third world policy intrinsically corrupt, but those policies also contribute a great deal toward corruption in Africa, the spoils of which may in turn find a warm welcome in the western banking system.

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12-07-2005 17:49

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