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bradford site eviction | 12.07.2005 17:49 | Culture | Free Spaces | Social Struggles

Please come and help!

Claremont a squatted travellers site opposite Bradford University is in danger of eviction as its year long legal battle with property developers draws to a close. Claremont originally the site of a large Victorian house which burnt down in the 50's was squatted in 1989 and since then has provided a home for literally hundreds of people some staying for weeks others for years in a variety of trucks, buses and caravans.

As a consequence of Bradford council's attempted regeneration/gentrification of the city the site has come to the attention of property developers- who bought the land and issued a claim for possession last year. The site's legal battle concluded in a hearing at dewsbury county court last Tuesday- with the court postponing judgement until the 18th of this month- as for what he'll decide, it was to our minds made pretty obvious when the judge responded to a request that any eviction be suspended following the judgement to allow the defendants to find new homes with the words "I'd suggest the defendants should be doing that now" or something to that effect.

Essentially as it stands at the moment should the judgement go against us, and an appeal not be possible the current occupants (about 13 of us) will have about 2 weeks to abandon city centre land that has been collectively-managed, self-policed and lived on for free for over 15 years.

Some of us are more reluctant to do this than others, and a few of us aren't going anywhere. However without the solidarity and practical assistance of people living off site from both within Bradford and the broader movement outside it, we're fucked. Whilst the lifestyles of people living on site and those active in the movement might be different- our enemies are the same, capital and the state apparatus that

supports and defends it. Whether evicting "travellers" in Bradford, attacking wages and conditions at work, or littering our cities with cctv and the machinery of repression- the struggle is, and must be as one. It is on these grounds that we're asking for your solidarity, in opposing the eviction and development of Claremont- and your assistance in whatever form it takes.

Things kick off with a night of food, music and information about site at the 1in12 club on Wednesday the 13/7 this is a free event- and obviously the more people who turnout the better, please come if you can and if there's anything else you can do to assist either with the 13th or anything else please get in touch-thanks.

Love, Rage and Solidarity
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