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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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29-01-2006 15:09

Bechtel will use a money making transport scheme Crossrail causing social, financial and environmental harm to communities in the East End of London. Please share information on Bechtel and Crossrail. Original story on

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Respect backs Brick Lane campaign against Crossrail hole

29-01-2006 12:37

George Galloway's RESPECT coalitioin has today confirmed its backing to the campaign against the Crossrail hole Bill. They also vow to scrap any agreement the Tower Hamlets Council may have made for the Crossrail assault on the local community if RESPECT win control of Tower Hamlets Council at the scheduled May 2006 local election

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British Waterways A Meet of Hearts and Minds or a Place to Escape?

29-01-2006 06:18

HBOS Plc Crest Plc Shareholder Please Help Us LIBS 2006
Following their most recent one-man picket at the London International Boat Show 2006, at Excel in the heart of London’s docklands, the Shalom Family Campaign for Social Justice have written an Open Letter to British Waterways, a stakeholder with the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

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Sea Shepherd ship held in South Africa: Payback begins

29-01-2006 05:00

The Farley Mowat and Crew, Antarctica 2006
The anti-whaling protest ship 'Farley Mowat' has been detained indefinitely at Cape Town after seven weeks at sea

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Critical Mass out in the cold in polluted Gothenburg

28-01-2006 09:46

A handful of hardened cyclists gathered in central Gothenburg, Sweden on Friday evening for what might have been a record breaking Critical Mass, the coldest.

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28-01-2006 02:41

Free to rebroadcast
A review of news, opinion, and photography recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for tuning in anywhere you can, at your leisure. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive!

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Demonstration for 'Matthew Boulton 2', Weds feb 1st

27-01-2006 23:49

originally planned for 27th january, this demo against the expulsion of two Matthew Boulton College students has been postponed til february 1st, when it will take place outside the main entrance to Matthew Boulton College.

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More All-Party asbestos support for Spodden Valley

27-01-2006 14:01

These issues go beyong party politics... a united stand to keep Rochdale safe:
Local MP’s Paul Rowen and Jim Dobbin attended the Parliamentary Asbestos All-Party group this Tuesday.

MP, Peers and representatives of organisations concerned with asbestos disease were given an update of the past 6 months in the Spodden Valley.

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Worker from occupied Argentinean factory speaks in Britain

27-01-2006 12:35

A worker from Zanon, the most famous of Argentina's occupied factories, is coming to speak in Britain on a tour organised by No Sweat and the Argentina Solidarity Campaign as part of the first anti-sweatshop week of action.

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England to play Israel at football

27-01-2006 12:28

Zionist national team will be coming to London in Euro 2008 qualifying.

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Rossport Solidarity to visit Nottingham

27-01-2006 10:03

Locals send message to Shell
Get the latest updates on the Shell campaign in County Mayo and preparations for the solidarity camp

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Sainsburys GM protests strike again

26-01-2006 22:40

The cows were back in town today when Sainsburys tried to have an uneventful champagne launch of a new store in North West London.

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Sheffield WWOBB Protest Lobby of February Council Meeting

26-01-2006 22:25

WWOBB Lobby Leaflet
We Want Our Buses Back have called a lobby of Sheffield Council's meeting on Wednesday 1st Feb, 12 midday till 2pm at the Town Hall to protest about the state of the bus service in the City.

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No2ID Graffiti found in Nottingham!

26-01-2006 19:51

As I wandered about in Nottingham this afternoon, my eye was attacted to the stenciled graffiti near the shops in Bottle Lane of Briddlesmith Gate.
It appears that a pixie, with a political stance on the subject of ID cards, had put this up while no-one was looking.

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Season of Palestinian films

26-01-2006 17:32

Palestinian film series being held at Oxford Brookes University, starting from Wednesday the 8th of February

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Issue or Distraction

26-01-2006 16:51

Today’s right-wing political strategists have developed an effective technique to manage or direct the public’s attention. They have adopted Straussian methods of political deception.

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Nottingham/Notts Defy-ID launches first bulletin

26-01-2006 16:38

Nottingham/Notts Defy-ID has just launched its first bulletin for January 2006.

Read it here and look out for more in the future. Print out copies and help get the message out. Better still come and help us with the next one!

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Social Centres, Where Next? - your experiences and views sought

26-01-2006 12:17

The Social Centres movement has moved forward considerably in the last few years but is still very much an embryonic movement compared to Italy or some parts of Spain.

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Birmingham students launch underground press

26-01-2006 12:09

Free Press
Students at the University of Birmingham have launched an alternative newspaper in response to recent expulsions at Matthew Boulton College and censorship of the existing newspaper.

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Uxbridge 7 acquitted

26-01-2006 10:42

The Uxbridge 7, on trial for blockading the UK distribution centre of Israeli agricultural exporter Carmel/Agrexco have been acquitted at Uxbridge magistrates court. A more detail report will follow.