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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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International Food Not Bombs Gathering

30-01-2004 08:24

food, not bombs!
Food Not Bombs (FNB) volunteers from around the globe will converge in New
York City August 25-27th. Planned to precede protests against the
Republican National Convention, the Food Not Bombs International Gathering
will host activists from one of the world’s largest revolutionary
movements for three days of workshops, spokescouncils, skill shares,
foodsharing and discussion on the future direction of the movement.

Since its inception in 1980, FNB has grown from one chapter to more than
300 groups all over the world who are organizing against war and
militarization by cooking and serving free meals in their communities with
the idea that the billions of dollars wasted on military spending should
instead be used to nourish the hungry. An autonomous movement, FNB
chapters engage in various projects in their communities from fighting
against poverty, gentrification and governmental immigration policies to
organizing against the war on Iraq. One hope to come from this gathering
is that FNB chapters will be better informed of what other groups are
accomplishing in other parts of the world.

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Cambridge and national AUT ballots its members for industrial action

29-01-2004 21:37

Support the AUT
Strange as it may seem, amidst the tuition fees debate, another fight is going on behind the scenes. The association of University Teachers (includes non teaching staff in education) is balloting its members to strike over pay.

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29-01-2004 18:26


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Meadowlands Travellers Eviction

29-01-2004 16:08

Meadowlands travellers evicted off their own land, and have their caravans and mobile homes burned. Other sites are now under threat of eviction

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Threatened Societies

28-01-2004 21:33

A look at some of the cultures threatened by Anglo-American linguistic globalisation.

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IWCA announce candidate for Mayoral election

28-01-2004 20:37

"We Live Here Too!"
The Independent Working Class Association announce their candidate for London's Mayoral elections and aim to put the working class back on the political map.

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Interns' Network: Working for free in Westminster

28-01-2004 16:29

At any one time there are around 3000 people working for free in parliament, think tanks, ngos and the political media. These organisations are supposed to be the heartbeat of our democracy but to get a job, people are expected to work for extended periods for free. This creates a huge barrier for people from poorer backgrounds. The Interns Network wants to make internships more transparent, fair and fun. You can subscribe for weekly updates of jobs, events and news by emailing Visit for more details.

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AGENDA for ESF meeting at GLA building 29th at 6.00 pm

28-01-2004 15:04

A PROPOSAL from the one of the practicality group - AGENDA FOR 29th UK MEETING - please add to it.

The last meeting had no agenda or agreed facilitator we need to change this if the ESF is not to descend into a farce.

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Justice for Women of Chihuahua

28-01-2004 14:31

Message of thanks and an update from Justicia Para Nuestras Hijas

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From passivity to proaction! (flyer and art)

27-01-2004 23:21

cut loose from authority!
Your alleged "leaders" often believe you are "incapable" and feeling too powerless to be more proactive than simply attending rallies and marches in a passive way. The flyer text here is meant to do two things: inspire you, and many others, to become more proactive--in a basic resistance of consciousness! Here is a giant pile of deep info that should inspire!

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27-01-2004 16:15

SchNEWS on the World Social Forum - spot on as ever.


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London Rising Tide disrupts Caspian oil & gas conference, 27.1.04

27-01-2004 15:17

Activists this morning disrupted a London conference dedicated in part to 'overcoming ecological and environmental concerns' about the pipelines that are beginning to criss-cross the Caucasus with Big Oil and US military backing.

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When Occupation Isn’t Enough: Ethnic Cleasning Techniques

26-01-2004 23:11

Why some men and women refuse:

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Taking Control of the Unions

26-01-2004 21:13

New ideas of thinking and organising are needed.There needs to be a break with labour and its trade union machine.

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No longer should cannabis users get wasted.

26-01-2004 19:57

The Government are reclassifying cannabis as a class C drug. Here is my opinion of this...

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Attacks against Arab community (by Latuff)

26-01-2004 19:31

Terrorism against Arabs in IsraHell
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed Israeli terror.

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26-01-2004 17:13

Occupation of the exam schools now (5pm Monday 26th Jan) over the issue of tuition fees, try to come along and join in