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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Anarchist Youth Network Summer Gathering - Agenda online NOW

14-07-2003 12:35

The AYN Summer Gathering will be taking place from Friday evening 25th to Sunday morning 27th July in London, with free accomodation. If you're interested in anarchism or the AYN, feel free to some along!

Hosted by London Anarchist Youth it will take place near central London and will consist of a bunch of social events, organising meetings, discussion, workshops, filmshowings etc. The full draft agenda is listed below.

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Demonstrate against Sharon

14-07-2003 08:07

Airel Sharon coming to London - Demonstrate!

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13-07-2003 19:03


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New activist group for disabled people in Leeds Bradford

13-07-2003 17:18

New group for disabled people wanting to campaign for disability rights and community in Leeds and Bradford.

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Highlands Infonet- upcoming events

13-07-2003 10:42

Ever thought there wasn't much alternative political events going on north of Glasgow and Edinburgh?
Think again, because now the Highland Infonet provides a monthly email newsletter to raise attention for the smallest of political events in Scotland and of important issues and campaigns relevant to people in Scotland.
The Highlands InfoNet is an informal periodic noticeboard for progressive political/social activities and information in the Highlands and Islands, consisting of th information supplied to it.
Here is an excerpt.
To subscribe or send information for the next newsletter, send an e-mail to
gobbledegook at

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CKUT Radio: Tent City Montreal

13-07-2003 04:35


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India:Narmada Update

12-07-2003 22:10

Update/summing up of recent developments in the struggle of the social movement Narmada Bacho Andolan (Movement to save the Narmada)- that fights for the rights of the people in the Narmada Valley (central India) whose rights are trampled upon cause of the further increase in the hight of the Sadar Sarovar Dam.

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12 July overnight protest by immigrants in Paris

12-07-2003 19:16

Immigrant "Sans-papiers" (immigrant without papers) are protesting in Paris because the lack of public resources has led them to destitution and homelessness. This letter of support from the UK highlights the similarity of struggle, and how some NGOs are now applying racist government policies.

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solidarity demo for Thessaloniki prisoners in Athens

11-07-2003 23:23

"The passion for freedom is stronger than any jail cell."
About 700-800 anarchists demostrated today in downtown Athens, in solidarity to the people arrested (some of them still in jail)in the events of Thessaloniki.

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SchNEWS on UK Arms Industry and Indonesia + lots more (11th July)

11-07-2003 14:44

Latest weekly edition of the ace SchNEWS

See it on the web, print out the pdf + distribute! Easy!

ps they need to sort out about three and a half grand for the next years running costs (see below)

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Arrest Sharon!

10-07-2003 22:55

UK Urged to Arrest Sharon When He Arrives for Talks with Blair

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nearby road scheme planned - A57/A628 Mottram-Tintwistle bypass

10-07-2003 22:35

details of proposed A57/A628 Mottram-Tintwistle bypass - part of a new M6/M1 cross-Pennines link?

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nearby road scheme planned - A57/A628 Mottram-Tintwistle bypass

10-07-2003 22:11

details of proposed A57/A628 Mottram-Tintwistle bypass - part of a new M6/M1 cross-Pennines link?

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Baku pipeline protest - AMEC Warrington blockaded

10-07-2003 21:48

AMEC House, Warrington, Cheshire, targetted by direct action campaign against the Baku-Ceyhan oil pipeline

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Two political events in Leeds

10-07-2003 21:36

Two political events in Leeds: "Euro: Yes or No?" - "Morning Star - Paper of the Left?"

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Conservatives Try to Block US From Rejoining UN Agency

10-07-2003 21:11

Vocal opponent of UNESCO is U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) who once ran for president as a Libertarian. Ron is opposed to the United Nations in general and believes UNESCO is especially dangerous.

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! ! ! STOP THE PRESSES ! ! ! - ! ! ! STOP THE PRESSES ! ! !

10-07-2003 19:34

Someone in the ""US Government", seems to think it would make a bad
image if Democracy's bush and cheney, truly knew before hand, of the
ACTUAL evidence they repeatedly sited, but didn't tell US publicly of,
all so they then could steal billions in an attempt to destroy our
freedoms while killing The People as not represented in their decision

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Social Forums are springing up across the UK

10-07-2003 13:49

Social forums are spaces where we can share and co-ordinate our struggles. They have been widespread across Europe for about two years. Following the anti-war protests similar forums have been created in many UK cities.

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DEEPCUT officer Leslie Skinner charged with male rape and sexual abuse of recrui

09-07-2003 22:09

Following the mysterious deaths and suicides of DEEPCUT army recruits spanning over a decade. 45yr old Leslie Skinner has been charged with male rape and the sexual abuse, assault and harrassment of DEEPCUT army recruits.

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09-07-2003 20:20

Today is the fourth anniversary of the brutal repression of student protests by the mad mullahs of Iran. Many of the internal protests have apparently been called off after clear signs that the mullahs intended to create another Tiananmen-like massacre.