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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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England: higher gas prices make ten thousands die

24-11-2005 17:35

"The 'Age Audit' - which is based on Government statistics and major pieces of research into the lives of elderly people, also found that an estimated 22,000 people died as a result of the cold last year, 1.5 million said their house was too cold in winter."

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No Borders public meeting

24-11-2005 13:05

Sheffield No Borders Public Meeting - "No One Is Illegal"

Saturday Dec 3rd, 2pm, SADACCA Community Centre, 48 The Wicker, Burngreave

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Countryside Properties: Yesterday in Parliament-and on the streets of rochdale

23-11-2005 23:04

Campaigners and TV crews monitor asbestos factory rubble removal...
Yesterday, Save Spodden Valley campaigners accompanied by reporters from Granada TV, BBC’s TV North West Tonight, Channel M, BBC GMR and the Manchester Evening News, watched as the first wagons took away asbestos factory rubble from the Spodden Valley site.

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Countryside Properties: Contamination blues...

23-11-2005 22:47

Exposed tannery waste in woodlands...
Last night at Rochdale Town Hall, a packed public audience cheered as the Township planning committee rejected a Countryside Properties (Northern) Ltd application to build 186 homes on the site of a former Tannery, Bleach and Dye works at Greenbooth, Norden.

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Polish riot police attack on gays:Demo 24 NOV..

23-11-2005 16:27

gay rights groups OutRage! stages a demo over the attack on gay parade by riot police.
Polish Prime Minister visting London 24 Nov.

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Second Violent Eviction of Bradford Squat

23-11-2005 15:59

On the 22nd Nov the owner of the pub we have squatted came in to our home and tried to use violence to force us out. The building in question has no plans for it and is to remain empty until it it levelled in a couple of months.

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Brixton Arts Co-op Opens

23-11-2005 15:49

After lying empty for four years when developers happily failed to get permission for a trendy bar for scootstick-toters, the old Brixton Cycles Co-op building on Coldharbour Lane was occupied on the 30th September, 2005.

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Meeting on incapacity benefit reform

23-11-2005 12:27

The date of the next Sheffield Welfare Action Network meeting has been set for Saturday the 26th of November, from 12pm to 3.30pm. The meeting is to discuss action around forthcoming incapacity benefit reforms.

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A Worldwide Call for Input: WHAT IS TO BE DONE?

23-11-2005 12:14

[...] This is my rough answer. However, I want to open the question out to the whole of the world, to ask each of you.

WHAT IS TO BE DONE? How can WE develop a form of people power to save us from the false choices we are offered?

Let us not leave the essential work to corrupt politicians operating within corrupt political systems. [...]

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23-11-2005 04:05

We don't know how to show our deepest pain and sadness which we feel in these moments. In a new attack, the Colombian military assassinate ARLEN SALAS DAVID, leader of our community and coordinator of the humanitarian zone, Arenas Altas. We would like to share the facts of what took place so that they can be judged in time and can be remembered in history:

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Campsfield 12years too long demo

22-11-2005 19:20

"Come along!" sez Miffy!
demo this saturday!!!!!

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Mindwalk 20: Piece of Schmidt

22-11-2005 15:46

This episode includes a PSA from former child actor Dickie Richards. Donate your Uzi today! Followed by the first new Raymond Lafferty piece in several months. A Murtha / Schmidt / SNL mix with music by Sacred Spirit and Fat Boy Slim. Also some thoughts on Dinosaurs from William S. Burroughs music by Shalor. And finally Arundhati Roy with music by Gil Amran.

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21-11-2005 20:34

Free Screening of the Documentary film Between the Dictator and Me at Brunel University on Friday 25th at 4 pm in room 063 (Lecture Centre). On the 30th anniversary of Franco's death, 6 young filmmakers look at his legacy and influence long after his dead generating a long-due social debate.

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The future of the Howard Mallet Centre?

21-11-2005 18:13

A growing and diverse group of Cambridge people are starting to put together a proposal to make use of the (very nearly empty) Howard Mallet Centre.

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The Terrorism Act 2000 and the Criminalisation of Dissent

21-11-2005 00:07

If the UK's Terrorism Act of 2000 existed in 1940, Europe would still be occupied by the Nazis

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WTO: Why is it bad for YOU ( Video )

20-11-2005 23:44

A video about next meeting of the WTO in December in Hong Kong...and why we should fight it.

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shell hell video mix: county mayo, ireland & london solidarity action

20-11-2005 18:14

mix of "free the rossport 5" dvd from county mayo and action outside shell centre, london, 30th september 2005

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Stop the Deportation of Children and Students - Report

20-11-2005 15:40

19th November 1005, London. Approximately 60 people turned out to protest against deportation of children and students.

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Extremist ex-Met Chief John Stevens in mouth-opening disaster

20-11-2005 13:20

Ex-top Met cop Stevens opened his mouth again earlier today with disastrous results. The noises coming out of John's enormous gob coagulated, in the dank air surrounding his weatherbeaten and rapidly-ageing face, into a rabid demand that the British government should start hanging people at the earliest opportunity.

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Justice for Jhonny Silva! Vigil Outside Colombian Embassy, Tues (22nd) from 3pm

20-11-2005 02:36

Jhonny Silva
On 22nd September 2005, 21-year-old chemistry student Jhonny Silva was shot dead by Colombian police, who had illegally entered the campus of Valle University in Southwest Colombia after a student protest. Jhonny, who suffered from polio and so was unable to run when the police began firing live ammunition at students, was shot in the neck at point blank range.

A British delegation of students and academics was present at the student protest and witnessed the violent police methods. The members of the delegation have committed themselves to working with students and staff at Valle University to campaign for Jhonny's killers to be brought to justice. The Colombian state has an extremely poor record of investigating and prosecuting the crimes of the public forces and paramilitaries.