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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Defend NUS democracy - meeting, Sunday 21 October

11-10-2007 14:32

Join the campaign to defend democracy in and win a campaigning National Union of Students!

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Celebrating Peace or Camouflaging Apartheid?

11-10-2007 11:54

Boycott the Jericho-Tel Aviv Public Events on October 18th!

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March against violent crime - 13th October

11-10-2007 10:33

A march against violent crime has been called for the 13th October going from forest rec (12pm) - old market sq.

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Zimbabwe vigil 5th anniversary

11-10-2007 10:20

The Zimbabwe vigil 5th anniversary event that was due to happen at the rampART social center this coming saturday has now been moved to a larger venue as it has become apparent that the numbers expected to attended much greater than originally anticipated.

The vigil is on the strand as normal and the social event afterwards will now be held at Highgate Newtown Community Centre, 25 Bertram Street, London N19 5DQ.

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Benefit events for Nicaragua hurricane appeal

11-10-2007 10:02

Events in aid of the appeal to help communities on Nicaragua's North Atlantic coast, which was hit at the beginning of September by Hurricane Felix. It has left over 100,000 homeless and several hundred dead in this already poor and remote area. Crops, livestock, homes and health centres were also killed or destroyed.

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Cardiff Burma/Total Protest II (Saturday 13th)

11-10-2007 08:34

After a very successful protest against oil and gas company Total's involvement in Burma in Cardiff last Saturday, it's been agreed to call another demonstration - same time, same place - the oppression hasn't stopped so neither should we!

Account of last week's protest here:

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Royal Mail battle plans leaked

10-10-2007 22:17

As wildcats erupt across the UK, the forum has obtained a copy of Royal Mail's battle plans for the current negotiations with the CWU.

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Dignity Not Detention - the 3 Day March

10-10-2007 16:55

Asylum seekers, refugees, trade unionists and supporters from all over South Yorkshire will march from the Home Office in Sheffield to Lindholme Detention centre near Doncaster between 26-28th October

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Merseyside Posties Wildcat

10-10-2007 16:45

Copperas Hill workers outside Lime Street station not working!
Though the latest round of official strikes sanctioned by the Communication Workers Union came to an end at 03:00 this morning, many postal workers are defying their leaders, and are staying out.

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Oaxaca: PRI candidate house attacked, CIPO-RFM HQ facing repression

10-10-2007 16:19

The street of CIPO-RFM HQ
PRI Municipal Presidency house attacked with heavy caliber guns, neighbouring CIPO-RFM communal house facing repression following attack.

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Anti Kettle Foods Campaign Builds Head of Steam

10-10-2007 15:23

Kettle Foods have brought in US union busters. But have they bitten off more they can chew as consumer organising a boycott online?

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TOTAL HQ targeted this morning

10-10-2007 12:42

Free Burma
30 protesters targeted Total HQ this morning for the third time in a week.

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Brothers in Chains and other news from rampART

10-10-2007 12:30

The building occupied for the rampART social center has recently undergone changes to make it more suitable for large meetings. Two rooms on the first floor have been combined into one large room good for meetings of up to sixty people. Additionally, work is being done on the roof garden to provide a sheltered space where people can get a breath of fresh air during events.

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Take back the night - deterring assault

10-10-2007 12:12

Helping to deter assaults by using a cameraphone

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Manchester NO2ID Welcomes National Identity Fraud Protection Week

09-10-2007 22:06

Manchester No2ID Logo
Date: 9th October 2007
For Immediate Release

Local campaign group Manchester NO2ID this week welcomed the Home Office's lightly-publicised National Identity Fraud Protection Week, and called upon the Government to take action to prevent ID fraud by scrapping the expensive, pointless National Identity Scheme and instead buying every household in the UK a cross-cut shredder.

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A Veiled Threat?

09-10-2007 21:46

"Despite not paying an annual membership fee to Hamas or Al-Qaeda, my choice to veil signifies that I am a radical."

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Stop Deporting Cameroonians - 2

09-10-2007 19:28

'Whether we have leave to remain or don't have leave to remain, let us unite'

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Cameroon Support Network (CSN)

09-10-2007 19:25

'Whether we have leave to remain or don't have leave to remain, let us unite'

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Colombia manifestation

09-10-2007 16:48

the people stand up for fight againts fascism!