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International Call To Action:

28-07-2012 06:55

“Worldwide Echo in Support of the Zapatistas:
Freedom and Justice for San Marcos Avilés and Sántiz López”

Today, with urgency, we are called upon to mobilize, with our whole being, solidarity and support for our Zapatista sisters and brothers of the community in resistance of San Marcos Avilés

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Värde Investment Partners, Varde Global Investors, Crest Nicholson Group Appeal

27-07-2012 12:12

Home Sweet Home Cardiff Bay Wales UK M V Picton
Pirate Bay, Cardiff Bay, Wales United Kingdom. A home destroyed, possessions disposed of, a way of life decimated. Many years may have passed by but the Shalom family evicted by Varde's recently acquired, crest nicholson group, cannot forget. This appeal is from the family..

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Child Stealing By The State Conference The Suncastle Skegness Lincolnshire

27-07-2012 05:52

Andrew Peacher

01754 228 273


Wensday 12th Thursday 13th September 2012 The Suncastle Skegness

Child Protection The Future of our families Conference

Dear Sir/Madam

I Would like to invite you to the Annual Conference of the Child Protection and the future of our families conference to be held on Wensday 12/13th of September at the suncastle

in skegness lincolnshire.

The conference which will start at 9am on the 12th of september which will focus on child protection and the need to keep families together.

We have many guest speakers including Child Protection officers we have Brian Gerrish ex navy Uk column newspaper roger hayes the british constitutional group MP John hemmings we have parents such as lucy allan and tina challonor google these names be amazed.

We also have Dr carley from the usa speaking via skype link We have parents and children speaking.

We are looking for Orginizations small and large.firemen,gps,health,care, Police,Nhs,ChildProtection,mps,Socialworkers,socialservices,fostercarers,Solicitors,Judges

These people are needed to give a balanced view to the conference the difficulties of child protection the mistakes made the Legislation the future of child protection the focus to support families more and to keep children with natural parents.

The aims of the conference is to which aims to prevent physical, emotional and sexual abuse and neglect of children
by promoting the physical, emotional, and social well-being of children. We aim to promote the rights of children
as citizens, through multi-disciplinary collaboration, education, campaigning and other appropriate activities'

The Other aim is to stop stories like this one and asking those involved in child protection to think before they remove children
1:-The fact is that parents who have committed no crime are losing their children to forced adoption!

2:-Experts who depend on court appearances for a living, nearly always agree with the local authority.They make predictions that parents just might abuse their children (including newborn babies) in the future ,so these parents lose their children to permanent fostercare or adoption,not for something they have done but for something they might (or might not) do!

3:-Over 1000 UK children /month are taken into care ,Fosterers are paid an average £400/week per child (birth mothers get around £20/week),and a foster agency founded by social workers getting around £1500/week per child was recently sold for £130million !A real money driven industry !!

4:-Parents whose children have been taken are gagged and threatened with prison if they protest publicly;At contact parents are gagged again and forbidden to get emotional,to speak any foreign language,or to discuss the case with their children otherwise contact will be stopped.

5:-More children are taken for emotional abuse than physical and sexual abuse added together.Despite "baby P" the number taken for physical abuse is steadily falling as a percentage of the total number of children taken.

6:-What are the solutions?

(a)Impose criminal rules of evidence in family courts so children cannot be taken unless parents are proved to have committed a crime affecting their children. Also parents would be free to obtain a second opinion from an expert of their own choosing.

(b)Abolish all gagging of parents leaving them free to protest openly if their children are taken, and also to say what they like to them at contact without censorship ! Two very simple changes, two very obvious solutions.,but will anyone impose them and derail the moneytrain? Don't hold your breath

I Andrew Peacher Orginizer would kindly ask you to be a speaker or to attend the event please get back to me in writing at the above or by email tel 01754 228273

There is special hotel rates being orginized at the savoy hotel skegness for any one interested just quote the conference by myself when booking.

The numbers are limited for the conference which is totally free to all i would appreciate a confirmation by the middle of august for further details please contact me

The conference has been requested by Parents who have lost their children to child protection it will be a pleasure to hear from like minded professionals as well.

I would like to ask if you could put our event details on your website on your office notice board or simply tell a friend or collegue This conference is for tommorrows children.

Andrew Peacher

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Take Back the Land: Action Round-Up

26-07-2012 09:56

Mass action at Mainshill
A week ago today the last of the camp was taken down and participants at Take Back the Land! ( were saying goodbye for now to our site on the edge of 350ha of bog and wet heath moorland – the proposed new Glentaggart East site ( The camp was occupied on the evening of the 10th July and set up on the symbolic site of Scottish Coal’s new mine in the Douglas Valley, a beautiful part of the Southern Uplands. The occupation was the third in the area since 2009 and part of Coal Action Scotland’s four-year old direct action campaign against opencast coal mining in the Douglas Valley.

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Curo Group Somer Housing

26-07-2012 09:16


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Peace news 2012 Summer Camp open June 26th

26-07-2012 00:25

You can still come to the Camp if you have not yet registered or paid.

Online registration has now closed but you can pay for entrance and meals on arrival.

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Another Opencast application for the Marley Hill Area?

25-07-2012 19:42

This area between Gateshead and Co Durham already has already had to contend with one recent opencast application for the Birklands site as well as the prospect of more opencastin g on the proposed Marley Colliery Reclamation site. Now it seems local people could soon face a third application

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Derbyshire to face a new threat of Opencast Mininf?

25-07-2012 19:35

Derbyshire, which is becoming a new centre for Opencast Coal mining with I site already in operation at Lodge House, an application for another one at George Farm, a possible one at Hill Top now faces the possibility of another one near Renishaw, Staverly and Barlborough.

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New Threat of Opencast Mining in Sth Yorkshire

25-07-2012 19:26

New research for the Loose Anti Opencast Network as revealed the possibility of UK Coal applying for planning permission for an opencast mine within the next 5 years at a site located between Normanton, Agbrigg and Sharleston

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Games without Borders

25-07-2012 10:58

Calais, Summer, games, Demonstration, Fun

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Round up of London ABC Actions! (June & July)

21-07-2012 13:32

Belorussian Embassy
Round up of London ABC Actions! (June & July)

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Reclaim the Fields Summer Gathering

21-07-2012 09:13

Next weekend is the Reclaim the Fields Summer Gathering!

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Smash BNP National Demo Glasgow

20-07-2012 11:02

On Saturday 28 July, the BNP will descend on Glasgow city centre for what leader Nick Griffin is calling the "biggest nationalist demonstration ever in Glasgow".

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Ian Tomlinson - demo outside Scotland Yard 6pm to 9pm TONIGHT

19-07-2012 16:25

Ian Tomlinson - demo outside Scotland Yard 6pm to 9pm - be there!!

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Sylvia Major Slip of the Tongue

18-07-2012 15:47

This video is supplied by an anonymous source.

Even after this lengthy passage of time, it seems totally inexplicable as to why this particular woman would attend the High Court in London (700 miles from her home) having been named as an perpetrator of these vile allegations. It must be noted Major and Dragon claimed to have been suffering from trauma as a result of the allegations at Robert Green's trial. It seems too coincidental that only two weeks later she had made a remarkable recovery and went to London a day earlier for other business and just happened to walk to the High Court to attend the hearing, to which she was not a party.

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Aristocrat landlord’s garden opencasted!

18-07-2012 12:39

Earlier today activists from Take Back the Land! visited Lord Home’s mansion in the Douglas Valley and opencasted his garden, hoping to bring the issues closer to home for him. Lord Home owns Mainshill and all of Glentaggart East which is currently being occupied by an action camp. Of course only some of the things that impact communities so much would have been felt because of this opencast, such as seeing a big mess. He won’t have to put up with the health impacts from dust and diesel fumes, the danger on the roads, the noise, contempt from South Lanarkshire Council – the list goes on.

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Photos of Oxford torch relay protest

18-07-2012 12:10

traffic light perch
Some pictures of an very small and impromptu protest at the Oxford torch relay.

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EF! Summer Gathering Workshop timetable

18-07-2012 10:32

The workshop timetable has been finalised.

We've got workshops on mobilizing for next years G8, the state of the anarchist movement in the UK, discussions around feminism, patriarchy, solidarity and community organising. As well as campaign presentations from Boycott Workfare, Frack off and Smash Edo. Plus much much more.

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Who was Fred Hill

17-07-2012 21:03

Fred Hill died While in Jail for Refusing to Wear A Motorcycle Crash Helmet

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Jimmy Mubenga - no charges

17-07-2012 13:59

G4S employees in charge of Jimmy Mubenga on the flight when he collapsed and died will not face any charges despite counsel finding that his treatment constitued a "breach of duty". Instead the case will go to a dead-end inquest, like the inquest into the Iraq War that is still being dragged out.