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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Inside the Cambridge University occupation

26-11-2010 23:25

Solidarity from other occupations.
Way more than 100 students and others are still occupying the Cambridge University Senior Combination room -- at the heart of the Cambridge University administrative headquarters. There are groups of people around town spreading leaflets and advertising the demands, as well as a significant number of people at the occupation playing music, watching moving and writing reports on-line.

Tomorrow (Saturday 27 Nov) a solidarity demonstration is scheduled at 12 noon in solidarity with the occupation and against all cuts and fees -- meet at Great St Mary's.

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Panorama – the Agenda behind ‘British Schools Islamic Rules’

26-11-2010 19:17

The airing by Panorama of John Ware’s latest documentary on Muslim Schools coincides with the release of the London based Think Tank Policy Exchange’s recommendations about faith schools and religious fundamentalism.

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Support for Belal Amleh

26-11-2010 18:46

Belal & Suzanne
On Wednesday Belal Amleh was arrested whilst signing in at the home office in Leeds and is facing deportion back to Jordan and ultimately Palestine on Tuesday. At 18 Belal was imprisoned and tortured by the israeli army and is likely to face the same or worse if he is sent back. We need your support to prevent Belal from being deported.

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Strengths and Limitations of the Portuguese General Strike

26-11-2010 16:20

On Wednesday, a 24-hour general strike against austerity measures paralysed the Portuguese economy. This afternoon, the Portuguese parliament forced the package through anyway. While Wednesday's action demonstrates the potential social weight of the working class, Friday's vote shows that - as in Greece and Ireland - one day strikes and marches are not going to stop governments submitting to the financial aristocracy.

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New article from Shift Mag: Immigration Rights and No Border Struggles in Europe

26-11-2010 15:47

New article from Shift Mag: Immigration Rights and No Border Struggles in Europe.
Read it here

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Occupation at the University of Cambridge

26-11-2010 15:47

This morning Old Schools, the nerve centre of the University of Cambridge, has been occupied in protest against fees and cuts.

We have claimed this space to give students a voice in their University; everyone is welcome to join in or support the occupation in any way they can.

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The Game Has Changed - Kepping Up Momentum Against Government Oppression

26-11-2010 15:46

Some thoughts on whats been happening since the con dems declared a class war against the people of the UK....

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Report: WikiLeaks Docs to Show US Military Supporting PKK in Turkey’s Civil War

26-11-2010 15:21

The PKK has been officially listed as a foreign terrorist organization by the US State Department since 1979, which would be reason enough that the Defense Department cannot legally back them. It is doubly problematic in this case, however, as the PKK has been fighting Turkey, a NATO member and close military ally of the US.
The Pentagon is said to have praised the PKK as “warriors for freedom” in official documents and has ordered detained PKK captured inside Iraq released. They are also said to have provided the organization with weapons.

What about "an attack on one member is an attackon all?"

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The gang of the Supreme Court of Brazil

26-11-2010 13:50

60 days of vacation, mandatory retirement, "if you get involved with organized crime, even with 30 years of paying social security, gangs of judges retire", the sale of sentence, 70 days of medical leave, agrees Brazil.

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A new era of policing protest?

26-11-2010 13:02

Cop say Day X marked an end to protest as we know it. I think not...

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DEC 4TH - United Day of Action: Against Austerity.

26-11-2010 12:19

A call has gone out for a united day of action (students, workers, the unemployed, everyone) on Saturday Dec 4th.

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Anti repression demos 10th December

26-11-2010 09:45

Demonstrations so far organised for Human Rights Day 10th December 2010

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The Rise of North Yemeni Islamism in Birmingham

25-11-2010 23:14

One of the reasons generally given for the rise of extreme Islamism is the Arab defeat at the hands of Israel in 1967 in the six day war. It is theorised that, from this defeat (or Nakba as the Arabs refer to it), loomed the beginning of the end of Arab Nationalism and other, largely secular ideologies, which had hitherto led the struggle to liberate the Middle East from western domination and zionist colonialism. This defeat created the vacuum political Islamism has supposedly filled since..

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Royal Holloway Occupation a Success!

25-11-2010 17:45

After 48 hours the Royal Holloway Anti Cuts Alliance occupation has been a success - public management meetings in the pipeline!

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Irish Sighs - A Warning To Us All

25-11-2010 12:30

The Irish government's "Recovery Plan" is a recipe for poverty, misery and social crisis on a massive scale. It is also a recipe for "significant civil unrest", according to a warning from a prominent Irish trade union leader.

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Police entrapment on student demo in London 24.11.10

25-11-2010 12:02

Letter sent to the Guardian about the policing of the student protest in London

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DayX Spontaneous, massive and militant

25-11-2010 11:43

This is the striking thing. Yesterday's protest had almost no significant institutional backing whatsoever. It's been said, not quite accurately, that there was no left-wing organisation involved. I did see socialists, trade unionists and trade union banners present. To wit, I saw a Unison banner, I saw Billy Hayes of the CWU (looking a bit worried), I saw Right to Work and SWSS placards and stickers, and a few Socialist Worker paper sellers. I saw Socialist Students (that'll be the Socialist Party), and a few 'Revolution' flags. I saw people with loudspeakers who I'd seen at protests before, leading chants and so on. However, the majority of these protesters weren't actually mobilised by any union or party.

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Warwick University occupation ended

25-11-2010 11:05

In the face of extreamly repressive university policy this occupation has ended to re-group and plan further action.

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Demonstrate with Women Against the Cuts

25-11-2010 10:07

Demonstration Tuesday 30th of November, 5 - 7pm at the Treasury, Parliament Street, London (nearest tube Westminster).

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Sometimes to lose is in fact to WIN

25-11-2010 09:38

Lets change tactics