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Anti repression demos 10th December

The freedom bunny | 26.11.2010 09:45 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Repression | Social Struggles

Demonstrations so far organised for Human Rights Day 10th December 2010

Freedom to Protest demonstrations on 10th December 2010 to commemorate International Human Rights Day and Animal Rights Day.

Some of the demonstrations already planned for this day are as follows

12.00-15.00 New Scotland Yard 8-10 Broadway, London nearest tube St Jame’s Park. The National Coordinator of Domestic Extremism, the National Domestic Extremism Team and the National Public Order Intelligence Unit are based here on the 7th floor. They have files on 2000 activists and include all those who dare to protest against the abuse of humans, non humans, the weapons industry, the abuse of the environment and now student activists in their definition of “extremism”. High time then that this political police unit is focused on with a good demo. Please bring anti repression banners or indeed banners concerning your main focus of campaigning. After 15.00 the demonstration may become mobile, please prepare for this eventuality.

17.00- Sequani, Ledbury, Herefordshire. Sequani are a contract testing laboratory who test various substances ranging from tampons with analgesics in them to floor cleaner. West Mercia Police launched a violent assault on campaigners with raids in 2006 but despite spending £3 million failed in the end to prosecute the activists under SOCPA 145 due to the courage of the defendants in fighting a 4 month case in Crown Court. Meet at the gates.

16.00-18.00 Huntingdon Life Sciences Alconbury. HLS has been exposed on many occasions for gross cruelty, trivial experiments and incompetence. They test many products including GMOs and have links to Cargill, Shell, Bayer etc. Many who have fought against HLS have been imprisoned following a police operation which used conspiracy laws to try and silence SHAC, unsuccessfully I might add. For legal reasons please do not arrive earlier than 16.00 or later than 18.00. You will also have to park some distance away but can drop off other activists.

There will also be a mobile SHAC demo in London on the 10th December contact for further details

Other events will be taking place but why not organise your own over that weekend? Letter writing to prisoners of conscience, a demo outside the local immigration centre or prison, usual demo/action stuff it doesn’t matter. What does is the right to carry out our duty to stand up and question abuse and injustice and to jealously guard it from those who would take it from us.

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