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31-12-2004 00:12

A 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.3MB) and quick download (3.3MB). With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Russia, China, and Cuba.

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HELP! EveryDay AmeriCAN Heroes URgently Needed for Duty-Defending...

30-12-2004 22:00

wanted; heroes
Just Future & Constitutional Self-GOvernance
---TIME for All Concerned Citizens to report for Historic Duty and
STAND Up with courageous resolve & vigilance -For We are on-the-cusp of
redemption, my friends! Ballots? SchMallots! We NEED to Vote NOW,
with our voices, eyes,ears and feet in this New Year.
Get Ready for 1/3/05 to 1/6/05. Join
in this dynamic FLASH! SmartMob MoveMent in spirited Defense of
genuine Representative Democracy. The Law, the Future, common sense
and decency are ON Our Side. The PeopleUnited in exciting solidarity are ready to BRING IT ON!, to those who corrupt, mock and trivialize our Right to free, fair and VALID
Elections. Either-the B/C or K/E ticket OR the media is not authorized to accept
dirty elections on the people's behalf if it does not follow clean worldwide
standards. A studied, honest legal assessment shows the 2004Debacle to be
suspect, questionable, frustratingly problematic in its planning,
conduct and now-audit.
Since the CorpMedia has almost zilch credibility as an objective news
source it is the EveryDay People's duty to become and originate a
New Medium which breathes life, rarified air into the communications sphere.
DeCONtaminating the poisoned, polluted atmosphere of responsible
public discourse.Honoring the Public's right-to-know, efforts Conscientiously aimed at motivating, maturing and
moving Consensus Reality Forward-closing the Wisdom Gap.
Can't you see Boris, slyly
grinnin',(the raw exit poll data withheld inside his overcoat) smacking
his fist in his palm, threatening, "What part of, it's over, don't
you understand?" With Abu Gharib, Gitmo ethos prevalent & lurking, the shameful
media is acting much like an agressive interrogater, enforcer- foisting a fraudulent, sham election onto the MassPsyche, and to caring, FreeThinkers & justified Vote Defenders, akin to Psychological torture. First they tell us that it is the most important election
in our lifetime, then Andrew Card nervously, unilaterally calls the
election, in lieu of earned merit, for his boss. The media
doesn't study it, analyize it, or do their job and in a concerted campaign,
echo in unison-GET OVER IT. (remember Hussein capture? newspapers,
websites, networks, punditz-LIKE A RAT,Like a Rat, like a rat) Who gives the orders for these negative thought-spores?
THIS indocrination, chicanery, ridicule is obvious and THE ULTIMATE fear
and hopeless-based trauma
News org's spreading thought-viruses violate the BirthRight
freedom- Cognitive Liberty and the sovereignity of individuals
freedom to think independently,
fairly, honestly as sentient agents SEEKING the promotion of The
Good. Personally, I could give a hoot if the media doesn't care
about their own credibility or respect Words=Conduits of Spirit. I know where to find solid
information-but they are disturbing and stunting, brainwashing those who don't
have time or strength to discover different solutions that shine
light on hidden, nefarious motives, in effect selling short the Human Race, preventing
wisdom, growth and Delaying the Rennaissance!
Nevertheless, Intuition, word-of-mouth and heart-based gnosis IS very powerful
and contagioUS and shall overcome, their advantage of mass-produced reality bytes courtesy of Monopolies aggressively overwhelming dominance and destruction of
sacred Nature- in all it's forms. Adversely favoring profit OVER people,
machine OVER man, subterfuge OVER SunShine transparency- TRULY archaic modus-operandi for a successful species.
This post shares recent tough essays, VoterGate2004 artifacts, documents and
correspondence to emBOLDen and build your networks, flyers for
historic rallies and Hands-to-Work-Hearts-to-God HOMEmade,
protest=protect SIGNS* ENOUGH! No heavy-handed, top-down reality
control can stop this beautiful calling-WE know what happened and
we have to arREST this corruption-Democracy yearns to STAY UP past
it's bedTIME!

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Deception as progress

30-12-2004 15:09

Great Homer street Market to close.

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Circle Community Centre

29-12-2004 21:14

The Circle Community Centre at the old St.Georges Theatre 49 Tufnell Park Rd, London was occupied 3 months ago, as part of an ongoing campaign for urgent action on our critical environmental situation, which has been carried out in numerous squats for the last 12+years (ref. Agenda 21 from the Rio Earth Summit 1992).

Initially taken as an Earth Circus rehearsal space, it has now evolved into a Circle Community Centre. This old church has been a theatre for the last 32 years. However it has been left empty for the last four years and so over the last 3 months untold hard work from many volunteers has re-activated this theatre as a community space.

We were very happy to host the Indymedia benefit party, which was rammed with large queues, however with a bit of patience pretty much everyone got in.

This was an amazing event with top quality performers, especially The Rub Revolutionation, Fundamental, Unpeople, Planetman and the Internationalz , Angel and of course our street action favorites the Rhythms of Resistance who raised the roof with samba vibrations in the stunning acoustics of the hall. Big shout to all the Indymedia crews, Rampart possee, Mudge Peace Not War, the door crew/ stewards, caretakers of the centre, cleaners, recyclers, cafe crew, and you know who, all those volunteers to numerous to mention who keep these places running day in day out, big shout, big up yourselves.

We have video footage that will soon go up on the web , we need some more tech support with this. Especially a more powerful computer that can store more video. Also help to set up live streaming of some of our events.

Keeping the centre going is a constant mission, it is run voluntary on donations by an intrepid band of caretakers.

We need your help, come in and visit , there are many tings to do and many tings a go on.

Everyday caretaking, letting people in an showing them round on open hours, repairs and maintenance, cooking ,cleaning, office work, tech support, research, creativity, kids activities, running workshops and meetings, gardening and campaigning to save this community resource.

We especially need help opposing the change of use plans from theatre back into single denominational church.

The building is owned by the House on the Rock a Nigerian pentecostal church who have said they will allow it to be used for about 10 hours per week of community and theatre activities.

The planning committee is on Jan 18th any resident of Islington, Camden, Hackney or Haringay can send in their views online at or write a letter to Islington planning or lobby the Islington councilors.(details on our website)

We have an appeal court hearing which has already been adjourned till some point in the new year, at which we have a strong case for a license granted at an early meeting with house on the rocks.

However, this appeal case will probably be heard after Jan 18 and if the planning is not granted for change of use, then the building could be passed back to a community consortium who could compensate House on the Rock.

Meaning this historic theatre could be used by many wide and varied environmental and community groups for many years to come. There is already a St. Georges Development Trust who are a not for profit company who are campaigning to keep the building in the public domain.

This campaign is winnable if enough support is received over the next 2 months.

It's up to all of us! Take action for a brighter sustainable future.

Check out our cabarets every friday 8p.m-12 and our website

for more details


0207 6091283....

One Love from da Circle Community

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Grief, relief, and the stingy West

29-12-2004 18:38

Grief stricken survivors of the South Asian Tsunami
The slow response by the West to the tragedy in South Asia is another example of the White World's contempt for the Brown Planet.

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Gary Webb did not commit suicide, inform yourself about CIA drugs

29-12-2004 13:40

The corporate media is saying that Gary Webb committed suicide. Webb, the author of 'Dark Alliance', was a great North American writer. He exposed CIA drug trafficking in South Central Los Angeles that funded terrorism in Nicaragua during the 1980s. Question: How can you committ suicide with two bullets in the head? How relevant is CIA drug trafficking today?

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Residents to Get Id Cards Ahead of G8 Summit

28-12-2004 18:36

Children as young as eight living near Gleneagles will be issued with identity cards as part of a massive security operation ahead of next year’s G8 summit, it emerged today.

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Halton Borough's "Dick" Tregea UK's AmbASSador to the World!

28-12-2004 17:47

Halton 'Burrocrat' "Dick" Tregea has been recognized as jackass-of-the-year for his grief incompassion in relation to Peter Robinson's quest to honour the dying wish of his "lovely son", Sean by keeping two small solar lights on his grave. But "Dick" and his masters at Halton 'Burro' Council think not, citing concerns about "Blackpool illuminations."

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Anarchists attack police station in Greece

27-12-2004 22:11

The police station sustained heavy damages after the attack, which was an answer to the racist and brutal behaviour, the cops of this police station, displayed on Afghan refugees during the past weeks .

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The US are losing the war in Iraq, the occupation you dont get to hear!

26-12-2004 19:41

Here is an article that has been sent around and is quite clear what the US are doing in Iraq. This goes inline with what is happening in relation to the elections, with poling stations being based in schools - and have been blown up by the resistance.

Allot of people would like to tell you that the resistance is just the Bathist Party but it is infact allot bigger than just the Bathists.


All of this, along with the massacre in Fallujah and a decade long era of sanctions, that killed over one million children, for the "Democratic Parties" is a price worth paying - for a seat in the new Iraqi parliament.

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Yes, Kerry Won.

26-12-2004 15:57

If you haven't been following John Kerry closely, get ready to hear of surprising developments. The vote-defrauded, potential president-in-waiting has just indicated through his lawyer that the validity of George Bush's reelection is no longer a given.

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MALDIVES Emergency Latest Updates

26-12-2004 15:46

MALDIVES Latest Updates >>>
Dhivehi Observer

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ASF Africa social forum

26-12-2004 11:36

"The story of the poor goes round and round. But what about the story of the rich? The story not being told is that of
the beneficiaries of slavery and colonialism. The story of exploitation that put us into this dispensation, commodified our own life for profit. They divided and ruled. Can we unite and live? Can we unite for the world that will be our world? Let us rise up and begin to tell this story* of why they continue to be rich, continue to plunder." --

Wahu Kaara, Kenyan feminist activist speaking at the ASF opening plenary

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Gunning down rainforest protesters

25-12-2004 21:50

Corporate greed knows no bounds. Not content with destroying pristine rainforests in Tasmania, Gunns are threatening legal action against their critics in a crude attempt to silence them.

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Iraq Elections hits UK - Only Large numbers Call for Its Boycott!

25-12-2004 17:56

On Jan 30th, Iraqis from all over the UK will be voting for the first time, in an illegal election, that is not recognised by International law because it is a government that has been established by the USA which is also an occupying power within a country that is still at war.

In the UK, Iraqis are also going to be able to vote for fellow Iraqis, who also happen to be fellow British Citizens like Aiyad Allawi - the Prime Minister and through the process of democracy, they will be allowed to govern a foreign country.

Love or loath Saddam, atleast he had an Iraqi passport!

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23-12-2004 23:58

A 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.3MB) and quick download (3.3MB). With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, and Cuba.

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Call centers don't pay .....

23-12-2004 18:47

The callcenter Consatis GmbH in Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany (Tempelhofer Ufer 11, 10963) employs mainly English speaking foreign workers living in Berlin. The pay and conditions have steadily worsened and now employees must wait for up to 5 months for payment.

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The power of social forums: 3000 words on why we should fight for them

23-12-2004 17:42

"Once the logic of power is adopted, the struggle against power is already lost… for what is at issue in the revolutionary transformation of the world is not /whose/ power but the very existence of power." [Holloway / Peláez]

Throughout the ESF process, I kept on having this dark vision: the European Social Forum office in London as an encampment deep in the Congolese Jungle. Like the Heart of Darkness – Ken Livingstone a 21^st Century Kurtz. Picture him: lurking in shadow, brooding in the last rays of a blood red sunset, deep within his humid, plastic-plant-filled office. Picture him: at the end of a long, dark corridor lined with the heads of SWP members and GLA officials who displeased him…

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The Myth of a Divided America

23-12-2004 05:39

Throughout the year the protests continued
Censored protest activity in the U.S. from March thru Dec 2004. 59 million people are not that stupid, they are being censored.

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Schroders: Houseboat Family Banned Entry to Schroders International Boat Show

22-12-2004 14:57

Schroders A Family Protest
"The smash hit of the year is back! The 2005 Schroders London Boat Show in association with The Daily Telegraph at ExCeL in London's Docklands from 6th - 16th January offers everything the boating or watersport fan could dream of..." except for one Family, with five young daughters, who have been banned.........