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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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G8 and Data Protection Act Information requests

31-10-2005 14:18

I think it’s time to do Data Information Requests to the Scottish Police involved in the G8 supression - and to the National Public Order Intelligence Unit where gossip and tittle tattle is held on people suspected of expressing themselves

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UK's Heritage Watchdog performs u-turn for the corporate profit.

31-10-2005 13:04

Thornborough Henges
As suggested in IndyMedia last month, Tarmac Northern Ltd have been able to persuade English Heritage that corporate profit is more important that Britain's heritage. English Heritage have caved in on their insistence for a proper investigation and now only wish to see minimal investigation to avoid a total loss of face.

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Heathrow's Third Runway challenged by villagers.

30-10-2005 22:18

More than 250 people take to the streets
Picture a typical activist protest - DSEI, G8 or Critical Mass.
Blend in a movie with villagers, flaming torches and pitchforks.

Welcome to NOTRAG, No to the Third Runway Action Group,

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Saorsa Open Day Pictures and Report

30-10-2005 17:37

Glasgow Zapatista Mural

The Saorsa Open Day was a full success. The G42 Collective provided t-shirt printing facilities, film screenings, internet access, a rebel cafe and a friendly welcoming atmosphere on the first floor of 674 Pollockshaws Road in the south of Glasgow.

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SOS Allington Road - Residents made homeless next weekend

30-10-2005 15:40

The office Of The Deputy Prime Minister (ODMP) laid down the Decent Homes Standards to improve social housing by 2010, therefore directly benefiting communities. The flip side to this is the destruction of communities in Co-op run social housing. Council’s are repossessing all their properties, effectively making Co-op tenants homeless. Traditional social housing stock is disappearing, Co-ops are facing critical times.

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Kent Plod braced for gay wedding hate crimes

30-10-2005 12:59

A senior Kent plod has pledged to crack down on homophobia outbreaks surrounding same-sex partnership ceremonies when they begin in December. source: Kent on Sunday

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Familys of Police victims march in London.

29-10-2005 20:01

The wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children,
cousins, grandparents and friends of those who have died at the hands of
the British Police and legal system gathered in London today to remember
the dead.’
I have not bothered to caption the pics below as they speak for themselves.

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Bristol solidarity ride a success

29-10-2005 18:35

Around 200 cyclists and others answered the callout for a Halloween ride in Bristol on Friday night. The ride was held in solidarity with the reported clampdown on the 12 year-old monthly London critical mass ride, and to celebrate the sustainable culture & economics of cycling. The callout was issued by an ad hoc collection of individuals involved in peace, transport, climate change and anti-capitalist campaigns.

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Press Release: Class War Bonfire Night at London Fields, E8

29-10-2005 18:13

Burn Thatcher & Blair in effigy on 5 November in Hackney's London Fields

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New Crymlyb Burrows Incinerator Bankrupt!!

29-10-2005 17:43

Disater prone Incinerator goes bankrupt

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The Critical Mass flame comes to Gothenburg

29-10-2005 10:03

We were 24 glad cyclists who turned up in Gustaf Adolfs Torg in central Gothenburg to celebrate cycling and celebrate we did. Nothing in comparison to London’s thousands but still it was our first ride.

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MOINFO RE: PM Blair Served Subpoena by US Embassy Official in Valerie Plame Case

29-10-2005 01:26

On July 13th, England's Prime Minister Tony Blair was served a subpoena by US Embassy Officials in London, to answer questions in the Deaths of CIA Valerie Plame Agents Network & 1700 American Soldiers who have died in the Iraq War. US Attorney and Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald had the Subpoena served.

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Amazing turnout on "banned" critical mass

28-10-2005 22:47

View of just some of those at start
Despite their threats of critical mass being illegal, the cops were totally ridden over tonight. Amazing turnout of massers, must have been over a thousand? Well done to all the people who must have been networking very hard. The paltry 20 or so cops present were all on push bikes and could only "facilitate" in the most minor way. The haloween themed ride seemed to go pretty much where it wanted with no intervention - Trafalgar Square, Buck House, Victoria, several laps around Parliament Square with much banging and crashing from the now mobile samba band. I left everyone ranting outside Downing Street when my battery expired.

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ROAD TO NOWHERE, Campaign against the Norwich N25, MEETING TONIGHT

28-10-2005 15:26

Norwich No NDR meeting, this Friday 28 October 7.30, at the Garnet Wolsey PH, Market Place

The campaign against Norwich Northern Distributor Road, now known as "The Road to Nowhere" continues.

The next meeting of the "No N25" Campaign will be held at the Garnet Wolsey PH, Market Place, Norwich Friday 28 October 7.30.

All welcome to listen, contribute and help.

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Greece: Letter of anarchist prisoner Giorgos Kalaitzidis from prison

28-10-2005 10:43

Against the terrorlaw! Freedom to G.Kalaitzidis, P.Karasarinis, P.Aspiotis!
At the 7th of July G. Kalaitzidis and P. Karasarinis were arrested, having in possession broken pieces of police shields, taken away after an attack to a riot-patrol wagon. A few days later, P. Aspiotis was also arrested. Having exceeded the time limit of the "manifested guilt status" for 12hrs, the public prosecutor and the investigator overcharged them, by applying the harsh anti-terrorist law. Thus, through a procedure of juridical alchemy, the detainees stand as the scapegoats of 200 molotov blasts (specified as "explosive" instead of "inflammatory" material), as many as the total of the ones shot in Athens since 1998! The three detainees are kept in separate prisons (Koridalos, Amfissa, Nafplio).

The recent arrests and detentions-until-trial of Giorgos Kalaitzidis, Panagiotis Aspiotis and Petros Karasarinis according to the law for organized crime (terrorlaw) is an attempt of the repressive authorities to encircle the anarchist-antiauthoritarian space by legal means and to exterminate it by practical means. This will be a beginning of a generalised attack against everyone who resists, in society in general and among the workers more specifically. That's why this case doesn't concern only the anarchist-antiauthoritarian space but everyone who resists and criticizes the brutal enforcement of the dominance of the state, the crushing of individual and social rights, the rights of workers and immigrants.

The antiauthoritarian practices of extra-institutional action which attain rights and even more freedom for the social resistance in general, are criminalised through institutional adjustments and changes in legislation in order for the state to define the way of struggle of either the anarchist-antiauthoritarian space or the general antiglobalisation movement or even the workers.

Comrades, right now the environment of dominance in Europe wishes to demolish any kind of threat or potential threat. This is confirmed by the wave of arrests and raids in Italy and Spain. This fact together with the arrest of the three renders the space a target of multinational repression (which is already institutionalized) and the discussion about combating the new reality has to begin.

[please forward as widely as possible! the comrades are still imprisoned]

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Housing Association outrages locals in Bow

27-10-2005 20:38

RESPECT held a meeting in St Paul’s in Bow on Thursday (27 Oct) to discuss the sell-off of the freehold on local estates, the closure of a supermarket on Roman Road, and Anti-social behaviour (the latter didn’t get a look in).

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Twinning with Palestine

27-10-2005 20:22

The Twinning With Palestine Conference brought together people from all over Britain interested in making links with Palestinian people. This is a growing movement and out of the conference has come a network which will be linked together via a new website.

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Another 77 on 5 November 2005 !

27-10-2005 20:06

Through one of my contacts I was informed last Saturday that last Friday the US army, after initial skirmishes along the border with Syria, have actually invaded Syria.

This was confirmed later by 2 further contacts - one from Germany and another from the USA.

Remember when the US invaded Iraq, it came to light that they were already bombing strategic targets for quite a while before the official invasion, so it’s highly likely that a similar thing could be happening again.

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27-10-2005 17:09

Hppier times
Thousands of low paid workers are being made homeless by the implementation of John Prescott's Decent Homes Standards.

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Fasting in London as I visualise the hurricane of awareness.....

27-10-2005 16:56

"... I fast in urgency
overhearing cries of skint mothers homeless people groaning
I fast in London in the knowledge these people are not moaning
They are the makers of the manifesto for the next big event
I fast as I visualise the hurricane of awareness near each tent
of the neglected abandoned victims of the floods the quake