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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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African Socialist International (ASI) Takes Hold in East Africa

29-04-2009 18:11

Chernoh Alpha M. Bah speaks at the ASI East Africa Regional Conference
On April 9-10 African revolutionaries, progressives, individuals and groups met in Nairobi, Kenya to form the East Africa Regional Committee of the African Socialist International (ASI), a worldwide party uniting African workers to liberate Africa. The conference was the second in an international series of events that are putting the ASI on the ground throughout the world, with a goal to end the divisions created by the colonial imposed state borders and establish a single African nation, “from Cape to Cairo.”

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Venezuela: El Libertario warns of possible sentence to the 14 SIDOR workers

29-04-2009 17:09

Workers could be sentenced to jail
* After taking part in a demonstration for lack of job security in 2006, 14 workers of contractor “Transportes Camila de SIDOR” could be sentenced to 5 to 10 years in jail.

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Our Facebook page was shut down and the group page hacked by Hossam Eid.

29-04-2009 15:09

If anyone receives any silly messages from someone called Hossam Eid on the Stop Camden Animal Lab Facebook page [a fake admin called Hossam Eid] please ignore them & report the hacker. This is the latest in the saga surrounding this campaign by people trying to disrupt it. In a way I'm flattered that people are going to so much trouble. Thank you Hossam for your attention. Meanwhile "pig flu has taken over the world" and this shows why the lab is a mistake.

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Second attempt to remove Eric Tcheujoue

29-04-2009 10:56

Eric Tcheujoue
Eric Tcheujoue, a national of Cameroon, currently detained in Colnbrook IRC is due to be forcibly removed to Cameroon on Friday 1st May 2009 on 'Ethnic Charter flight' PVT002 at 01:00am. A previous attempt to remove Eric on Sunday 29th March was aborted when Eric refused to fly.

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Stop these inhumane 'Ethnic Charter Flights'

29-04-2009 10:53

"My daughter Stephanie who is in detention at Yarl's Wood has tried harming herself by incision on her wrist she is right now under suicide watch here at Yarl's Wood" Ubaka Kenneth Nwosem

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strike against genocide - today 29th april, westminster

28-04-2009 23:57

22 day hunger strike in parliament square
all day event in and around westmisnter. many people are gathering at noon, although it is an all day event. more support needed.

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Barcelona: Occupations and Demonstration

28-04-2009 22:18

News from the Barcelona Student Movement

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tamil tiger rally march newcastle saturday the 25th april

28-04-2009 21:16

a rally and march in support with the tamil tigrs took place in newcastle on the 25th

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Rob Williams shop steward at Ford Swansea sacked .. factory occupied

28-04-2009 19:55

Rob Williams, the Unite convenor of the Linamar car parts factory in Swansea and vice chair of the NSSN, was called into the directors' office of the plant on Tuesday 28 April and told that he was being sacked for "irretrievable breakdown of trust". This blatant victimisation of one of the leading left-wing shop steward activists in the car industry was met by an immediate production line walk-off by the day shift. They surrounded Rob's union office after management called in police to forcibly remove Rob from the building.

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World Day for Lab Animals March in Chile

28-04-2009 17:25

Saturday, 25th April: About 500 people marched in the centre of Santiago against vivisection. The march started with a performance that represented a person wounded by vivisectors, expressing how people and humans suffer and feel the same.

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Swansea union convenor sacked for supporting Ford/Visteon workers

28-04-2009 15:14

A union convenor at the Lindenmeyer Plant in Swansea, formerly owned by Ford Visteon has locked himself in his office after being sacked.

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Housing Benefit Fraud in Nottingham

28-04-2009 15:02

Nottingham City Council claim to be 'closing in' on fraudsters and have shelled out on a prime site advertising campaign in the city to tell us so.

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British government denounced by charities for neglect of the poor

28-04-2009 14:36

“Save the Children has launched hundreds of grants projects in developing countries to help children in crisis. The UK public generally believe there’s no need for this sort of crisis grant here, but today Save the Children is helping distribute money to families right on our doorsteps. If the Government can find money for the banks then why can’t it afford money for our children?”

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Capitalism and Public health

28-04-2009 14:17

The industrial production of disease in a globalised economy is the result of competing economic priorities. Efforts toward the privatisation of Water in Mexico and the Industrial Waste Habits of Multinational Swine Producers join up with cheap air travel to promote global ill health.

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Anarchist Prisoner Amadeu Casellas returns to Hunger Strike (Catalunya)

28-04-2009 07:06

(Amadeu Casellas has been locked up in Catalunya for over 22 years, and in that time he has been active in the struggles of prisoners of the Spanish State. He is currently being held for longer than the law permits, and last year carried out a 76 day hunger strike that ended with the prison authorities promising to begin his release process.)

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Ewa Jasiewicz - Free Gaza Movement - Brighton -Tue 28th April

28-04-2009 04:21

EWA Jasiewicz has been on the ground in Gaza since November, having arrived on the siege breaking Free Gaza boat. She has been working on ambulances and reporting the reality of lives under siege and under military assault.

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May Day Weekend at Next To Nowhere

27-04-2009 19:38

To mark International Workers' Day - a radical tradition which dates back to the 1886 Haymarket affair ( - the Liverpool Social Centre will be hosting a number of interesting events at 96A Bold Street.

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27-04-2009 16:33

A North Eastern event to warm your soul in Credit Curnched times.

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Mayday issue 3 launched for Mayday 2009

27-04-2009 13:42

Mayday magazine is focused upon providing high-quality contributions and practical and theoretical satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

We really do aim to produce some of the best working class practical theory and theoretical practice - Praxis for short.