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Our Facebook page was shut down and the group page hacked by Hossam Eid.

Stop Camden Animal Lab [Mandy Ford] | 29.04.2009 15:09 | Animal Liberation | Bio-technology | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

If anyone receives any silly messages from someone called Hossam Eid on the Stop Camden Animal Lab Facebook page [a fake admin called Hossam Eid] please ignore them & report the hacker. This is the latest in the saga surrounding this campaign by people trying to disrupt it. In a way I'm flattered that people are going to so much trouble. Thank you Hossam for your attention. Meanwhile "pig flu has taken over the world" and this shows why the lab is a mistake.

As swine flu is claiming lives all over the world attention is again drawn to the dangerous nature of the Camden Lab.
There are plans to build a high level virus containment facility and animal testing lab in Camden alongside St Pancras International behind the British Library. The lab could be level 3 facility which means that it could contain anthrax and bird flu. Foot and mouth disease was leaked into the water supply from similar govt facility Pirbright in Surrey.
The lab has been criticised by MI5, MPs, councillors and residents. It is backed by the UCL, MRC, CRUK and the Wellcome Trust.

Please sign the online govt petition at

To oppose planning permission contact Camden Council
Camden Town Hall
Judd Street

Hossam this includes you.

Stop Camden Animal Lab [Mandy Ford]
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- Homepage:


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