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Malema, music and murder

12-05-2010 11:52

The murder of Eugene Terre’Blanche a week after the Johannesburg High Court banned ANC Youth league president Julius Malema’s new found signature tune, Dubhul’ ibhunu (“shoot the Boer”) revealed beneath the racialised, legalistic and narrow-minded surface of the debate, important political currents at play.

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Athens protests and situation commentary

11-05-2010 22:02

A view of whats going down in Athens

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Athens - Syndagma 11-5-2010

11-05-2010 21:59

new apointmet tommorow


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Athens: death of a (riot) dog.

11-05-2010 19:50

A well known anarchist activist (of the canine kind), known as 'S@ns Papiers' , sadly passed away after dying of natural causes, following childbirth. She was founder of a group known as the Bl@ck Dogs, co-members were her puppies.

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Climate9 Public Campaign Launch May 20th, Word Power 43-45 West Nicolson Street,

11-05-2010 09:38

The Climate9
Last year 9 brave people broke into Aberdeen airport, closing the runway for several hours and preventing hundreds of tonnes of CO2 emissions. Unsurprisingly, the state decided to arrest them and take them to court. They have been hounded by undercover police, harrassed and needlessly stopped in the street, and are being called domestic terrorists. This summer, they'll be arguing in court that their duty to stop climate change is a valid defence... and they're looking for help.

The Climate9 will be launching their campaign on Thursday 20th May, between 6.30-8pm at WordPower Bookshop, 43-45 West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh. The evening features speakers from the Climate9 Defence Committee, details of the case and a chance to meet other activists and play mystery games. If you plan to come, please drop the Committee a line on or call 075351 47478. Don't forget to check out the shiny new website:

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GREECE . Political unrest spreads in football matches..

11-05-2010 09:31

Greece May 2010
The political unrest spreads to football .. in Greece
the crowd just before the beginning of the football match is shouting .." burn - burn the Parliament" , "thieves - thieves" ..

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There are to be more evictions in Zapatista areas; they warn that they will defe

10-05-2010 19:18

“We love the Earth; we work it, care for it, and protect it. For this reason, we are ready to defend it all costs.”

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Greece: the transnational elite’s “one way street”

10-05-2010 19:14

The tragic events at the fire-bombed bank, during the recent huge demonstration in Athens against the savage measures imposed by the transnational elite (an “unholy alliance” of the IMF and the EU), constitute neither a “murder,” as it was hurriedly declared by the permanently and blatantly lying leader of the parliamentary Junta that governs Greece today (G. Papandreou), nor a “provocation,” as the traditional Left permanently characterizes any event that it does not control. It was part of a popular counter-violence, within the logic of which it is unthinkable that it would aim at the death of oppressed employees (who had apparently been given a “work or strike” ultimatum by their boss forcing them, as it was reported, to work in a building with no fire safety arrangements and behind locked doors). It was an (obviously irresponsible) act clearly directed against property. Such acts aiming at the property of fundamental capitalist “symbolic institutions,” like a Bank, are far from rare in today’s insurrections at global level, constituting spontaneous popular counter-violence against the systemic (economic and physical) violence.

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Monkey Suits With Satin and Lace

09-05-2010 22:27

"Marry me, Bodie?"

"Eh?" He opened one eye and peered blearily down at Doyle lying sprawled across his chest, not sure he'd heard correctly.

"Marry me?" It was repeated so softly he barely caught it.

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paramilitary groups accused from KKE for the murderus attack to MARFIN BANK

09-05-2010 15:25

neofasist flag .. and shouting "burn the parliament"
The official news paper "Rizospastis" of the Communist party of Greece ( KKE) has accused paramilitary groups and undercover agents that had infiltrated the demonstration and with premeditated murderous attacks in 2-3 distinctive incidents..

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Free Black Panthers! (by Latuff)

09-05-2010 02:50

Free Black Panthers!
Cartoon I made for Black Panther Larry Pinkney, on behalf of Black Panther members jailed in US prisons.

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Britain's Election: Welcome to No Choice Democracy

07-05-2010 20:46

"This “no choice democracy” is being foisted on ordinary people everywhere, from North America to Europe. It is the other side of the prescription of “economic structural adjustment” that for decades was the “tough medicine” that international capital forced poverty-stricken nations to swallow. The “choice” it seems is: you can hold your nose while swallowing this, or you may not hold your nose. The British non-election of 2010 marks the nadir in western so-called liberal democracy in which “we the people” have pointedly no choice in how our societies are to be run. Because we are all Third Worlders now. Bankrupt politics in hand with bankrupt economics."

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Wnat a charade!

07-05-2010 18:57


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Economic Slash and Burn: Greece’s Deadly Austerity Measures

07-05-2010 17:39

"As the bloody drama was unfolding outside the Greek Parliament, various hands signed the papers that cut pensions and initiated tax hikes on fuel, cigarettes and alcohol. Civil service entitlements have been cut and pensions in the public sector frozen. The cuts are meant to trim a ballooning debt and save about $US45 billion over three years. But they have propelled the worst riots in years. And that, given the famous Greek record on street protest, is saying something. Not since 1991, where five people died in riots directed against the education bill, has Greece seen this."

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Black Cat Centre (Bath) Illegally Evicted

07-05-2010 14:55

The Black Cat, Bath, has sadly been evicted this morning from the Porter Butt building on London Road.

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UKBA sinks to new depths of inhumanity

07-05-2010 13:09

Nadia Arzane and Bashir Foris, Separated!

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Ballot booth sticker

07-05-2010 10:41

ballot booth
Feeling conflicted by the I'm an anarchist/but the chartists and suffragettes, dichotomy?- balence it out a bit with stickers.

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Anarchists in Hereford Egg the fash and disrupt the ballot count!

07-05-2010 09:20

Hereford anarchists where the main feature on local radio last night after they disrupted the ballot count to offer out the BNP candidate! one activists fully masked up and carrying an red and black flag entered the room full of hundreds of people shouting "come out John oliver you facist scumbag" and "show yourself you filthy nazi" only moments before Chris Gower the local organiser had glitter thrown in his face and the candidate John Oliver Recieved a egg to the front of his suit and a good kick to the back of his legs.
No parasan!
No Arrests Made!

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LAW & ORDER in Athens..

07-05-2010 08:06

they try to create unrest .. in peaceful demos..
Greek cops attacked a peaceful demonstration and a social centre for immigrants' rights at Tsamadou 13 street in Exarcheia, Athens, a self-organisation social centre at Zaimi street, and people's homes around the Exarcheia district.