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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Impact of Alternative Votes

17-06-2004 11:59

Evidence that "alternative" votes have had an impact.

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Detainees held in 'filthy' conditions, Lindholme, nr Doncaster

16-06-2004 20:44

The Guardian reports on the disgusting conditions which asylum seekers are held in in Lindholme Detention Centre, near Doncaster

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The Olympics of Repression

16-06-2004 17:27

As the August Athens Olympics are drawing closer- and with London looking to be the host city for 2012- some information needs to finally come out about the full scale repression and exploitation that is the Olympic Games.

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Good morning from Baghdad and beyond

16-06-2004 14:59

Good morning from Baghdad,

All oil exports from Iraq have been stopped. The “official” death count of U.S. troops has gone up to 835. Main stream press reports now openly admit that the majority of Iraqis want the U.S. out now. Failure, as it turns out is not only an option, it is the only option for imperialism in Iraq.

But beware. Bush and the neocons are now turning their sights on Venezuela. There they will employ “all means” to destroy that nation’s democracy and steal it’s natural resources. If they succeed they may well sack the entire planet. No serious progressive person of any stripe can afford to stand by on this one. Be informed and be active on this critical issue. Neither John Kerry or the NYTimes will ever help us out here.

After the Iraq war report please read the excellent piece from zmag on the situation is Venezuela and it’s significance. And be the media. Please share this news as widely as possible. Peace. Jamie

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New Occupied Social Centre - Brighton Bingo!! - Weekend Program of Events

16-06-2004 14:14

New Occupied Social Centre Open in Brighton this Thurs, Fri and Sat (17,18 & 19).

Huge old bingo hall taken at 193 Portland Road Hove.

Three days of talks, films, vegan food, chill out, infos and more.

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15-06-2004 17:55

My love is compassion.

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Hunger Strike against the Wall of Israel

15-06-2004 12:23


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republished infringement anti-fringe fest in montreal

15-06-2004 02:46

i read most of this and it seemed worth reposting! i remember when i was younger and festivals were not corporate sponsored. not that it is always a bad thing. sometimes the local council lends a hand etc.. etc.. it might help sometimes, but why should our communities in celebration become their advertising? and product testing grounds?

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East Anglia Social Forum - Next Gathering: Sat 3rd July. Ipswich.

14-06-2004 23:46

This will be between 1pm - 6pm, at the Friends Meeting House, 39 Fonnereau Rd, in the centre of Ipswich. Activist groups from across East Anglia - including Environmentalists, Trades Unionists, Peace Campaigners, Anti-racists and many more have begun to gather together to start a regional social forum process. The meeting in Ipswich will be an opportunity for more groups and individuals to get involved. For more info on East Anglia Social Forum:

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BNP in Epping Forest!

14-06-2004 09:58

(received by email)

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Talk and Film about the Israeli Wall

13-06-2004 11:08

5.00pm Sunday 13th: Talk & Film about the Israeli Wall @ Occupied Social Centre, Tufnell Pk, with Uri Ayalon, journalist and facilitator in the school of peace in
Neve-Shalom Wahat al-Salam.

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'Forgive Me, But...': A Nicaraguan Woman Reflects on Reagan's Death

12-06-2004 13:30

President Reagan's death brings back painful memories of the anti-Sandinista war.

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EU corruption

12-06-2004 12:27

Corruption in the EU makes the mafia look like a quiet family business.

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No G8 - not here, not anywhere!

11-06-2004 08:24

What about the next G8 meeting - in Gleneagles in Scotland?

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"Anarchist Group's Gleneagles Website Exclusive!"*

11-06-2004 00:10

Proposed G-Hate Blocks - UK 2005 Gleneagles, Scotland:

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Gay Rights leader murdered and mutilated in Kingston

10-06-2004 20:38

Jamaican Gay Leader Murdered. Jamaican PM urged: combat homophobic violence. OutRage! condemns the murder of Brian Williamson, a leading human rights campaigner in Jamaica and a founder of J-FLAG.

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May London Calling

10-06-2004 15:50

monthly bulletin of london class war

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G8 Street Theater in Cambridge

10-06-2004 13:33

The Man
A stall and street theater in Cambridge against the G8.