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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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University of Manchester falls again in Guardian rankings

10-06-2010 00:36

For the second consecutive year the University of Manchester has fallen in the Guardian’s league table of satisfaction levels among undergraduates.

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Action for Gaza bank and motorway shut Bristol city centre

09-06-2010 19:35

Just had this report phoned in more to follow I'm sure.

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Women against the EDL to protest in Tower Hamlets June 20th 2010.

09-06-2010 16:17

Women against fascism will be opposing the EDL on 20th June 2010 in Tower Hamlets. The racist thugs & football hooligans of the [EDL] are trying to provoke young Muslim men into a violent response by marching on East London Mosque in Whitechapel and threatening to march on Brick Lane. Women will oppose the EDL on June 20th as we are against violence and want peace for Tower Hamlets.

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London's gay art festival announced the names of selectors

09-06-2010 12:29

GFEST – Gaywise FESTival has announced the judging panel who will select all the entries for this year's festival.

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Information on the 2010 World Cup

09-06-2010 11:06

Extensive archive of World Cup 2010 related material including: News, Analysis, research papers films & other multimedia
see also our Analysis,40 & Newswire,27 Pages

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19 Political Prisoners Executed in Iran in Advance of One-Year Anniversary of Ir

09-06-2010 01:30

The Islamic Republic of Iran has instigated another round of mass executions in an effort to terrorise the Iranian people in advance of the one-year anniversary of the ongoing Iranian uprising, June 12.

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update on the caravan directed to San Juan Copala

08-06-2010 21:04

links to the timeline of the caravan directed to Copala

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caravan to Copala - proceedings

08-06-2010 17:25

the solidarity caravan is in the road to San Juan Copala

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Anti-capitalists attack in Bristol - liberation for Palestine, and not only.

08-06-2010 15:25

Last night, a group of individuals decided to turn their anger into action - striking a number of targets on Whiteladies Road. The list is this:
HSBC bank, windows smashed with hammers, red paint thrown inside
Morgan Beddoe estate agent, every window smashed in reach and damage to door
Conservative Party office just off Whiteladies Road, window smashed
Territorial Army, windscreens smashed on their civilian vehicles in the car park.

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What do we need to learn from capitalists?

08-06-2010 14:54

Activist authors such as Derrick Jensen remind us that by any objective measure, the environmental movement has been a failure. The past forty years have seen an increasing rate of destruction of the living planet despite increasing awareness of the problems has grown. We may have been trying hard, but we have been losing harder. Perhaps it's time to ask how our opponents learned to be so successful?

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A Call To Boycott Israeli Products

08-06-2010 09:48

In the wake of Israel’s deadly raid on unarmed peace activists and its continued blockade of Gaza the time has come to express international indignation by a citizens’ boycott of Israeli goods.
For years it has been obvious no western government has the political courage to impose official sanctions on Israeli products and that the United States, virtually ruled by pro-Israeli interests and bureaucrats, is unlikely to punish, even admonish, a country converted into America’s Middle East fortress and financed to a great extent by Jewish interests in the USA.

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Mavi Marmara : On cowardice and violence

07-06-2010 21:00

Copied from Well worth reading:

Reflections by a Former US Marine on the Mavi Marmara

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The most perilous nuclear arsenal in the world:Israel invites the world torevolt

06-06-2010 20:38

Israel's weapons of mass destruction
Over the past 60 years, the racist regime of Israel has been continually scoffing the international community under the cover of "deliberate ambiguity" to develop one of the most perilous nuclear arsenals in the world.

According to the Federation of American Scientists, Israel possesses more than 200 nuclear warheads which are simply adequate to evaporate the whole world in a matter of moments.

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Stitching It Up In Secret: Elitists' Bilderberg Conference in Spain

05-06-2010 19:48

Guardian's Charlie Skelton reports from super elite - super secret conference near Barcelona in Spain.
Founder Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands' close links to the Nazi SS.

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Dissident Island Radio - download the show!

05-06-2010 17:58

what would you do if you had a mic?
Listen to last night's dissident island radio show...

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video madrid-merthyr2mayo caravan solidarity event shells prisoners Castlerae

05-06-2010 15:27

the bike caravan stops by castlerae prison in ireland where 2 protestors, pat and neill serve their time for daring to opose Shell and the government.

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Detailed Compiled Eyewitness Accounts Confirm Cold-Blooded Murder and Executions

04-06-2010 22:53

After carefully studying the eyewitness accounts, it can be concluded that "the fighting" on the Gaza Peace Flotilla between heavily armed Israeli commandos and unarmed civilians was deliberately instigated by the Israeli military.

The actions of the Israeli commandos ordered by the Israeli government were characterized by cold-blooded murder and executions. According to testimony of the passengers, individuals who surrendered were killed, while a white flag was flying. Because some activists in critical condition were refused aid by the Israelis, they also died.

Confronted by the Israeli commandos, the civilian passengers were involved in desperate acts of self-defence, to protect their lives after fellow passengers had already been killed by Israeli sniper fire. The Israeli commandos, through their actions, deliberately triggered these acts of self-defence, with a view to demonizing the passengers and justifying Israeli brutality.

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Tomorrows march against israel! MASK UP!!

04-06-2010 21:53

Saturday 5 June • Gaza Flotilla March • End the Siege of Gaza: Freedom for Palestine
Assemble Downing Street • London • 1.30pm • March to the Israeli Embassy

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The Left and the crisis in Germany

04-06-2010 15:00

An interesting call for an anticapitalist block for the na­tio­nal de­mons­tra­ti­on on the eco­no­mic cri­sis! on June 12th, 2010 | 12h | Rotes Rat­haus in Ber­lin (Germany). Its time to connect - in europe and worldwide.

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Around the Campaigns Friday 4th June 2010

04-06-2010 07:04

Jonathan Kazembe is Here to Stay
Immigration: Detention of Children
My Lords, I am grateful to the Minister for that reply, and I welcome her to her new high ministerial office and wish her well for the future. When does she expect to be able to end child detention for immigration purposes? Does she not agree that it would be a signal success for the new Government if there could be an early announcement that ended the practice? Is there any chance of her being able to do that sensibly before the House rises for the Summer Recess?
House of Lords / 2 Jun 2010 : Column 252