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Anti-capitalists attack in Bristol - liberation for Palestine, and not only.

Jess Ter | 08.06.2010 15:25 | Flotilla to Gaza | Anti-militarism | Palestine | Social Struggles

Last night, a group of individuals decided to turn their anger into action - striking a number of targets on Whiteladies Road. The list is this:
HSBC bank, windows smashed with hammers, red paint thrown inside
Morgan Beddoe estate agent, every window smashed in reach and damage to door
Conservative Party office just off Whiteladies Road, window smashed
Territorial Army, windscreens smashed on their civilian vehicles in the car park.

These attacks responded to the recent murders on the aid boat at the hands of the Israeli armed forces which has hit such huge news recently (perhaps because some victims this time are white children of the Western middle classes, as opposed to the routine deaths that pass unmarked by the media on a daily basis in Palestine and for that matter everywhere else) - but this is also our own trajectory in the over-due counter-offensive against the colonisation of our lives by capitalism right here. Solidarity is best when it serves to extend your own struggle in compliment of anothers. This action was simple, required little planning and no expertise, hit our enemies directly and was more uplifting than any containted demonstration we have witnessed in recent time.

For many the choice of targets may speak for itself - banks being well known locally in their recent glut of reccession and repossession, besides being an integral part of the systematic economic exploitation that this world is currently based on, and of course HSBC specifically bank-rollers of the Israeli state's regime of terror. Estate agents, fronting the gentrification and driving those who cannot afford their dream further out in the age-old class war. Politicians, whatever their claims and colors, claim power over us all to repress, rule and further their own corrupt aims. Armed forces, to back them up whenever they chose to extend their influence or crush dissent.

Let us not forget the prisoners of the Gaza demonstrations of January 2009, incarcerated for bringing militant popular struggle back on the agenda in the anti-occupation movement.

Let us not forget all the prisoners, from Greece to the U.S.A, who realised that attack is the best way out of this social prison and took action accordingly.

For a world without money, private property, politics and occupation.

Jess Ter


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