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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Pride - The Real Rainbow

07-06-2005 14:17

Caroline and Joe enjoy the carnival fun
For Peter Thatchell and all those who constantly think faith is the arch enemy of the LGBT community - This is Brum Pride. Use text/images freely. Images: Adam Yosef

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G8 2005: Why Are People Protesting?

07-06-2005 02:52

Tony Blair recently said "it would be very odd if people came to protest against this G8... I don’t quite know what they’ll be protesting against" - a comment that underlies the way that the UK Government has been working to paint the G8 as a progressive force for good when it comes to tackling Climate Change, Poverty and Debt.

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G8 Fiction and Fact - 2004 Intro to G8 Failures

07-06-2005 01:49

Copy of 50 years is Enough G8 Briefing pre 2004 Summit:

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06-06-2005 20:53

A VAST swathe of Wentwood Forest is up for sale, sparking fears that it could be lost to commercial timber companies.

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Sail 8

06-06-2005 17:20

Bob Geldof has called for a modern-day Dunkirk, sailors to sail to France and bring across protestors for Edinburgh.

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Gays in N.I. under siege as attacks soar

06-06-2005 15:55

gay & lesbian people are under 'siege' as homophobic attacks (seen as a 'respectable prejudice' in the province) soar.

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Major firms hit back at BA ban over animal testing

06-06-2005 15:51

Major firms- incl' Smithklineglaxo , are hitting back at BA's ban on animal testing flights...

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Waitrose to pay SA farmers better...

06-06-2005 15:47

Supermarket chain Waitrose says it will pay it's supplier famers in South Africa more out of profits and not increase the cost to shoppers here.

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Bob Geldof and Live 8

06-06-2005 14:56

Bob Geldof has come in for a lot of criticism for launching Live 8 to coincide with the G8 Summit at Gleneagles in Scotland. Is the criticism justified or fair?

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UK Women Terrorised by Israel

06-06-2005 08:59

5 of the 6 women deported from Israel
Article about six women from Birmingham who have been deported from Israel for supporting Palestinian communities.
Please use text and images freely but do acknowledge to Adam Yosef/Urban Media if possible. Thanks.

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Fundraiser for Magonista Radio at the Plough, Bristol

05-06-2005 22:18

Thursday 9th of June at The Plough in Easton, Bristol, there will be a showing of 2 films made by the Magonistas, and performances by Spanner, Band 6 and several DJs to raise awareness and funds for a Magonista radio station in Oaxaca, Mexico..please show your support!

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Developing G8 Protests - G8Alternatives + Live8 - First Day of G8 Summit

05-06-2005 14:30

It's all happening!

Very quick update on recent protest news re 1st day of the G8 Summit.

Amidst the frenzy around Ure and Geldof the other protests are lacking media coverage, not least the calls by groups to blockade the G8 Summit itself.

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Brazilian Carnival Party for the MST - June 11th

05-06-2005 09:20


For the eve of the Cowley Road Carnival, Brazil Solidarity presents a full-on Brazilian festa.

East Oxford Community Centre, Cowley Road and Princes St

Saturday June 11th - 8pm-1am

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Bob the martyr

04-06-2005 15:27

Does Geldof want to make poverty History or,
Does Geldof want to make poverty His story?

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Your saturday night sorted

03-06-2005 21:39

Benefit event at the rampART this saturday 4.6.'05 for the one year anniversary of the arrests in Guadalajara in mexico by the London Zapatista Support group with Live music food and drink.

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G8 film extravaganza london

03-06-2005 20:37

london rising tide presents a night of free films about G8 mobilisations past and present

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ANTI-G8 benefit Gig in Sheffield June 12th

03-06-2005 19:14

An anti-G8 benefit gig featuring live bands, Beyond TV, TrolleyD Soundsystem. All money made will go towards anti-G8 actions in Sheffield and Scotland.

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Simon Jones Memorial Campaign DVD (with George Galloway+actions) now available

03-06-2005 16:04

"No matter how many times I see it, this video remains one of the most powerful pieces of film-making I've ever seen" Libby Brooks, The Guardian

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BBC reveals torture of gay Palestinians

03-06-2005 12:32

Hamas and Islamic Jihad murder queers
Palestinian Authority jails and tortures LGBTs
Gay Palestinians appeal for international solidarity

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Defend the Right to Prostest - EDO 8 Arrests Update

03-06-2005 12:29

8 people were arrested as police displayed vicious brutality at the first demo since the waterdown injuction was passed ouside the EDO arms factory in Brighton. EDO produces bomb releases mechanisms for fighter jets used to bomb Iraq.