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Hollman Morris to edge in a new era for journalism in Latin America

08-05-2011 17:45

Award-winning Colombian journalist Hollman Morris is using social networking sites such as 'Twitter', 'Facebook' and 'YouTube' in an attempt to self-finance his investigative reporting program 'Contravia'.

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IMHRO: 9 people executed in Ahwaz: 2 died under torture: Western English Media s

08-05-2011 16:11

Following recent peaceful demonstration in Ahwaz death toll rise to more than 60 people, 9 young men executed in city of Ahwaz and 2 died under torture by Iranian intelligence service. Sources inside al- Ahwaz told the names of those who killed as following:

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May Day Demo in Colombia - riots

08-05-2011 15:22

May Day Demo in Colombia - riots

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Birmingham: May Day International Worker's day

07-05-2011 19:11

May Day march in Birmingham
Today there was a demonstration called by Birmingham Trades Union Council to celebrate May Day— International Workers Day.

May Day celebrates International Workers Day and is marked traditionally when the Trade Union Movement gathers with the community to celebrate our achievements and to commit ourselves to achieving economic and social justice for all.

Birmingham TUC worked together with Birmingham Against the Cuts and invited trades unionists, students and the public to join this demonstration to stop the cuts and fight for an alternative based on our needs, not bankers greed!

DPAC was there with our stall and banner at the start at St Philips Cathedral – we were to march through part of the city centre to Victoria Sq where there were speeches. I joined Matt, Linda and Paul there to hand out leaflets and chat to the people there. It was a lively crowd and people seemed genuinely interested to stop and chat and to take up handouts. There was a UKuncut group dressed up in white body suits with black tipped markings – they said the body stockings were what the UKuncut people (Fortnum and Mason Solidarity Bloc) had to wear after the Fortnum and Mason event in London, 26th march. Next to our stall was the Confronting Anti Muslim Hatred stall. There was also an anti war stall.

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Revolutionary Anarchist International Platform

07-05-2011 18:50

Revolutionary Anarchist International Platform

The Anarchist Popular Union of Brazil, and the Revolutionary Anarchist Popular Organization from Mexico, presents the Revolutionary Anarchist International Platform, wich is an international call claiming for the union of the revolutionary anarchist of the world on the base of the Bakuninism. (document can be readed in this time only in spanish and portuguese.brasil, english and frensh translations will pe published in a few days)

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The phony anti-war movement

07-05-2011 16:07

The U.S. anti-war movement was always a lot less than it appeared to be. At its height, activists claimed that the sheer weight of visible public opinion would shake power relationships to the very foundation. But it turned out that many of the anti-war legions were actually comprised of partisan Democrats who only opposed Republican wars. “For the phony anti-warrior, imperialism with a Democratic face, is just fine.”

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Braindead Fascist EDL Bozos To Protest At Chorley Comedy Gig

07-05-2011 12:54

This sounds like a wind-up, but sadly it's true. Proving once and for all that they are fascist as well as thick as two short planks, the infernal idiots of the English Defence League are going to protest against comedian Russell Howard for daring to tell a joke against the EDL. Their hero Adolf Hitler burnt books, and yet the so-called "free-speech loving" EDLers want free reign to tweet vile racist jokes around the net, but when someone dares to put the boot on the other foot, the EDL show their true fascist censorship colours.

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Loot Cabot Circus! (17th May 2011)

06-05-2011 14:14

In a spooky turn of events Bristols local witch community, thought to number several hundred, appear to be mobilising on a different level against the local and national spending cuts which are decimating local jobs, services and benefits

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Glos Eco-village Camping trip!

06-05-2011 13:44

The Gloucestershire eco-village group will be meeting for a weekend of camping, live music, swimming in the river, and relaxing around the campfire- debating how we might go about resolving the complex, seemingly insurmountable problems we all face. Whilst enjoy the sun, and each others company amongst the natural splendour and beauty of the forest of dean, gloucestershire.

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Social Centre Plus 1 in Deptford evicted this morning

06-05-2011 11:58

Social Centre Plus 1, the originally occupied Job Centre site on 122 Deptford High St, was finally evicted this morning by a group of bailiff thugs from Locksbury Services backed up by around 10 police officers.

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Demo in support of Syrian protestors - Brighton 6.30pm tonight

06-05-2011 09:47

Meet at Old Steine War Memorial Friday May 6 (6.30pm)

After Friday prayers more Syrian protestors will be putting their lives on the line protesting against a hideous dictatorship and regime.

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Diadromi Eleftherias issue # 105

05-05-2011 18:21

New issue of greek anarchist monthly newspaper Diadromi Eleftherias

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Barcelona: A Combative May Day Regained

05-05-2011 15:35

Barcelona: A Combative May Day Regained

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Video: may day demo in Germany (Riots)

05-05-2011 13:59

may day demo i Germany (Riots)

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Thousands of militant workers march for higher pay in the Philippines

05-05-2011 12:42

Manila, Philippines - Thousands of workers led by the Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL) and its allied organizations converged in key cities on Labor Day to reiterate their demand for better wages, improved economy, jobs, security of tenure for workers and an end to demolition of squatter shanties.

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Brief Report about Revolutionary May 1st (Germany)

05-05-2011 12:14

Brief Report about Revolutionary May 1st (Germany)

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Greece: Murderer cop Korkoneas beaten up again by anarchist in prison

05-05-2011 11:56

Greece: Murderer cop Korkoneas beaten up again by anarchist