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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Anti-Workfare Protest at Grayling’s Conference - Monday!

23-03-2012 18:15

Monday 26th March, Meet 9am at Centrepoint, Tottenham Court Road, London. Or come along at 10.30am to pay a visit to local workfare providers!

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NO TAV – Juan’s communiqué from the prison of Trento (Italy)

22-03-2012 19:52

communique from Juan Sorroche Fernandez, anarchist prisoner of the No TAV (high speed rail) struggle in Italy, re-posted from

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IPC Preliminary meeting slammed as a shambles

22-03-2012 15:03

Queue for the IPC Preliminary Meeting
Report from the Sham Infrastructure Planning Commission process which began yesterday

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Van Zellers Caught Selling Foie Gras Again !!!

22-03-2012 02:31

Ohh deary me it appears that our fine friend tom van zellers has decided to start selling foie gras again much to the anger of local and national campaigners

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Anti-Prison Gathering

21-03-2012 15:59

An Anti-Prison Gathering 2012.

We are organising this gathering not with the intention of forming another organisation which will stagger and fall almost immediately. But in order for those of us of an anti-state and anti-capitalist position towards the prison society may for share our experiences and understandings of the current situation.

If you're coming it'd be grand if you could email us so we know how many to cook for., Crash space is available on Friday and Saturday night.

Timetable to be announced in the coming weeks.

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22/03/12 Soli Demo with Elba Squatters, London

21-03-2012 14:27

Polish Embassy, 47 Portland Place, London W1B

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Squatban to go to third reading in Lords

21-03-2012 13:22

The farce of democracy continues with the discussion of criminalisation of squatting in
residential buildings going to a third reading in the House of Lords, still without a real
discussion of what it will involve

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Chile: Report on Tortuga’s prison conditions

21-03-2012 10:29

from vivalaanarquia, translated by waronsociety:

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Germany: Solidarity fire for Tortuga in Berlin

21-03-2012 09:48

Germany: Solidarity fire for Tortuga in Berlin

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Penny drops for local authority as IPC process begins

21-03-2012 01:19

over 1,000 protestors outside the gates of Hinkley Point
The following is a press release about the first undemocratic Infrastrucutre Planning Commission meeting to deal with the government plans for new nuclear build in the UK, radical changes have been introduced to the planning system to force through unwanted infrastructure by gagging communities opposed to such developments.

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Open Fitwatch meeting

20-03-2012 22:03

We at Fitwatch have been a bit quiet recently – but we are leaping back into life with an open meeting on Sunday 25th March, 1pm at LARC.

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Bristol: March 21st: Solidarity demo for Luciano Tortuga

20-03-2012 16:50

Bristol: March 21st: Solidarity demo for Luciano Tortuga
Meet 11:30AM outside Bristol Central Library

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The Tribulation Of The Innocent Cows Part I

20-03-2012 15:27

Stop The Slaughter, Stop The Abbatoir, Free The Cows and Free The People Of Palestine...

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Greece, Athens: Antifascist demo (photos)

20-03-2012 09:37

Greece, Athens: Antifascist demo

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Koodankulam Anti - Nuclear Struggle

19-03-2012 23:47

We look forward communities with humanist concerns, working at National and International levels to raise their voices in support of the protestors who have dared to brave formidable state machinery against all odds, upholding democratic traditions.

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Don't Mourn The NHS - Organise To Save It!

19-03-2012 20:34

Kids at a Newcastle vigil, but vigils achieve nothing in practical term
Well, it's practically a done deal. The parliamentary parlour games are nearly over, and the government has almost had its wicked way with us all, dealing a horrible blow to the NHS. The Tories will be jubilant, because they've gone a long way to realising their no doubt childhood dreams of breaking up what Americans call 'socialised medicine'. Labour will secretly be pleased that by delaying the inevitable for one day they've been able to strike an absurd pose as 'the party of the NHS' six weeks before council elections, even though Andy Burnham himself accelerated its privatisation when he was in the ministerial position he is now shadowing. And the Lib Dems have earned their coalition corn by continuing their filthy role as apologists for the largest assault on the UK working class in living memory.

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Bristol: Solidarity Demo for Luciano Tortuga, 21/03/12

19-03-2012 13:13


Meet 11:30AM outside Bristol Central Library

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Chile: riots after the student march (photos)

19-03-2012 12:19

Chile: Clashes and riots after the first student march since the beginning of classes in Santiago