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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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What can No Borders and solidarity campaigns acheive?

23-07-2009 16:27

that NB and similar campaigns do nothing for migrants and do a dis-service to the rest of us

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Vestas Sit In - Photos

23-07-2009 11:37

About 25 workers are still inside the Vestas factory near Newport on the Isle of Wight as the sit-in entered its forth day.

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Cambridge Activists slow down Tesco's Building work

22-07-2009 22:55

Cambridge activists sabotage machinery in a bid to slow down the building work of a new Tescos's on Mill Road

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This Might Be A New Revolution!

22-07-2009 17:39

Protests continues in Tehran and major cities for more than 5 weeks
The reality is that after 20th of June massacre 2009 the time of hope in reform has come to an end.the only hope the fearful heads of the regime have now is the lack of revolutionary forces on the ground and the low level of public awareness which has been caused by years of repression and censorship.

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Demo at St Pancras station for Migrants in Calais

22-07-2009 17:38

Demonstration held to highlight migrant situation in Calais.

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Sink or Swim? Save Our Community Swimming Pools!

22-07-2009 13:46

Banner drop from the closed Sparkhill Pool and Fitness Centre
On Monday 13th July, people from Sparkhill and Balsall Heath displayed banners, and encouraged local residents to sign petitions to keep their community swimming pools open. They aim to send a message to Birmingham City Council that they must direct their financial resources to repairing community pools, so that people can learn to swim.

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Honduras: Anti-Chavez ‘free speech’ warriors linked to coup

22-07-2009 12:07

"So why are these free speech crusaders so soft on the coup regime in Honduras?

Probably because IAPA representatives in Honduras have been central to the coup.

For instance, Roberto Micheletti, who was installed by the coup as de facto president, is the owner of various companies, including the newspaper La Tribuna.

One of his associates at the newspaper is Edgardo Dumas Rodriguez, a Honduran representative to the IAPA. "

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NCADC News Service Wednesday 22nd July 2009

22-07-2009 07:38

UNHCR Eligibility Guidelines for Assessing the International Protection Needs of Asylum-Seekers from Afghanistan July 2009

Who Will Read This Report? It has an anodyne sounding name but reveals more about Afghanistan than all the spin put out by military strategists and refugee haters. ?

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France’s CGT union: doing the immigration police’s dirty work

21-07-2009 23:52

Winter 1980-81 in France saw the French Communist Party (PCF) use its municipal power to attack immigrants in Paris, with the Vitry-sur-Seine council organising bulldozers to stop the construction of a hostel for 300 workers from Mali (therefore leaving them homeless) and leading member Robert Hue, mayor of Montigny-lès-Cormeilles, leading a march against immigrants he had labelled “drug traffickers”. Now again in 2009 the chauvinism of France’s institutional left has reared its ugly head.

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Vestas Occupation - Tuesday reports - cops and food!

21-07-2009 20:36

Here are some reports of today's activities at the occupied wind-turbine blade factroy in Newport on the Isle of Wight. There has been an amazing amount of quick and dynamic solidarity shown with those in occupation but more is always needed. Today the cops entered the site and also stopped food from being delivered to the occupiers.

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Peter Tierney faces court date for assaulting anti-fascists

21-07-2009 10:48

Peter Tierney immediately after release in April
On St George's Day, Liverpool BNP activist Peter Tierney assaulted anti-fascists in Liverpool City Centre. Yesterday, despite trying to accuse his victims of the crime, he faced his bail and will face assault charges in court.

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Update from Calais

21-07-2009 08:45

* Tuesday July 2009 (9:20 am)

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North-West NO2ID Meeting for Union Representatives

21-07-2009 00:18

Manchester NO2ID Logo
Despite Government spin, the National Identity Scheme is still very much active. Compulsory enrolment on the National Identity Register is still going ahead, regardless of whether people carry an identity card or not.

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The Height of Judicial Corruption in the UK's High Court

20-07-2009 21:15

LORD JUSTICE THOMAS instructed the prison authorities holding Mr. Grant not to produce him for his Habeas Corpus application hearing before him tomorrow morning.

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Democra-Phobia: Fear of Citizen Power in Honduras

20-07-2009 18:59

“If, as now appears not impossible, the Honduran Coup can be defeated by the large majority of ordinary people largely independently of the actions of the governments, that would be a greater victory for popular struggles than any other sequence of events.”
That is the authentic story from Honduras: the story written by its own people, from below.
And that’s why the “talks” in Costa Rica were a circus sideshow.
From here on out, it’s all about “Citizen Power,” the immediate history of the steps the people of Honduras take to organize their own freedom and a more authentic democracy. That’s been our focus here for the past month. And it will continue to be the central thrust of our reporting.
Update: Here's an important development in international solidarity with the popular movements of Honduras:
The International Transport Workers Federation has called upon its four-and-a-half million members in 656 labor unions worldwide (it includes Longshoremen, Teamsters and Seafarers among other union sectors in the US and throughout the world) to refuse to load or unload products from the 650 merchant ships that are registered under the Honduran flag for as long as the coup regime is in place."

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Direct Action; Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, Mexico & Australia

20-07-2009 17:59

15th-20th July

40 HENS LIBERATED (Netherlands)

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Out of sight, out of mind ~ Experiences of immigration detention in the UK

20-07-2009 10:51

A new report ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ released today by detainee rights charity Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) reveals the unacceptable human cost of indefinite immigration detention in the UK and calls on the government to halt its plans to increase detention capacity.

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What happened to the summer of rage?

20-07-2009 10:24

Sorry for the repost but thought people might be interested in this article. We would also like to open debate on this so leave a comment on the Last Hours site.

Earlier in the year it seemed to be accepted almost as fact that this summer would see waves of unrest and street riots. But half way through summer none have happened. Peter Hogan takes a brief overview of the reasons why people haven’t come out onto the street in any great numbers.

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Honduras: Zelaya llama a la insurrección

20-07-2009 09:48

Es el futuro de los trabajadores, de los pueblos de Centroamérica y América Latina el que se encuentra en juego en esta batalla decisiva en Honduras.

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Around the Campaigns Monday 20th July 2009

20-07-2009 05:57

Iloba Family: Hopeful smiles from behind the barbed wire fence
From behind the 20ft walls of Yarl’s Wood immigration detention centre, there is not much view of the outside world. For the Iloba family who, after five years in the UK, were bundled into the back of a van to be deported, there is also little to view for the future. Betty Iloba and her children, Toby (18), Saskia (17), and Emmanuel (14), spoke of how they were sent to the UK by their policeman father, who feared for their lives, just months before he himself was killed.