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Arna's Children Film Showing about life in a Jenin Refugee Camp. Also Fundraiser

05-05-2006 13:02

On Monday Night at Manchester University we are showing the award-winning 'Arna's Children' - important first of all as a vivid and powerful portrayal of life under occupation for the Palestinians in the Middle East and the way bright, good natured kids can without hope turn to extremism. It's also the inspiring story of Jewish Israeli Arna Mer Khamis, and her endeavours to bring some light to those kids through a children's theatre. We’ll be raising money for the new childrens theatre and it's on at 7:30pm Monday night at the University of Manchester Student Union

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new free space in brighton

05-05-2006 10:33

community centre reclaimed

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Crossrail-hole-promoter Michale Keith is ousted from East End Council

05-05-2006 10:32

It was in the first Khoodeelaar! No to CrossRail hole Bill campaign posting carried on the UK Indymedia sites September 2005 that the accurate prediction about Tower Hamkest Councillor Michael Keith losing political credibility was published Keith has now been ousted by the voters of Shadwell at yesterday’s elections.

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Life in Rossport Solidarity Camp

04-05-2006 21:37

The Camp and Broadhaven Bay
Rossport Solidarity Camp is part of a struggle against Shell, Statoil, Marathon, and the Irish state's plans to destroy a remote area in the West of Ireland. This article is about where the camp is and how the camp is organised.

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Nottingham MayDay Events : Pictures 2

04-05-2006 21:07

On Saturday 29 April, Nottingham held its Mayday March and Rally. Folks assembled 12.00 at the Brewhouse Yard Museum on Castle Boulevard.

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Nottingham MayDay Events : Pictures 1

04-05-2006 20:58

On Saturday 29 April, Nottingham held its Mayday March and Rally. Folks assembled 12.00 at the Brewhouse Yard Museum on Castle Boulevard.

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High Court rules against ex-UK residents in Guantanamo

04-05-2006 17:30

High Court today ruled against the application for a judicial review of British government ministers’ responsibility to intervene in the cases of Jamil El-Banna, Bisher El-Rawi and Omar Deghayes.

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Rhythms of Resistance wants you?

04-05-2006 15:27

YES... Rhythms of Resistance is expanding. We are entering a new unknown realm... a world of radical protest melody! A world of revolutionary horns sections!
We need your help.

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Iraqi Police execute 'gay' child

04-05-2006 14:43

Ahmed, aged 14, shot dead on doorstep - Murdered to cleanse the community - Fundamentalist police blamed – Ahmed, gone but not forgotten

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Khoodeelaar! No to Crossrail hole Tower Hamlets Council NEXT DEMO

04-05-2006 12:25

UK Transport Secretary Alistair Darling - known also as the CrossRail hole Bill minister - is the subject of a series of legal actions initiated by Khoodeelaar! campaign. Other actions in defence of the Brick Lane London E1 area against Crossrail-Big Business attacks are also in the pipelines against the present Tower Hamlets Council. Today's local elections may cause a slight change in composition of the Council. But the campaign against CrossRail will have top go on against a Crossrail-hole-inviting Council

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Australian police harass former Guantánamo prisoner

04-05-2006 07:55

Harrassment of Habib
He is planning legal action against the police over the detention. Whatever the outcome, the harrassment of Habib and his family are a particularly sharp expression of the ongoing assault on basic democratic rights being conducted by the Howard government and its state government allies against the working class as a whole.

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Temple Cowley Pool closure

04-05-2006 06:45

Council threat to close or substantially change local swimming pool in a way which pool users do NOT want - petition.

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Australian Surgeons Condemn "Horrific" Organ Trade

04-05-2006 06:20

Prison inmates are given instructions from a police officer. Leading Australian transplant surgeons have condemned the practice of harvesting organs from executed prisoners.

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Maydy 2006: Eye witness on the Autonomous Block March

04-05-2006 02:42

Written record of the days events with the Autonoumous Block.

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Fight the racist control of the media

04-05-2006 01:34

In order to obscure the failures of the British justice system, the press is fuelling racist hysteria in Britain by concentrating on the fact that detainees on early release were migrants or 'foreigners' as they are phrasing it. This is despite the fact that refugees in detention centres are being illegally locked up and deported against their Human Rights as guaranteed British, European and International law.

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Nottingham's April Critical Mass and Bike About :: The Pictures

03-05-2006 21:10

Nottingham's April Critical Mass and Bike About :: The Pictures

Setting out from the usual meeting place [Outside the Savoy Cinema on Derby Road, meet at 5.30pm]

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World Press Freedom Day 3 May

03-05-2006 21:01

Throughout the world, 3 May serves as an occasion to inform the public of violations of the right to freedom of expression and as a reminder that many journalists brave death or jail to bring people their daily news.

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IMC at London's Mayday and More Demo Pics.

03-05-2006 18:34

IMC presence in the Autonomous Bloc 1 ...
Indymedia was present in the streets of London on MayDay by joining the Autonomous Bloc during the main demonstration. Later in the afternoon, Indymedia London activists set up a Public Access Point at the Square Social Centre, so people coming back from the different events that took place during the day could upload their own reports, pics and videos straight into the Indymedia websites.

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Join the 5th International Conference against Disapperances

03-05-2006 16:37

ICAD has been struggling against disappearances of the opposition by the government or governments for the last 10 years. As part of this Struggle 4 conferences (Turkey 1996, Colombia 1997, Philippines 1999 and Germany 2002) have been organised.

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Protesters back Mapuche hunger strikers

03-05-2006 16:30

Protest outside the Chilean embassy in London
from tomorrow's (2006-5-4) morning star