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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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UK Coal plc Selling Off Prospective Opencast Sites?

08-08-2012 15:24

The latest July review of prospective opencast sites, mainly in England provides evidence that such is the financial plight of UK Coal that it is actively seeking to sell sites it is trying to gain planing permission for.

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Mass Squatting Action – Brighton – Oct 13th

07-08-2012 21:44

We will resist the squatting ban by any means necessary.

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How to support the dignified community of San Marcos Avilés:

07-08-2012 19:19


What YOU can do to support the dignified community of San Marcos Avilés, hich is under imminent threat of violent displacement:

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Growing terror in San Marcos Aviles: imminent displacement planned

07-08-2012 18:19


“Worldwide Echo in Support of the Zapatistas:
Freedom and Justice for San Marcos Avilés and Francisco Sántiz López”

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All Out - London Oct 20th - This is Not a Recession, This is a Robbery!

07-08-2012 11:22

This is not a recession, this is a robbery!
11am sharp, London Blackfriars / Victoria Embankment, Sat 20 Oct 2012

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Free space Nether edge sheffield s7

06-08-2012 09:57

Large mansion 40 priory rd sheffield s7, all amenities ready for occupation

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Sussex Police Crime Commissioner

05-08-2012 12:15

Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner independent candidates not getting media coverage

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International Call for Solidarity with Zapatista Support Bases of San Marcos Aviles

04-08-2012 13:39

“It is not only the task of the independent/alternative media to circulate the truth, but rather it is the responsibility of us all to do so.”

“Our compas from San Marcos Avilés are suffering this violence because they are indigenous, because they are Zapatistas, and because they have opened their own autonomous school.”

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USA: Human Rights Activist Ordered to Jail

03-08-2012 21:30

The case of Ed Frey is reminiscent of an earlier Santa Cruz case where Sandy Loranger did time in jail for feeding the homeless soup. When the judge offered her counseling instead of jail Sandy Loranger replied, "If feeding my fellow man is a crime, I am beyond rehabilitation."

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Free film @ The Cowley Club - Working Slowly

03-08-2012 17:44

On Wednesday, August 8th we will be screening Working Slowly (Radio Alice). This drama from 2004, set during the student uprisings of 1977, is part of our "Radical History Film Nights" series. The title of the film (the original Italian title is "Lavorare Con Lentezza") is taken from the notion of "refusal of work" (rifiuto del lavoro), as proposed by Italian autonomists during the 1960s and 1970s.

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Libya and Syria: When Anti-Imperialism Goes Wrong

03-08-2012 10:03

Reflexive opposition to Uncle Sam’s machinations abroad is generally a good thing. It is a progressive instinct that progressively declined in the 1990s, as presidents Bush Sr. and Clinton deftly deployed the U.S. military to execute “humanitarian” missions in Somalia, Haiti, and the Balkans and progressively increased in the 2000s, as Bush Jr. lurched from quagmire to disaster in transparent empire-building exercises in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Take Back the Land! - short action film

02-08-2012 19:12

On the 12th July we squatted Scottish Coal's new opencast site in the Douglas Valley at Glentaggart East for a week-long action camp. Folk came from all over to stand in solidarity with local people and to stop the destruction and injustice of opencast coal mining. The film below documents a few of the actions that took place during the camp including a mass action that shut down Mainshill Open Cast Coal Site, a morning blockade of Broken Cross Open Cast Coal Site and the opencasting of landowner Lord Home's front garden.

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Critical Mass - Some good news

02-08-2012 13:35

Man convicted for attacking cyclists on Brighton Critical Mass last year.

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Breaking……. Urgent: Community In Chiapas, Mexico, Threatened

31-07-2012 19:53

Human rights organisations have warned that the population of nearly 200 Zapatista supporters in the indigenous community of San Marcos Aviles are at very serious risk of violent assault and displacement. The threats made against them have increased sharply since the Mexican elections in July.

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Pussy Riot Support Newcastle

31-07-2012 16:07

Newcastle support for Pussy Riot

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The EDL's Latest Fear: Communistic Ray Guns

30-07-2012 13:57

You've all heard of Muslamic Ray Guns, the inter-Stella weapons that gave EDL thickoes the willies, making them spontaneously piss themselves in public, giving rise to the incredibly-fashionable "Damp Denim Look". Since then, the paranoid losers are calling everybody who opposes them, from anarchists to liberal democrats and even Tories, "communists!".

Meet the brand new anti-fascist weapon that is far more effective at stopping EDLers sleep at night than a family-size nosebag of cocaine.....

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Counter-olympic demo: games without borders

30-07-2012 11:29

unofficial procession
Migrants in Calais have been under increased attack as border security has been stepped up and the town has been "cleansed" for the arrival of tourists and athlete training camps. In the games without borders demo on Saturday 28 July migrants and supporters defied the clampdown to enjoy some unofficial games of our own.

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David Joe Neilson Independent Candidate for Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner

29-07-2012 15:53

I am standing on a anti corruption platform. The chances of an honest Police & Crime Commissioner being elected are getting slimmer. Why have the Activists in Sussex not put someone forward

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Mark Kennedy

29-07-2012 05:13

Undercover plod