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How to support the dignified community of San Marcos Avilés:

Movement for Justice in el Barrio | 07.08.2012 19:19 | Repression | Social Struggles | Zapatista | South Coast | World


What YOU can do to support the dignified community of San Marcos Avilés, hich is under imminent threat of violent displacement:

1. Join the international solidarity campaign! Send an email to the address below to join the “Worldwide Echo in Support of the Zapatistas: Freedom and Justice for San Marcos Avilés and Francisco Sántiz López.” Many organizations, collectives, and individuals from around the world have already joined. In addition, new Committees of the True Word have been organized in 18 countries. Be a part of this effort and support our Zapatista sisters and brothers.

2. Form a “Committee of the True Word” with your friends, family members, co-workers, etc., to take part in this organizing campaign. Throughout August, each committee from around the world will spread the word regarding the current situation of San Marcos Avilés and Francisco Sántiz López, and promote their worldwide campaign.

3. Organize a wide range of activities to promote and circulate this campaign: including public forums, film screenings, distributing informative fliers and pamphlets, teach-ins, publishing articles, reflections, and denouncements, translations, social media initiatives, artistic works, etc. We can all organize activities in our respective communities and own way.

4. Circulate the video from San Marcos Avilés:

5. Circulate the website on San Marcos Avilés.
It is here in 9 languages:

With or without a committee, please let us know what activities you plan on organizing and what part of the world you’re from, via email at:

Immediately after this intensive educational phase, there will be a phase of direct action. If you have contacted us, we will keep you updated.

Movement for Justice in el Barrio
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