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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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MARCH 15th - Call out for Autonomous Bloc/Presence

14-03-2008 18:56

Thousands of people on the streets to oppose war - let's not waste it with the same routine.

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Reminder: Campaign for Free Assembly public meeting 16th March LSE

14-03-2008 17:20

Campaign for Free Assembly meeting
Sunday 16th March2pm-4pm
London School of Economics room H102, Connaught House

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Why is BBC abusing licence-payers' cash for Ken Livingstone propaganda?

14-03-2008 15:02

The bbc over-compensates by giving Ken Livingstone hours of spin as if to say that they, the bbc controllers, are 'sorry' that even a small fraction of ken Livingstone’s autocratic, dictatorial, egotist behaviour and his wrongdoing was even hinted at on any bbc slot, however briefly.

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Party Fun-Raiser with 2012 Show

14-03-2008 12:53

2012 Show Fun-Raiser
A Fun-Raiser for The Hackney Social Centre Saturday 22nd March

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Action at World Biofuels Market, Brussels

14-03-2008 11:41

activist blocking inside
Thursday morning, 08.00. Activists make an attempt to block all 7 sets of entrance doors and 2 gates to the World Biofuels Market held in Brussels this week. All but one set of doors succeeded. The action ended after 3 hrs with three people arrested, who were released after a few hours.

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Around the Campaigns, Friday 14th March 2008

14-03-2008 11:06

Londoners protest against blind injustice of removal to Cameroon

Mixture of good and bad this Friday

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Eviction At Tara!!!

13-03-2008 17:29

The M3 Motorway is cutting through one of the most beautiful ancient places in Europe.
Help is needed to support the protesters in County Meath, Ireland who are currently sitting in tunnels, after an illegal dawn raid on the direct action camp this morning!!
UK activists going to Tara this Saturday, for more info contact,
Week of solidarity action starts Paddys Day 17th March, read more....

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UK Returns to Colonial Slavery with Terminal 5

13-03-2008 16:14

Investigations show that British Airways felt that Black and Asian Males were not good enough to have usefull jobs on the T5 project. They were employed more like 'go for's' and used to carry out mundain tasks. Thhere was not a single black fulltime employee involved in T5 by BA. So what are male ethnic minorty qualified staff worth to the UK? and why do so many black and asians support this kind of a regime by continueing to fly with BA?

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Parliament Square Peace Camp display threatened...

13-03-2008 15:12

WebCam Down to cover police attacks, as usual.
The Parliament Square Peace Camp. display is under threat of further theft by Met Police. Superintendant Newman has just given warning to reduce display within half hour or they will be ARRESTING BRIAN HAW.

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April2008: one struggle - one fight

13-03-2008 14:14

any april2008 autonomous things going on in london like the rest of europe?

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Nottingham solidarity against Shell

13-03-2008 10:15

This year´s St Paddy´s day, 17th March, has been called as an International day of action against shell, in solidarity with the people of Rossport. Get together in nottingham perhaps?

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US food prices increase sharply

13-03-2008 06:40

Over the past nine months, global food prices have soared 40 percent, while food reserves are at 30-year lows. The rising cost of food is becoming a major source of global social instability and economic hardship.

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Iraq to end food-rationing system

13-03-2008 01:23

It is estimated that over 5 million Iraqis will be denied assistance!

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No to 7% rent rises and no to privatisation in Lambeth!

12-03-2008 22:51

Rent rises and privatisation:

What do you think about the council’s proposals?

Public meeting for all Lambeth tenants/residents and staff
6.30pm to 9pm
Thursday 13 March
Assembly Halls, Lambeth Town Hall, Brixton

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Friends of Bruno Medjiako Tcheuleu

12-03-2008 07:17

Bruno family
Bruno from Cameroon is currently detained at Dover Immigration Removal Centre and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Monday 17th March 2008 at 21:00 on Ethiopian Airways flight ET701 to Bole/Addis Ababa and ET915 onward to Douala Cameroon.

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Orwell's Sisters

11-03-2008 20:42

Knowing me, Knowing you
Lancaster had a carnival of culture and the authorities were out in full force to record all the movements of the people - even the council had people out with little black books taking notes and conspiring with the police - at least so it seems, because the council is threatening the carnival (which is a loose voluntary association of people with no titles and no names) with legal procedings if certain pictures are not removed from the web....

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Manchester Space Invaders.....Taking Over the City

11-03-2008 13:22

Manchester Space Invaders are a collective of autonomous groups and inidividuals working together to reclaim our city...we are mobilising to fight gentrification, 'regeneration' and all the borders that exist within the city. We call for all groups, individuals, networks and families to get involved and to join in our glorious celebration of autonomous spaces...

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Defendants in Newcastle win right to take their case to a District Judge

10-03-2008 18:23

The four activists charged with participating in an unlicensed street collection at an anti-deportation event on 7th May 2007 won the right today, Monday 10th March, to have their case heard before a district judge.

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Mideast LGBT - Group reaffirms global justice

10-03-2008 18:15

Despite daunting problems, a new organisation is working for sexual and gender diversity in Palestinian society

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British coal company spells disaster for Bangladesh

10-03-2008 17:27

A UK company, Global Coal Management comes under fire from campaigners about the proposed open-cast coal mine in Bangladesh. The mine will displace thousands of people and could leave hundreds of thousands more with reduced access to food and water. The World Development Movement is calling on people to lobby Global Coal Management to force them to pull out of this harmful scheme.