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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Reel News Screening – Newcastle Wed 15 Dec

14-12-2010 10:02

In the global war between rich and poor we need:

Reel News – 90 minutes of activist video.

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14 december: Push Berlusconi Out! Milan, Italy

14-12-2010 07:06

14 december: Push Berlusconi Out! Milan, Italy

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London Today National Student / General Assembly Planning 6pm LSE

14-12-2010 06:59

pls fwd2everyone: Co-ordination meeting Today Tues 6pm for national student & peoples assembly (22nd Jan) @ LSE room called 'underground'

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Police misconduct: Green Black Cross launches appeals for information.

13-12-2010 18:45

Witness police brutality/misconduct in the student demos? Visit the website and get in touch...

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Students Occupy Hull University

13-12-2010 15:39

Students in Hull have taken action in protest against the coalition governments cuts in education and beyond, fearing a long-lasting and detrimental effect on a whole generation. The loss of EMA and the destruction of university funding are two of the concerns that have led a group of student protesters to occupy Hull University's central Staff House complex. Now banners fly from the windows, and the students are digging in for the long haul.

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Protest Against Welfare Cuts Wed 15th - Newcastle

13-12-2010 13:02

National Day of Protest Against Welfare & Housing Benefit Cuts
Wed 15th December

Linking to recent student protests - keep up the momentum and support all action against the cuts!

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Collected pics from dayx3 fees vote demo

13-12-2010 11:24

Collected pics from demotix photojournalism website - all galleries credited below:

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Democracy or Dictatorship

13-12-2010 11:22

Today at 5 pm in Oxford Town Hall, the Labour led city council are planning to vote for the 'strong leader' system of governance, in other countries known as dictatorship.Be afraid. Be very afraid. Be shocked.

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Vodafone tax protest made me smile

12-12-2010 23:46

Vodafone unpaid tax

It made me smile to see tax dodging corporation Vodafone shoot themselves in the foot.

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Sheffield Anti-Cuts Alliance: Communiqué No.1

12-12-2010 22:23

Communiqué No.1 to our supporters 6th December 2010

Please note that the Sheffield Anti-Cuts Alliance Steering Committee will have its first meeting on Tuesday 14th December at 7pm at the Trades & Labour Club on Talbot Street (downstairs room).

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Eye-witness report back from the Middle East, 14 December

12-12-2010 19:32

7.30pm, Tuesday 14 December
The Ship, 68 Borough Rd, Southwark, London, SE1 1DX

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London Protest - Hot or Not? Move forward

12-12-2010 18:55

I’m still trying to get my head round the Tuition Fees protests, but I’m feeling pretty sure now that people weren’t happy with it, and its not the bacon.

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Capitalism is dying, let it burn – Report From the Front Line of the London Mob

12-12-2010 18:43

A London College Student Writes:

Having successfully escaped my college before they attempted to imprison us again, following the events of the 24th, when our tyrant deputy head locked the gates, resulting in many of us just climbing over them anyway, I began my journey to Malet Street.

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Demonstration for Alfie Meadows - Tuesday 14th December London

12-12-2010 12:30

Friends of Alfie Meadows
Tuesday 14th December
1pm. New Scotland yard,
8-10 Broadway,
London SW1H 0BG

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More Images (Tuition Fees Protest)

12-12-2010 10:58

More pics and report of London Tuition Fees Protest (9 Dec 10)

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UG#528 - The Bilderberg Group (Conspiracies and The Fiction of Government Power)

11-12-2010 22:38

This week we took a look at the Bilderberg Group, a secret meeting of about 120 hierarchs from Europe and US. Senior members of national governments, multi-national companies, royal families, media corporations and financial institutions have met up annually since its inception in 1954. Little is known of the contents of their meetings, due to strictly enforced privacy - which may finally be weakening, as more leaks are emerging. We hear a range of voices this week, including Tony Gosling and Michael Parenti as well as Daniel Estulin's speech on the Bilderberg group given this year to the European parliament.

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11-12-2010 21:55

How to repel horses. A very brief guide from

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London Tuition Fees Demonstration (09/12/2010) - Part 2

11-12-2010 18:41

Succinct message!
London Tuition Fees Demonstration (09/12/2010) Part 2: Parlaiment Square.

I arrived in Parlaiment Square at approximately 2:30pm, by which time there were already several thousand other people there.

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ALFIE MEADOWS. Police commandeer hospital!

11-12-2010 18:30

Police tried to refuse treatment to Alfie Meadows at Chelsea and Westminster hospital.