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Students Occupy Hull University

Roger Mamrang | 13.12.2010 15:39 | Education | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles

Students in Hull have taken action in protest against the coalition governments cuts in education and beyond, fearing a long-lasting and detrimental effect on a whole generation. The loss of EMA and the destruction of university funding are two of the concerns that have led a group of student protesters to occupy Hull University's central Staff House complex. Now banners fly from the windows, and the students are digging in for the long haul.

HULL UNIVERSITY Has been occupied by students today in protest against fee raises and government cuts. An advance party from 'Hull Students Against Cuts and Fees' took peaceful control of the upper floor of the Staff House building at 8.30 this morning, informing university authorities of their actions and inviting them to dialogue, with the aim of uniting the academic community in protest against the new measures.

An initial group of around 20 students has been joined by larger groups throughout the day, and after security staff forced access an agreement was then reached with the university to allow free movement in and out of the occupied area. The students also demanded no victimisation following the protest and encouraged staff and sympathisers to join in the event.

Hull Students Against Cuts and Fees are expressing concerns about the slashing of university funding and the big raise in fees, but they are also aiming to address the wider issue of government cuts and predicted job losses.

The students occupying Staff House - used for commercial and business events, as well as housing the vice-chancellor's office - are settling in for the week, with a programme of visits, talks, open meetings, and discussions planned throughout the week. University staff are organising a petition of solidarity in order to express support for the demonstration.

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