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London 26th March....Six Days

20-03-2011 15:35

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Community Profiling of Information Needs and Providers: PhD thesis of Broomhall

20-03-2011 09:17

This is my final PhD thesis at the University of Sheffield, which I submitted in partial fulfillment to obtain my doctoral degree. It is a scientific study in the field of library and information sciences which I conducted in Broomhall, Sheffield, UK, from 2003 up to 2006. The thesis was submitted in 2007. The successful viva voce examination held in 2008. And my PhD degree finally conferred in 2010. This is a humble way to fulfill my research aims with working class people of Broomhall, to show the world the scientific results of my study. And a way to show my thankfullness and gratitud to all who took part in this study and who helped me to succeed. The access to the full thesis is available at the Web link shown above, but it is also available at the University of Sheffield Library, see library record here:

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Squatting is to change from being a civil offence to a criminal offence

20-03-2011 01:11

Squatting is to change from being a civil offense to a criminal offense This is the first attack on the most essential tool for the poor to be able to live a life of of the streets, something must be done

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March 26th: Occupy Everything!

19-03-2011 22:24

Let's turn March 26th into a Day of Occupations. Why we need to occupy ... and how.

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the criminalisation of squatting would be a massive own goal

18-03-2011 23:27

So the Tories are going to have another crack at criminalising squatting. This along with their attacks on the welfare state signify a new and disturbing trend - disturbing for them, that is.

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March 26

18-03-2011 20:04

Together for change......

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Facebook Generation’ to Thank for Egyptian Uprising

18-03-2011 12:38

Ousted dictator Hosni Mubarak has the so-called ‘Facebook generation’ to blame for the end to his 30-year reign as president of Egypt.

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UN vote clears way for US-NATO attack on Libya

18-03-2011 10:29

The United Nations Security Council Thursday night approved a resolution that paves the way for the United States and other major imperialist powers to conduct a direct military intervention in Libya under the pretense of a “humanitarian” mission to protect civilian lives.

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March 26th Action Map

18-03-2011 00:55

List of anarchiust and radical activities for the March 26th. A final updated version will be ready wwhen all info is in

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Mental Illness, Discrimination and the Benefits System Tues. 22nd 8pm Glasgow

16-03-2011 20:40

Public Meeting

Mental Illness, Discrimination and the Benefits System

Tuesday 22nd March, 8pm, The Free Hetherington

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Feeder March Saturday 26th March 2011

16-03-2011 17:20

Departing East of City 11am Saturday 26 March 2011

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The 0742 Club

16-03-2011 14:03

The 0742 Club is now open: the semi residential community art/social centre squat adjacent to Debenhams on the Moor is asking for artists, photographers, collectives and political groups to get in contact and to come down and help make the squat as vibrant and active as Possible.

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PEDAL Critical Mass in London this Monday!

16-03-2011 11:56

Information about the Critical Mass, Workshop weekend and Paths through Utopias film screening over the weekend and into Monday.

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Saudi occupation troops invade Bahrain to halt protests

16-03-2011 10:56

Manama March 2011
Saudi forces have stormed a Manama's hospital where hundreds of people were receiving treatment for injuries suffered in clashes with government forces a day earlier.Saudi troops forced their way into Salmaniya hospital on Wednesday and did not allow doctors, nurses and relatives of the victims either to leave or to enter the building. >>

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The Democracy Council's plans for Iran and the "Taash Network"

16-03-2011 10:39

I just stumbled into my personal Wikileaks moment by inadvertently finding a document that apparently links "Green Movement" operatives to a US government propaganda operation.

In my humble opinion, these sorts of information warfare campaigns directed against Iran are silly and mostly just self-serving. If they have any persuasive effect, it is in the US rather than in Iran, and even there it is largely negative because it creates a sort of dogma about the Green Movement that may be favored by certain exiles and their wishful thinking, but has no real relationship to Iranians inside Iran. See, the people of Iran don't lack for information. They have had years of this sort of media campaigns directed towards them. They're not fooled.

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New Stroud Against the Cuts Website / Transport for March26th

16-03-2011 09:58

Stroud Against the Cuts has a new website:

There are several coaches going from the area, leaving at different times and from different places. See the details below:

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Irish republicans to hold peace summit with Kurdish and Basque separatists

15-03-2011 23:02

Kurdish activist killed by Turkish Army

Sinn Féin activists to meet members of Sortu and Kurdish BDP in Venice to discuss negotiation tactics and dialogue with state Irish republicans will meet Kurdish and Basque separatists at a summit designed to encourage armed movements to adopt political dialogue and put an end to two conflicts that have cost thousands of lives.

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Dispatches - Lessons in Hate and Violence - Islam

15-03-2011 22:25

the very small sign of atrocity of religion ,

imagine when these kind of medieval idea rules the societies such as Iran, Pakistan, Somalia ,,etc.

Islamic Schools are gift of God for British culture ;) ,,,

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300,000 Protest in Portugal

15-03-2011 19:19

Some 300,000 people protested in Portugal last Saturday.

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Japan's nuclear crisis on Monday is now more serious than ever before.

15-03-2011 17:23

"The situation in Fukushima Reactor Number 2 is now well-beyond the Three Mile Island accident in the United States. And the situation on the ground is one of desperate measures.

Fire engines and sea water are not recognized technology to manage nuclear reactors. It is panic, and all nations should be concerned."