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They Put a Bag Over My Head & Flew Me To Syria for Torture and Interrogation

07-11-2003 15:55

This is What They Did to Me

I am here today to tell the people of Canada what has happened to me.

There have been many allegations made about me in the media, all of them by people who refuse to be named or come forward. So before I tell you who I am and what happened to me, I will tell you who I am not.

I am not a terrorist. I am not a member of al-Qaida and I do not know any one who belongs to this group. All I know about al-Qaida is what I have seen in the media.

I have never been to Afghanistan. I have never been anywhere near Afghanistan and I do not have any desire to ever go to Afghanistan. Now, let me tell you who I am.

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Help needed for Stop The Wall Day, November 9th

06-11-2003 20:10

November 9th is International "Stop The Wall" Day, with protests and actions to raise awareness of the apartheid "security" wall being built in the West Bank.
We need people to come to Bonn Square, 1-3pm, to form Oxford's own "Wall", by wearing large cardboard sections, linking arms to form an inpenetrable security shield!
It should be lively!

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Support and solidarity needed!

06-11-2003 18:36

The Victory Squat Tent City has stood heroically for four months. In this time, many small battles have been fought and won! Over the last week the City of Vancouver has implemented a divide and conquer strategy.

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'Saloniki 7' Solidarity Action Outside Thessaloniki's Hospital

06-11-2003 16:37

Carlos Martin Martinez was taken to Ippokratio General Hospital in early morning of Monday 3rd Nov. He is one of the 7 demonstrators imprisoned since the Thessaloniki's j21 EU Summit. Carlos is an active member of the anarchosyndicalist union CNT (Spanish State), and has been on hunger-strike since October the 5th, fighting for his release.

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Soidarity screeining and talk for thessaloniki 7 in Colchester

06-11-2003 12:39

On Tuesday November 11 there will be an open screening of a video and talk about the events in thessaloniki, the state violence and the hunger strike of the five comrades.
I also attach the text ad the flyer that are being distributed in Colchester and invite people to Saturday's solidarity action in London.

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War On Terrorism = Doublespeak (amsellem)

06-11-2003 06:15

© 2003 by charles amsellem. all rights reserved
cartoon © 2003 by charles amsellem. all rights reserved. activists may reproduce for non-profit use only.

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Operacion Digna - Online Demo Report

05-11-2003 13:53

More than 300 women have been murdered in Chihuahua since 1993. Under the slogan: "Stop the femizide! Not one more!", Operacion Digna and JUSTICIA PARA NUESTRAS HIJAS [Justice for our Daughters] called for an online demonstration from Oct 31 to Nov 2, 2003 [Full Feature]
Participation in this Floodnet action was impressive: 138,321 hits over the three day period means that 138,321 individual computers were used in the course of the action, from 34 countries. According to a source Electronic Disturbance Theatre, the word got out to lots of underground hacker groups who prefer this sort of anonymous action to signing petitions and participating in marches.
This impressive show of support can be used by the mothers of murdered and disappeared girls as a means of applying pressure to the Mexican government. Also, it is very useful to have hacker support: In Argentina last year, hackers won a case in the Supreme Court that legally protects them if they access government records as public service. Many students at the UCLA conference were very interested in using the internet as an activist tool.

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WP: Stop Bush meeting

05-11-2003 10:45

Workers Power Public meeting
Showroom Cinema (screen 5)
Thursday 6th November 7.30pm

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Neo-Conservatism: The real terrorist threat

04-11-2003 00:24

How did we get here? Does anyone care? Rhetorical questions asked of Congress by Mr.Ron Paul which caused much averting of eyes and scrutiny of fingernails, but no answers

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Bristol-Stop-The-War News : 3rd November 2003

03-11-2003 02:41

Book The Day Off Work! Book Your Bristol Coach Ticket! (Section 10).

Wednesday 19th November. (See Section 9 For Details).

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Postie Wildcat UPDATE - Scotland to Strike, Milkmen to scab

02-11-2003 12:59

UPDATE: 02:11:03

Strike could spread to Scotland as workers in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness are set to strike.

Meanwhile, Milkmen are set to scab on posties as Express Dairies bosses say they would be happy to take on deliveries.

Sources, more info and updates here:

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Street Medicine: Volunteers for Pepper Spraying?

01-11-2003 16:54

One of the legacies the WTO protests in Seattle, Wa. left behind is Street Medicine Organizations. First Aid is about what to do *first* in a medical emergency. Street First Aid incorporates basic first aid, but then expands it to include chemical weaponry aftercare and treatments for likely injuries at mass demonstrations...

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01-11-2003 16:48

whirling in texas
Whirl-Mart is a participatory, anti-consumerism, performance trend. Utilizing tactics of occupation, Whirlers call this symbolic spectacle a “collective reclamation of space that is otherwise only used for shopping and buying.” Averting outright protest of the “emptiness of material consumption,” they instead mimic the absurd shopping PROCESS instead! And the good news is, Whirl-Mart is coming to a superstore near you!

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'Guide to action' written by some posties

01-11-2003 14:45

'Guide to action' written by some 'uncontrollable' posties

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Do not forget Iraq

01-11-2003 03:42

Love live the innocent Iraqis

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Dayschool: Who will control Latin America?

31-10-2003 16:18

A workshop organised by the Cuba Solidarity Campaign: Saturday 8th November – 10.30 till 5
St Mary’s Community Centre, Bramall Lane, Sheffield.

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Short Report From A London Postal Picket Line

31-10-2003 11:57

Short Report From London Wildcat Postal Picket Line, 31.10.03

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Mexican embassy 31 Oct: support workers' rights

30-10-2003 17:28

Mexico Day of the Dead protest to support Mexican maquila workers sacked for forming a trade union

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Glasgow Freeskool organisational meeting - Nov 6 @ 6:30pm

30-10-2003 17:19

First organising meeting for the next anarchist free skool, to be held in Glasgow. Incl directions etc