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'Saloniki 7' Solidarity Action Outside Thessaloniki's Hospital

Imc Thessaloniki (maqui's repost) | 06.11.2003 16:37 | Thessaloniki EU | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Carlos Martin Martinez was taken to Ippokratio General Hospital in early morning of Monday 3rd Nov. He is one of the 7 demonstrators imprisoned since the Thessaloniki's j21 EU Summit. Carlos is an active member of the anarchosyndicalist union CNT (Spanish State), and has been on hunger-strike since October the 5th, fighting for his release.

Freedom for the 7 of June
Freedom for the 7 of June

Carlos was transfered to hospital as he suffered from lack of eyesight and headaches. The doctors that examined him requested his admission for special medical treatment, blood and urine tests, as well as the administation of Serum. He didn’t accept the treatment he was offered, specially the administration of drugs, therefore he was returned to jail. He’ll remain in prison at least until the results of his tests are returned.

As soon as Carlos’ move to Ippokratio Hospital was announced, approximately 30 people gathered outside of the hospital, so as to express their solidarity by holding banners and shouting slogans. They picketed the main entrance for 1-1/2 hours, and left when Carlos’ return to prison was announced. Riot and undercovered police were all around. Here there are some fotos of the action.
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